Lobster Eggs Benedict Recipe

Boston’s Best Lobster Eggs Benedict Recipe

Got lobster for breakfast? Here’s a recipe for the best Lobster Eggs Benedict from our good friend Captain Bob Blair, a pilot in the harbor of the City of Gloucester, Massachusetts. He’s not only has a deft feel for ships, tides and wind, but knows a how to pick a great lobster! This recipe for Eggs Benedict calls for […]

Best Lobster Salad Recipe

Best Lobster Salad with Champagne Vinaigrette Dressing

Here’s one of the best lobster salad recipe from New England. Reel in this recipe made with fresh picked lobster meat and the perfect lobster salad dressing. The dressing is light and refreshing and the salad has a stunning presentation. This lobster salad recipe was inspired by a salad served at Picasso’s restaurant in the Bellagio by Chef Julian Serrano. The […]

Valentines Gifts for Guys

Romantic Gifts for Guys – Lobster and More for Your “Maine” Man

Stumped for a romantic gift for your guy, your “Maine” man in your life—husband, boyfriend, grandfather or even brother (that’s optional)! As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches woman and children scramble (some plan) to hit Cupids mark. So what do guys really crave? Hint: it comes from the sea, is red hot, and does not bloom! When your […]

Shrimp Christmas Online

My True Seafood Lover Made for Me: A Shrimp Christmas Tree!

On the first day of Christmas my true love made for me: A Shrimp Christmas Tree! Forget the tray of cookies. Treat Santa with fresh seafood under the Christmas tree! We’re not talking the typical shrimp cocktail here people, picture something more, much more. Imagine your guests walking into your home and their jaws drop as […]

Backyard Clambake On the Grill

You’ll need an outdoor gas grill for this do-it-yourself backyard clambake.  A touch of seaweed really adds flavor to the taste of fresh seafood. This backyard clambake recipe uses your barbecue grill and fresh lobsters, shrimp, clams and mussels to make one heck of a shore dinner anytime of year! Serves 4 Backyard Clambake Menu Seaweed: about 2 […]

Lazy Lobster Dish. Really, It’s Easy!

This Lazy Lobster dish in real easy to make and adds lots of flavor with a wonder sherry mushroom cream sauce. This is not your grandmother’s lobster casserole. No shells means it’s all fresh picked lobster meat without the work! This lobster dish goes goes great with pasta! Serves 4 Lazy Lobster Dish Ingredients Fresh lobster […]

Lobster Grilled Cheese Sandwich

The Ultimate Lobster Grilled Cheese Panini

Mmmm….lobster grilled cheese recipe. This cheesy creation is a nice twist on a classic grilled cheese sandwich, but with fresh lobster as the “Maine” ingredient. Remember, just like a great lobster roll, it’s the lobster meat that makes a great lobster grilled cheese. Pick mild cheeses as you want to complement the sweet, buttery flavor of […]

Recipe for Baked Stuffed Lobster

Baked Stuffed Lobster Recipe with Shrimp & Scallops Oh My!

Make this baked stuffed lobster recipe for someone special tonight. Go overboard with fresh scallops and shrimp for a seafood dinner to remember. Old Bay Seasoning makes the stuffing. Serves 2 Ingredients: Live lobster: (2) 1 ¼  to 1 ½ lbs. (optionally try raw Maine lobster tails) Stuffing Ingredients: Cubed White Bread: about 6 slices Breadcrumbs: ½ cup […]

New Online Lobster Site Relaunches

Tired of fruit baskets for the holidays and logo golf balls for client gifts? How about a couple of jumbo Maine lobsters packed in a traditional black speckled lobster pot, or a romantic Maine lobster dinner with clam chowder and handmade Harbor Sweets chocolates. And for that special client-Maine lobster accompanied by two world famous […]

Apple Pound Cake Recipe from the Hidden Hills of Massachusetts

Each fall the town of Conway hosts what it calls the Festival of the Hills. This rich Apple Pound Cake with a caramel glaze celebrates the mature flavors of that event. It comes from Conway’s Martha Harrington, who serves it to guests at her homey Nestle Inn. She recommends dishing it up with a dollop […]