The Pioneer Woman

Oh…how I love the research!

I’m working on a post for Thanksgiving. I was doing a little research on what other food-loving folks are doing for thanksgiving, and I came across this over at The Pioneer Woman’s blog: Butternut Squash Puree Wow…imagine what that would be like paired with a nice lobster roll the day after. (You’ll understand better on […]

Lobster On Thanksgiving

Gobble, Gobble Lobster Feast On Thanksgiving 2016

It’s November, and of course, when you think November, you think Thanksgiving and of course turkey. This Thanksgiving Americans will consume some 46 million birds! While Turkey is the staple for Thanksgiving today, it was not on the Pilgrims’s menu; it was in fact a bounty of fresh seafood! This year bring back the New England tradition […]

Don’t Settle for a Fake Lobster!

What Kind of Lobster Are You Cracking Into? Lobsters: fat, red, little monsters of the sea. When we American diners think of lobsters, our mouths start to water as we dream of sweet, tender meat, salty drawn butter, and that satisfying first crack! of the shell as we attack our lobster dinner. But do you […]