Lobster Tails frozen

Lobster Tails for Any Season

One of the most popular fresh seafood items on our online lobster store are Lobster Tails. And we ship a ton of lobster tails all year long to just about every part of the USA. Lobster lovers the world over will tell you the lobster tail is the biggest, meatiest part of the lobster. There are […]

Cooking Steamer Clams

Steamer Clam 101: Cooking Steamer Clams

Maine clams, pisser clams, Ipswich clams, soft-shell clams and long neck clams are all known as the steamer clam in New England. Steamer clams run a close second to Maine lobster as the seafood of choice for both residents and visitors alike. Clammers dig steamers by hand using a clam rake in the mud and […]

Simple Lobster Roll Ingredient

How to Make Lobster Rolls: The Official Summer Sandwich

Lobster rolls are a special summer sandwich. The best one’s are found along seaside clam shacks in Maine, Massachusetts, or on the Cape. The lobster roll, like chili, is one of the most contentious foods out there; everyone’s got a favorite way to do it. The sandwich goes back to when lobster was plentiful and cheap […]

live lobster delivery

Live Lobsters Parachute from a Plane!

Watch a lobster delivery go haywire when live lobsters parachute out of a plane in our first You Tube animated video! Live Lobster Delivery since 1999 Live lobster Delivery Since 1999. Fresh from the shore to your door. LobsterAnywhere.com offer premium live lobster delivery and gourmet seafood delivery anywhere in the USA. We go to great lengths […]


Lobster Wine Pairing: Chardonnay Loves Lobster

My current favorite restaurant dish is called Buttered Lobster, a dish I enjoyed at Azie Restaurant in San Francisco, alongside a fabulous Chardonnay from Chalone Vineyard. Lobster, as you would imagine, does not appear as frequently in San Francisco as transplanted New Englanders like myself would want. Fortunately, better shipping and the search for new […]

Fresh Clams – Currency of the Sea

Hard-Shell Clams Hard Shell clams are sorted and sold according to size…the smaller the clam the more tender and expensive.From Smallest to largest, the categories are: Little necks clams: The most tender: excellent raw, steamed, or used in whole recipes. Top Necks clams: Tender, can be used as little necks. Cherrystones clams: Not quite as […]

Putting Together The Perfect Lobster Dinner for Two

If you’ve seen our main site, then you know that Santa Claws is coming to town. Well, here’s your free preview: the big guy’s giving two free lobster tails away for Christmas. The Perfect Lobster Dinner Now, this is Santa…so these are no ordinary grocery-store-fish tank lobsters. We’re talking massive tails from two of the […]

Give The Most Unique Lobster Gift of All This Year

Oh, sure, Turkey and Ham are all the rage on Christmas. But come on, we just had that at Thanksgiving! And for the entire week following Thanksgiving. I’m not knocking leftovers…I’m just sayin’. Now, you  want to get really festive, you place a couple of lobster tails on the table, on a platter covered with […]

The Pioneer Woman

Oh…how I love the research!

I’m working on a post for Thanksgiving. I was doing a little research on what other food-loving folks are doing for thanksgiving, and I came across this over at The Pioneer Woman’s blog: Butternut Squash Puree Wow…imagine what that would be like paired with a nice lobster roll the day after. (You’ll understand better on […]