Salt Water Taffy Cape Cod

Seaside Nostalgia: Who Sells the Best Salt Water Taffy?

Summer is here and  Salt Water Taffy making is in full stretch!  For many of us, taffy is associated with childhood memories of going to the sea shore with family and of parents buying their children taffy.  Salt water taffy reminds us of the beach and salt air and the colors of summer. If you […]

Huge Lobster

Large Lobster Lands in Dallas Texas

A 16-pound Maine lobster has a new lease on life at the Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park in Dallas, Texas. The folks at donated a 16-pound crustacean – and included free transportation from Boston, MA to Dallas, TX. specializes in shipping live Maine lobsters, lobster tails, and fresh seafood to just about anywhere […]

Cooking Tips

Top Ten Lobster Myths Exposed

There are a number of myths and tall tales concerning Maine lobster. Are you a lobster expert? Test your crustacean knowledge. You may be surprised what you find out about Maine’s own food group. Contents Lobster Myth #1: Summer Lobster is the BestLobster Myth #2: Big Lobsters are ToughLobster Myth # 3: Female Lobsters are the BestLobster […]

Just Roll With It:  Lobster Rolls in Ogunquit, Maine

Just Roll With It: Lobster Roll in Ogunquit, Maine

Summer is finally here- thank goodness.  There’s nothing better than relaxing in the sunshine and enjoying some delicious seafood!  So get outside and enjoy some good company and good food.  Our friends at the Ogunquit Beach Inn provided us with this great lobster roll recipe.  Legendary amongst their family and friends, we think you’ll enjoy […]

Online Lobster

Online Lobster. Are You Getting Your Clams Worth?

As you can see there are plenty of online lobster companies. How do you know which lobster company to choose? Your first step is to make sure the lobster company only ships hard-shell lobsters. The shell of a lobster, called the “exoskeleton”, provides the lobster’s shape as well as an excellent armor protection from enemies. […]

Fresh New England Mussels

Mussels grow in waters around the world. Here in New England you’ll find the Northern Blue Mussel, also called P.E.I. mussels (from Prince Edward Island, CA).  A long kept secret of New England fisherman, the black mussel continues to gain in popularity as a delicious alternative to the traditional steamed clam. Fresh New England Mussels […]

How Lobsters See

How Lobsters See, and How Lobster Eyes Work

Lobsters can see through your clothes? Not really. But lobsters do have special eyes that enable them to see in low light and murky waters 300 feet below the ocean surface. How Lobsters See A lobster’s eye works on a principle of reflection rather than that of refraction like humans. The reflection is made possible […]

Cooking Steamer Clams

Steamer Clam 101: Cooking Steamer Clams

Maine clams, pisser clams, Ipswich clams, soft-shell clams and long neck clams are all known as the steamer clam in New England. Steamer clams run a close second to Maine lobster as the seafood of choice for both residents and visitors alike. Clammers dig steamers by hand using a clam rake in the mud and […]

Simple Lobster Roll Ingredient

How to Make Lobster Rolls: The Official Summer Sandwich

Lobster rolls are a special summer sandwich. The best one’s are found along seaside clam shacks in Maine, Massachusetts, or on the Cape. The lobster roll, like chili, is one of the most contentious foods out there; everyone’s got a favorite way to do it. The sandwich goes back to when lobster was plentiful and cheap […]

live lobster delivery

Live Lobsters Parachute from a Plane!

Watch a lobster delivery go haywire when live lobsters parachute out of a plane in our first You Tube animated video! Live Lobster Delivery since 1999 Live lobster Delivery Since 1999. Fresh from the shore to your door. offer premium live lobster delivery and gourmet seafood delivery anywhere in the USA. We go to great lengths […]