Where does Lobster Anywhere deliver to?

LobsterAnywhere.com ships strictly to the contiguous 48 U.S. states, plus some areas in Alaska and Hawaii for an additional charge.

Delivery to HI requires a import permit for live lobster. No permit is reuqired for frozen lobster or lobster tails.  It is the responsibility of the customer to obtain the import permit. For more information, go to http://hdoa.hawaii.gov/pi/pq/import-program/plant-quarantine-application-for-permits/

Please email or fax a copy of the permit to LobsterAnywhere.com.  The copy will be attached to the shipment to prevent the package being held in quarantine and spoiling.

Shipments to international destinations and U.S territories (such as Puerto Rico and Guam) are unavailable. All packages must be delivered to a physical address. No PO Boxes please. Be sure all addresses are correct and include the recipienti’s daytime phone number.

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