SEA Monster Lobsters Shipped for Father’s Day

Every year when Father’s Day rolls around, men around the country are showered in the all-too-typical festivities brought forth by the simple act of being a dad. Meals consist of the all-American hamburger and hot dog combination that has been a staple of the male diet since time began. Most men will smile and indulge themselves while devouring the food in front of them. This year get Dad what he really wants—lobster, really big lobster! Unlike other gifts quickly lost to the back of the closet or the back nine, he will appreciate your thoughtfulness and will savor every last bite of this Maine delicacy.

Lobster Rolls As Big as a Submarine

What most do not realize is that men everywhere, while eating these hamburgers and hot dogs, are picturing a succulent large lobster roll that they could sink their teeth into. Our lobster roll kit includes 2 pounds of sweet, cooked lobster meat—that’s enough for 8 overstuffed rolls or some major submarine sandwiches.

Colossal Live Lobsters

Why stop at lobster rolls, though? With the biggest lobsters your father has ever seen at your disposal, nothing can stop you from making this the best Father’s Day ever. Get the man who has always been there for you a lobster the size of his arm, maybe even two! A trusted source for live lobsters, LobsterAnywhere offers jumbo lobsters from 3 lb. lobsters all the way up to hard-to-find colossal 5-6 pound lobsters. Remember, when it comes to lobsters, you can never have too many; the ocean is the limit! Got a special request? Just ask.

Tipping the Tail Scale

If you do not want Dad to wrangle a live lobster, you can simply buy the sea monster sized lobster tails. Fire up your grill, because nothing says Father’s Day like grilled lobster tails. But not just any lobster tails will do, your Dad deserves the biggest and the best. You won’t have room for burgers or dogs on the grill with our monster tails—the big daddy of lobster tails. Tails are processed from 6-7 pound behemoth crustaceans caught in the cold-waters off the North Atlantic. Dad’s lobster dinner can be ready in 10 minutes. Try steaming or boiling these beauties.

If you haven’t found the perfect gift for your Dad, husband or grandfather, try one of our gift packages with free express shipping.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

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