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Giant lobster tails fit for a king delivered with FREE express shipping. Colossal Lobster Tails! Tails are weighing in at 20 delicious ounces each. Holy Mackerel! Save by buying in 2, 4, 8 & 12 packs.

HUGE lobster tails for sale with express free delivery. Make a big splash with our colossal lobster tails.  Our giant tails cold-water Atlantic lobster tails are 16-20 oz. each. Wow! This season’s biggest catch (equivalent to a tail from a 5-6 lb. lobster).

Our Maine/Canadian lobster tails are more sweet and tender than any warm-water tail. Only hard-shell lobsters are used to ensure fuller tail, firm texture and sweet taste. Order now and safely store in your freezer.

Free Lobster Shipping

The cold waters produce tender, succulent meat, with a rich luxurious texture. Ship frozen in shell and uncooked. What’s more our huge lobster tails are shipped free!

Order colossal tails now and stick in your freezer. You should  take delivery before you plan to cook them since they need to be defrosted before cooking.

Are the big lobster tails tough? Absolutely not. Any lobster tail that is overcooked will be tough. Check our guide on How to cook large lobster tails.

Customer Reviews

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Mark Joy (Fairfax, VA)
Good Tails - If You Can Afford Them

I ordered (4) each 20 oz lobster tails. It cost me $329 delivered. Our youngest daught and her daughter joined us for a dinner of 4.

We were not “good” at removing each tail’s meat from the shell - but other than that the lobster was very good. We each had a small salad, a dinner roll, and a 20oz tail with melted butter in serving cups. I was hoping that 20oz tails would be enough to eat for each person, in the way described above. However, 3 out of the 4 people confessed that they could have eaten more, indicating that the potion sizing was minimal. Luckily we had some ice cream to serve for a dessert.

The lobster was excellent. But at $329 - the dinner for 4 was just too expensive for my budget.

Peter Pienta (Cedar Lake, IN)
Huge lobster tails

2 out of 4 were bad could not eat them I was very surprised and disappointed. I did send a email in regards to the issues. Thanks

Linda Bowman (Ephrata, PA)

The Lobsters came well packaged and on time. We had them for New Years Eve, We were delighted in the taste and the size of these Lobsters! Will be purchasing again.

Customer (Sarasota, FL)

As always PERFECT……Thank you !

Dwayne Carter (Germantown, WI)
Second verse…same as the first!

Second time ordering from you…and it was just as awesome as the first time. Worth every penny!