Whale of a Tail

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Giant lobster tails fit for a king delivered with free express shipping. These large lobster tails are 16-20 oz. each. Holy Mackerel!

Earn up to 58,900 Sand Dollars.


Large lobster tails for sale with express free delivery. Make a big splash with our colossal lobster tails.  Our giant tails cold-water Atlantic lobster tails are 16-20 oz. each. Wow! This season’s biggest catch (equivalent to a tail from a 5-6 lb. lobster).

Our Maine/Canadian lobster tails are more sweet and tender than any warm-water tail. Only hard-shell lobsters are used to ensure fuller tail, firm texture and sweet taste.

Free Lobster Shipping

The cold waters produce tender, succulent meat, with a rich luxurious texture. Ship frozen in shell and uncooked. What’s more our huge lobster tails are shipped free!

Order colossal tails now and stick in your freezer. You should  take delivery before you plan to cook them since they need to be defrosted before cooking.

Are the big lobster tails tough? Absolutely not. Any lobster tail that is overcooked will be tough. Check our guide on How to cook large lobster tails.

Customer Reviews

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Cooking one right now. I’ Let you know how it is after I eat it. 👍


Never disappointed in these tails. We usually get the "Monster" tails but unfortunatelly they were out of stock. No Problem! We've had the "Whale of a Tail" before too and they're excellent as well. Ordered some of the lump lobster meat this time to make some yummy Mac n' Cheese :)

Great service and support

I can't speak directly to the quality of the product since the 2 times I have ordered I have sent to my mom on the west coast. She has loved it. There is no need for me personally since I can get live lobster and fresh shellfish at local markets here in the northeast. If you are sending a gift to someone where this great food is hard to get, I highly recommend these guys.

Lobster tail review

They were GIANT TAILS! VERY GOOD! I backed them in a great garlic butter mixture. WAS FANTASTIC.

Cross country trip

Lobster anywhere has done it again. Monster tails are huge....and delicious. Arrived on time and frozen solid after flying cross country. Added collosal shrimp and scallops to order. Both as outa sing as well. Thank you Lobster Louie!!!