Whale of a Tale

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Giant lobster tails fit for a king delivered with FREE express shipping. These large lobster tails are 16-20 oz. each. Holy Mackerel! Save by buying in 2, 4, 8 & 12 packs.

  • Large lobster tails for sale with express free delivery. Make a big splash with our colossal┬álobster tails. ┬áOur giant tails cold-water Atlantic lobster tails are 16-20 oz. each. Wow! This season’s biggest catch (equivalent to a tail from a 5-6 lb. lobster).

Limited supply landing on June 8. Please reserve now and take delivery after this day. 

Our Maine/Canadian lobster tails are more sweet and tender than any warm-water tail. Only hard-shell lobsters are used to ensure fuller tail, firm texture and sweet taste.

Free Lobster Shipping

The cold waters produce tender, succulent meat, with a rich luxurious texture. Ship frozen in shell and uncooked. What’s more our huge lobster tails are shipped free!

Order colossal tails now and stick in your freezer. You should  take delivery before you plan to cook them since they need to be defrosted before cooking.

Are the big lobster tails tough? Absolutely not. Any lobster tail that is overcooked will be tough. Check our guide on How to cook large lobster tails.

Customer Reviews

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Lisa Shively (Dallas, PA)
Best Maine Lobster On the Internet

Ordered Whale of a Tale deal which consisted of 4- 16 to 20 ounce tails. This is the second time I ordered 4- 16 to 20 ounce tails. I have ordered lobster tail from many different companies on the web through the years, and have had them delivered half thawed and some tails were not very tasty or tender and seemed like they may have frozen too long and not tasty or tender. Lobster Anywhere lobsters tails were, thankfully, completely still frozen, and they are huge. They are extremely tender, fresh, sweet, and have great flavor. You can tell that they are fresh. Their shipping process seems to be the best ,as they use enough dry ice to stay frozen during shipping. Since cooking lobster correctly is key to success, they also come with a cooking and handling guide which is really helpful if you are new to preparing lobster at home. Extremely satisfied and will always order our lobster from them in the future. Oh loved the bonus free saltwater taffy they included with this deal also! Keep it up Lobster Anywhere and thanks for the great tasting lobster!

George Sarno (Alpharetta, GA)
Colossal Lobster Tails


Theresa Maffit (Madison, OH)
lobster tails

the lobster tails were delivered on time and completely frozen and made a very fine dinner

alfred king (Staten Island, NY)

Arrived on time, and as usual, fresh and delicious

Jesse Gallardo (Modesto, CA)
Wowww very delicious lobster

I really enjoyed the lobster they were huge full of flavor. I will be ordering more in the near future. MMM MMM GOOD!!!!