Lobster Rolls

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Order the best Lobster Rolls Online. Make ​both ways: hot buttered or with mayo! Two pounds of premium lobster meat, plus  top split rolls to make up to 8 crustacean-packed sandwiches!


Earn up to 26,800 Sand Dollars.


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Can’t get to a lobster roll shack? Have Maine’s favorite summer sandwich shipped to you. No lines. No fillers. No tourist traps. Skip the beach traffic and the over priced tourist traps and enjoy an overstuffed lobster roll shipped to your place.

 Our mail order lobster roll kit includes two pounds of special claw and knuckle meat from jumbo lobsters (that’s huge chunks of lobster meat). That’s a lot of lobster! You make the lobster rolls the way you like and as big as you like. No need to skimp on the lobster meat. You add just the right amount of mayo and grill and butter the buns. Includes simple instructions for how to make lobster rolls at home.

Buy Lobster Rolls Online

Order Lobster Rolls Online!

One Lobster Roll Kit makes up to 8 Overstuffed Lobster Rolls! You’ll receive:

  • 2 pounds of premium lobster meat
  • 8 authentic top split rolls
  • And just for fun a package of genuine New England salt water taffy

Two Lobster Roll Kits makes between 12-16 overstuffed Lobster Rolls. You receive:

  • 4 pounds of premium lobster meat
  • 16 authentic top split rolls
  • And two bags of genuine Maine salt water taffy

Jumbo chunk lobster meat is shipped dry pack frozen with no water or brine. Getting lobster rolls delivered for a special event? Have your lobster rolls shipped a few days in advance and store in your refrigerator. Lobster Meat can be stored in the refrigerator for 2-3 days or frozen for up to 3 months. Be sure to order your lobster rolls a day or two before you plan to prepare!

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Lobsters Rolls

Fresh and delicious


After getting such a great response to your clam chowder shipment last year, I decided to treat my dad to lobster rolls for his 80th birthday, which is today. How appropriate that it came with 8 rolls—one for each decade. Anyhow, your cool (literally and figuratively) package JUST arrived in Bellevue, WA, and here’s how my mom summed up the surprise…

“The lobsta was by the front door when we got home and Dad is thrilled beyond words. I think you should make that for both our birthdays. It is the most wonderful gift - since you told me about it I’ve been saying “ you are going to get a wonderful birthday present “- many times a day. See, I can keep a secret ;)

That is the most exciting and generous gift EVER!”
So, thanks, Lobsteranywhere, for making me a star.
--Maureen, Bellevue, WA


I purchased 2 of the lobster roll packs to serve for lunch to the family on Father's day as an alternative to the typical BBQ event. Everyone absolutely loved the meal! It was a wonderful treat. The only criticism I have is that the buns supplied were very small, about the size of a standard hot dog bun, so I tossed those and purchased some sweet and soft sandwich rolls (The brand I picked up at my local grocery store was Columbo but others would work too) We sliced off the crust and browned them in butter and filled with the delicious lobster meat. Instead of 16 small lobster rolls we made 12 large and wonderful lobster rolls.


Like most that have never ordered higher end food from a website, I was leery to say the least. Let me put your uneasy feelings to rest... I was absolutely blown away by the quality of the product I received. The best lobster rolls I've ever purchased & being there one of my favorite foods of all time, that's saying something. True 5 Star Service as well. I had to have my order altered because of a delivery date issue & they made it happen with bells on. I was responded to after 7:30 at night, which blew me away, I was expecting to just leave a message for the next AM. Absolutely tickled with the quality as well as the service! One of the very few 5 Stars I've ever rated.


Absolutely the very best lobster rolls ever! The meat is absolutely the best with no fishy taste at all. My fiancé recommended Lobsteranywhere, and she was right!