Surf and Turf

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Surf and Turf

Enjoy the best of sea and land with our mouth-watering Surf and Turf packages. The combination of fresh seafood and steak are a natural. Here at we pair our hard-shell Maine lobster, lobster tails and fresh seafood with the finest filet mignon and New York Strips you can find.

Order the best surf and turf with our exceptional Filet Mignon & New York Sirloin steaks. Look no further for your steak and seafood home delivery.

Why buy steak from a Lobster Company? Surf and Turf gift baskets mean the freshest seafood paired with the finest Midwestern beef. We have tried plenty of steaks, even the ones from those big catalog companies. We were not impressed. LobsterAnywhere is your company for surf and turf delivery – we ship anywhere in the USA.

Gourmet Surf and Turf by Mail Order

Surf and Turf Home Delivery

We know you love Maine lobster, but have you tried the steak? specializes in fresh seafood. And yes, we have Maine’s best live lobster shipped direct to you. But why buy a New York sirloin steak or a filet mignon from us? It’s simple: fresh seafood demands the best steak. Also, getting a surf and turf delivery ranks up there with one of the best things you can ask for.

Our Filet Mignon and New York Strips are hand cut to order. What’s the difference? USDA Certified and born and raised  in pastures in the heart of cattle country in the Midwest. It is among the most flavorful and tender beef available in the market. All of our steaks are center-cut and choice or higher with our NY strip steaks being the highest grade available—USDA Prime.

Serve these one-of-a-kind steaks by themselves, pair with our live lobsters or lobster tails or try one of our special surf and turf combinations. You’ll find these steaks in our special gift packages or create a custom surf and turf by selecting your favorites à la carte. Fire up the grill! Make a hit at your next cookout or surprise the master griller on your gift list with our gourmet lobster and steak dinners shipped overnight.