Lazy Man Lobster Dinner

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Buy Lazy Man Lobster dinner online from LobsterAnywhere. Fresh lobster tails accompanied by fork tender filet mignons. No crackers needed! Delivered overnight.

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By land or by sea this lazy man lobster dinner is elegant and effortless. You’ll enjoy the sweet flavor of our fresh shucked lobster tails, accompanied by our fork tender filet mignons. No crackers needed!

Our lobster tails are shucked fresh out of the shell, uncooked and fresh frozen ( 8-10 oz. each, No shell!).

JUST LANDED : Lobster Tails are 3-4 oz. each. About the size of tail from a 1/4 to 1/2 lb. lobster.  You get all lobster tail meat, no shells. Your guaranteed to get 1 pound of tail meat for two people.

Simply steam for 4-5 minutes or try butter poached. Makes a beautiful presentation.

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Lazy Man Lobster Includes

  • 2-3  shucked lobster tails per person
  • One filet mignon (8 oz.) per person.
  • 4 oz. Maine sea salt butter.

Ships Free.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Jerry LaForest, Bay City, MI (Bay City, MI)
Always Great!

My Parents always LOVE to get a gift from your company & we have been sending & receiving your products for years! Jerry.

Lynn Conto (Carolina Beach, NC)
My Mom's Favorite!

She'd rather have these shelled lobster tails and filets than long-stemmed roses! THANK YOU : )

Mickey T SFO (Antioch, CA)
Quality Always

Always quality meat and seafood. This is great for a quick last minute date. The. The meat is tender and tasty and the pre-shucked lobster tails are a perfect meal.

Larry, Snohomish, WA. (Mount Vernon, WA)
Review of Colossal Shrimp and Filets ONLY

(We will be eating the lobster meat at another time)...
Colossal Shrimp (half bag); Followed directions as described to the 'T... they went into boiling water for 'three and 1/2' minutes, not 4 minutes, as we wanted them to be on the tender side. Then, submerged in ice and refrigerated for 4+ hours. Outcome; they looked wonderful (color etc.,) then tasted and were disappointed due to a 'tuff' not tender product realized. I will try the second half by boiling for four minutes next time instead of 3 1/2 minutes.
The Filets; (2), Seasoned with salt, pepper and a bit of garlic powder, Sous-vide at 131 degrees for 2 hrs,15 minutes (due to thickness). Then they were carefully chard with a culinary food torch (they looked great med/rare). Tasted, we found one filet VERY TENDER, lean as described, the other more 'tuff' than tender and containing a bit of gristle (wow, were we surprised)! I immediately gave my wife my tender filet for her disappointed 'different quality' piece of meat. Due to these findings I scaled a five star rating to three stars (I was really hoping to give five stars) however, down 1 star each based on each finding.

Happy Customer (Dunnellon, FL)

Finally delivered 4 March due to Act of God ice/snowstorms and FedEx power outages through absolutely no fault of Lobster Anywhere, who gave me the options of either a full $453.75 refund or to wait patiently until weather permitted. Kept me posted for the 17-day "Priority overnight" delivery period until giftee received it yesterday at 1O:22 a.m. in time for her and her family to enjoy the filet mignon for same-day supper, which she described as "OMG! That steak was DELICIOUS"!!! By my months/years consistent experiences, her elation with the beef tenderloin filet will be merely the tip of a most delicious iceberg of healthful fresh-tasting pure seafood, which in the present case arrived still rockhard frozen solid, despite an over 48-hour FedEx delay, thanks to responsible dryice packing, as assured by timely assurance from LobsterEverywhere. Quality of Customer Service and of all products has exceeded expectations. BTW, the crabcakes, when offered, are off the chart, even for this former Chesapeake Bay area native! Hat's off to Excellency!