Lazy Man Lobster Dinner

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Buy Lazy Man Lobster dinner online from LobsterAnywhere. Fresh lobster tails accompanied by fork tender filet mignons. No crackers needed! Delivered overnight.

Earn up to 24,900 Sand Dollars.

Order by 3 PM EST for delivery tomorrow - 8 AM EST for live lobsters - or schedule delivery at a later date.

By land or by sea this lazy man lobster dinner is elegant and effortless. You’ll enjoy the sweet flavor of our fresh shucked lobster tails, accompanied by our fork tender filet mignons. No crackers needed!

Our lobster tails are shucked fresh out of the shell, uncooked and fresh frozen ( 8-10 oz. each, No shell!).

JUST LANDED : Lobster Tails are jumbo sized—culled from the tail of a 3 + pound lobster!  You get all lobster tail meat, no shells. Your guaranteed to get 1 pound of tail meat for two people (not 2 small tails per person as shown).

Simply steam for 4-5 minutes or try butter poached. Makes a beautiful presentation.

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Lazy Man Lobster Includes 1 shucked lobster tails and one filet mignon (8 oz.) per person, plus a pack of Maine sea salt butter. Ships free.

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Exceptional Quality and Value

I've been ordering lobster tails and shrimp from LobsterAnywhere for a very long time now. This new offering of tails and Filet Mignon is especially easy to cook and slap-my-face delicious. Hats off to the staff and owners! You are (almost) as good as the World Series champs and Super Bowl champs.