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Fresh sea scallops for sale. Our U-10 day boat scallops just landed! In the trade that means about 10 scallops per pound! You won’t find these at your grocery store. T

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Our day boat scallops are the real deal. Buy sea scallops online direct from the scallop capital of the word New Bedford, Massachusetts. They are huge, U-10 count—that’s 10 or less scallops per pound on average. Wow!

You can’t buy sea scallops of this size or quality at your local seafood market. Bought fresh off the boat and flash frozen to lock in freshness, these scallops are truly the best that you can buy. Our 100% Natural Sea Scallops are sure to tantalize the taste buds of any seafood lover.

Don’t Buy Fake Sea Scallops

Beware of fake scallops or wet scallops pumped up with chemical additives and added water. Our extra-large, premium quality scallops are dry—we don’t add moisture or other additives like those commonly found in store bought scallops—so they retain their flavor and do not shrink when cooked.

Can you spot a “fake” scallop? Buy REAL, all-natural sea scallops, see our scallop buying guide.

Order Wild-caught Hand-shucked Scallops Online

Buy New Bedford Sea ScallopsOrder the best sea scallops in the world:

  • Dry Scallops, Not Wet. They are NOT soaked with Sodium Tripoly Phosphate (STP), so you are not paying for water weight.
  • Consistent sizing and grading. U/10’s are about 10 scallops per pound. 
  • Wild caught, direct from New Bedford, MA USA, not farmed
  • 100% All Natural – No additives or preservatives
  • USDC Grade A, Certified by the U.S. Department of Commerce Seafood Inspection Program.
  • Day boat scallops are harvested at sea, shucked on the deck and individually quick frozen.

How Many Scallops Per Pound? 

  • There are approximately 10 scallops per pound, hence there U-10 designation.
  • Sea Scallops are hand graded for uniformity of size
  • Frozen in state-of-the-art flighted IQF freezing tunnel at an average temperature of 150-165 below Fahrenheit . 
  • Dy packed in convenient 1 pound packages.

Try them in one of our favorite recipes, you will absolutely love these tender sea scallops! They are perfect for stuffing your lobster, bake, or our favorite way to cook them—seared to a golden brown.

They freeze beautifully so order scallops online and store in your freezer.

Handling Scallops: 

  • Quick defrost 30 minutes in a sealed bag in cold water or 8-10 hours in the refrigerator. 
  • Store defrosted scallops in the refrigerator for no more than 2 days.  

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Only quality

What can I say I have been a customer for years.... and I would not be if this was not just the freshest and non injected seafood... I am a customer for life

Great Customer Service, Great Taste, One Small glitch

Pre-ordered seafood for the first time for the holidays. Everything showed up, and was wonderful tasting, great packaging, and easy to make. The one issue I had was that the shrimp was a little bit old, and almost (only several days) to it's "best if used by:" date. The vac sealed packaging definitely helped keep it fresh tasting, and when I called to ask about it, I was greeted with awesome customer service to help make up for an old batch that was shipped out. Will definitely continue to use!

U10’s...scallops for grown folks.

I recently introduced scallops to a friend of my and she instantly fell in love. The meat is so delicious with a nice pan sear and butter bath. Highly recommended for those who are new to real seafood.


Sea Scallops

Scallops & Chowda

My parents live in Las Vegas and can’t get good seafood :(
The perfect birthday gift was some tasty seafood from back home. It arrived in time and they said it was delicious!
Thank you LobsterAnywhere!