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Fresh sea scallops for sale, delivered next-day! Our U-10/20 count (10-20 scallops per pound) day boat scallops just landed—you won’t find large scallops like these at your local grocery store. Super size with our U-10 scallops (under 10 scallops per pound). Sold in 1 lb. packages. Buy more and save. 

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New Bedford Scallops: the Best Dayboat Scallops in the World

Our day boat scallops are the real deal, sourced directly from the scallop capital of the world: New Bedford, Massachusetts. 

When you buy sea scallops online from LobsterAnywhere, we pledge:

  • Flash-frozen for top-shelf quality. We use the individually quick frozen (IQF) method to flash freeze these beautiful scallops, locking in their fresh textures and flavors. Frozen- at- -Sea Scallops out-perfom fresh and other frzeon scallops on wight loss, cooked yeild, flavor, texture and appearance. 
  • Dry-packed, always. We shuck and pack our scallops on ice, a packing method that’s difficult, but also preserves the scallop’s best and freshest flavors.
  • Natural and no additives. Skip the side of preservatives—our scallops are never packed with chemical additives like phosphates. 
  • Shipped fresh overnight. Get you scallops fresh and still cold, and you’ll never go back to store-bought. Freshness like this changes the game.

You can’t buy sea scallops of this size or quality at your local seafood market. Bought fresh off the boat and flash frozen to lock in freshness, these scallops are truly the best that you can buy. Our 100% Natural Sea Scallops are sure to tantalize the taste buds of any seafood lover.

Order Wild-Caught Hand-Shucked Scallops Online

Order the best sea scallops in the world:

Visit New Bedford Seafood Organization's website

  • Dry Scallops, Not Wet. They are NOT soaked with Sodium Tripoly Phosphate (STP), so you are not paying for water weight
  • Consistent sizing and grading. U/10’s are about 10 scallops per pound 0r U-10 is under 10 scallops per pound. 
  • Wild caught, direct from New Bedford, MA USA, not farmed
  • 100% All Natural – No additives or preservatives
  • USDC Grade A, Certified by the U.S. Department of Commerce Seafood Inspection Program
  • Day boat scallops are harvested at sea, shucked on the deck and individually quick frozen (IQF) at an average temperature of 150-165 below Fahrenheit

Beware of fake scallops or “wet” scallops pumped up with chemical additives and shipped submerged in water. See our scallop buying guide for practical tips on identifying high-quality vs fake scallops.

How Many Scallops Per Pound?

Sea Scallops are hand graded for uniformity of size, so sizes are accurate and reliable. The larger the size scallop the more expensive.

  • U-10/20 there are about 10-20 scallops per pound. We see an average of about 15. 
  • U-10 size means there are less than or under 10 scallops per pound. 

How Many Scallops Per Person?

Standard scallop serving sizes are ~3.5 ounces, or 4-5 large scallops. 

Tips for Handling Scallops: 

  • Quick defrost 30 minutes in a sealed bag in cold water or 8-10 hours in the refrigerator. 
  • Store defrosted scallops in the refrigerator for no more than 2 days.  
  • These scallops freeze beautifully so order scallops online and store in your freezer.

Love a good pan seared scallop? Read our guide for how to sear the perfect scallop

Customer Reviews

Based on 347 reviews
Great stuff!

I would recommend these folks to anyone who loves great seafood

Rick Dolk (Phoenix, AZ)
Very Disappointed

Only 5 Scallops were silver dollar in size all others were the size of Quarters or smaller!

Ed Marr (Post Falls, ID)
Great scallops

Came a day late, and I was supposed to get the free chowder but somehow it didn’t come with order , but the scallops were awesome to say the least thank you very much

Elizabeth Ott (Lexington, KY)

Another perfect experience!

Bill Weems (Olney, IL)
Scallops were very tender and delicious


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