Lobster Claws

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Frozen lobster claws are back culled from hard-shell lobsters, fully cooked, scored and ready to enjoy! Buy more and SAVE. 

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Buy lobster claws online from the cold waters of the North Atlantic, our cocktail lobster claws are the biggest of the season. True lobster lovers know that the claws are the best part of the lobster.

Did you know almost half of the lobster’s weight comes from its claws!

How Many Lobster Claws Per Pound? 

Frozen lobster claws are culled from 1 1/2 lb. hard-shell lobsters and packed with sweet meat. You receive about 8-10 pieces per pound.

Our lobster claws for sale are empress cut with lower shell removed, leaving only the shell at the top of the claw for easy handling.

How to Prepare

Fresh Maine lobster claws are pre-cooked and individually quick-frozen. Serve chilled with fresh lemon for over-the-top appetizers, or gently steam 2-3 minutes for a decadent dinner. DO NOT COOK.  And don’t forget the melted butter.

Buy lobster claws by selecting one of the following: 2 lbs., 4 lbs., 6 lbs. or 12 lbs. Save more with larger quantities. Lobster claws ship frozen so order now and stick in your freezer.

Customer Reviews

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Mesa Mare (Phoenix, AZ)
Lobster Claws!!!!!!!

The claw is the other part of the lobster which has the sweetest meat. I can’t wait to serve it for our special guest who has become very fond of Maine lobsters. Thank you for a great product!

judy burke denton tx (Sherman, TX)
Happiness in the mist of World turmoil

The lobster came at a time of sadness over having to miss my step daughter's marriage due to health, missing my one True love, and the sadness of so many in our world displaced - - Brought back MEMORIES of the Good Years past !!

Vincent Vazzana (Whiting, NJ)
Lobster meat

Just the best meat succulent & tender just delicious it's a keeper

Richard Laporte
Well Done

Once again, the product was excellent and everything from ordering to delivery date/time was wonderful. Thanks again for all you do and look forward my next order.

Happy Customer

I had trouble placing my order on the Internet from my stupid "smart"phone, so I called lobsteranywhere, and very soon a gentleman called me back and was suceessful in getting my order processed. For the hassle, he added a complimentary bag of bisque to my order, which arrived at my door at 11:55am the very next day rock-hard frozen. The claws thawed out overnight, and I feasted on them chilled with absolutely no condiments and washed them down with a Trappist Ale. I could not be more satisfied with the company's service, FedEx delivery, and especially with the size and flavor of the claws. Extracting the meat was practically effortless.