Fresh Lobster Tail Meat

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Who doesn’t love fresh lobster tail meat without the work? No shells, no crackers required! Tail meat is shucked whole of out the shell.


Earn up to 69,500 Sand Dollars.


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Buy lobster tail meat out-of-the shell and ready to cook and enjoy! No crackers or kitchen sheers needed! We shell only the freshest cold-water lobster tails so you enjoy the sweet rewards. Lobster tail meat is completely de-shelled, cleaned and removed in one whole piece from the shell. No need to deal with the mess of cooking and shucking live lobsters

Tail meat does not come any fresher, sweeter or easier! Tails are uncooked, and raw with no shell, all tail meat!). The UHP process leaves the tender texture and delicate flavor of the lobster tail meat intact. Lobster tails are vacuum packed and quick frozen for optimal freshness.

Out of shell tail sizes include: Large raw tails—7-8 oz. each (equivalent to a 10 oz. lobster tail in shell); and Colossal raw tails—14-16 oz. each (equivalent to a 20 oz. lobster tail in shell).

Our hand shucked lobster tails are more convenient because we do the shucking for you. And since they are fresh frozen you can prepare them anytime. Simply thaw tails and either steam or butter poach. Serve with lemon slices and fresh drawn butter.

Our shucked lobster tails make a beautiful presentation. Use our tail meat for over-the-top lobster rolls, or slice into medallions to top a salad,  pasta dish,  or your signature lobster dish, like Lobster Fra Diavolo. Add a filet mignon or New York strip steaks for the perfect surf and turf!

See our recipe for butter poached lobster.

Tails are fresh-frozen so order now and stick in your freezer. 

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Monster tails


Excellent large lobster tails


Fresh Lobster Tail Meat


I bought these to take to a friend's house for appetizers. We were both very pleased!!! I bought 2lbs, heated up some butter and they were soo sweet! Will definitely order again.


I order some pre shucked tails (7) ended up needing more the day of because more folks ended up Rsvp'ing. So went to local store and got 4 more tails
Big difference. Little cheaper at local store but the smell was fishy and the taste was obvious. Next time I will order extra and just freeze em til I need em.They were the hit of the menu.

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