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Maine Lobster meat for sale online. Fresh tail, knuckle and claw lobster meat (TCK) shipped straight from the clean, cold Atlantic waters to your table! NEW. Limited supply of cooked tail meat. Also available is our convenient 1 lb. raw Claw and knuckle lobster meat. ūüėč

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Wondering where to buy lobster meat online? Our premium Maine lobster meat for sale includes big chunks of tail, claw and knuckle lobster meat.  Our 100% natural fresh- frozen lobster meat is ready to eat, with absolutely no preservatives. Our frozen lobster meat is considered the the ultimate white meat with a distinctive flavor, mild and slightly sweet.

Our Cooked TCK meat is wild caught in traps in the crystal clear waters in the North-West Atlantic, CA: FAO zone 21

Our Fresh Lobster Meat Difference:

  • Ingredients: 100% Lobster meat
  • Sourced from only sustainable fisheries in both Maine and Canada
  • Produced from only the finest North Atlantic live lobsters (Homarus Americanus)
  • Wild Caught
  • No Broken Pieces
  • Fully cooked lobster meat
  • Free of any preservatives or additives
  • Fresh Frozen and DRY vacuum pack sealed

Nothing adds flavor and elegance to a recipe like sweet, tender chunks of lobster meat. Harvested from the cold, clean waters of the North Atlantic, we cook our lobster fresh from the dock, pick the most succulent meat by hand, then instantly freeze it to lock in the flavor. 

Depending on the time of year, it takes about 4-5 live lobsters to make a pound of lobster meat. Learn more the yield per pound of lobster meat. 

We’ve got lobster meat! Choose from:

  • 1 lb. raw, tail and knuckle meat (Sold Out)
  • Cooked tail, knuckle and claw meat
  • Cooked all tail meat.¬†

Buy Cooked Maine Lobster Meat Online

Ship! Ship! Hurrah! Two lb. packs of cooked lobster meat now ships with big pieces of tail meat (Also known in the trade as TCK Lobster Meat). This is a spring pack made from only hard shell lobsters. Sweet and plump. Simply defrost and enjoy at your own convenience.

Lobster Meat Per Pound:

2 lbs. Cooked Tail, Claw, Knuckle (TCK) Meat 

2 lb bags of Tail, Claw, and Knuckle meat portions are as follows:
Tail @ 20% +/- 5%
Claw @ 20% +/- 5%
Knuckle @ 60% +/- 5%

Cooked Lobster Tail Meat

New and limited availabilty of cooked  all lobster tail meat. Available in 2 lb. bags. Our sweet lobster tails are produced from live lobsters and are always delicious. Easy to thaw and prepare.

Cooked Claw & Knuckle Meat

Our 1 pound lobster meat packs consist of frozen claw and knuckle meat. [Currenty Sold Out] 

With our fresh Maine lobster meat in your fridge you can create your favorite lobster dishes in minutes, like lobster stew, lobster salad, lobster pie, or even anoverstuffed lobster rolls.

Raw Claw & Knuckle Meat

Our 1 pound lobster meat packs consist of fresh shucked raw CK (claw and knuckle meat) from select lobsters. That means huge pieces! As many lobster lovers know, the knuckle meat is the sweetest part of the lobster. Claw and knuckle meat is ready to butter poach, sauté, or steam.

The meat is produced using a specialized high-pressure extraction system.  This proprietary process extracts the lobster meat from the shell without heat or steam. Lobsters are processed within 12 hours of harvest and quickly flash frozen. The meat has a succulent, sweet flavor.  

With our fresh Maine lobster meat in your fridge you can create your favorite lobster dishes in minutes, like lobster stew, lobster salad, lobster pie, or even an overstuffed lobster rolls.

Is it Real, Fresh Lobster Meat?

So, what constitutes ‚Äúfresh‚ÄĚ Maine lobster meat? The quality of the lobster meat starts with the quality of the lobster itself. Fresh lobster means:¬†fresh caught live lobsters. Lobsters should be cooked live,¬†iced to prevent overcooking; and the meat picked right on the spot.

This does not mean cooking diseased, dead or dying lobsters‚ÄĒknown in the industry as sleepers. Depending on the time of year, the meat may be from soft-shell lobsters. This meat will be a little more watery, soft and less firm than¬†meat from a hard shell lobster.

A freshly cooked lobster will have its tail curl and the meat will be somewhat springy and firm; no mushy dried or jelly texture. Bad meat will give off an ammonia odor. Live lobster should be cooked properly, never overcooked or you’ll end up with rubbery and tough meat. The meat should be chilled and used right away or at least within a day or so. 

Note: Our lobster meat ships frozen to retain its fresh flavor and texture. Order a few days ahead of time so you can slow defrost before using. 

Looking to Buy Just the Lobster Tail Meat?

Check our inventory of fresh tail meat. 

Customer Reviews

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Shakeeta Nicholson (Conyers, GA)
Delicious and Fresh

I've been ordering from here for 2 years now and I'm always satisfied!!

DANIEL VEIT (Grayslake, IL)

THE 2 LB PACKAGE ARRIVED AS SCHEDULED and was packed perfectly in dry ice inside a thermal shipping container. The lobster was EXCELLENT and my girl enjoyed it thoroughly, as did I. Previously, we had tried the lobster bisque and it was also over the top!!!

Victor Reyes (Brooklyn, NY)

I got my order right on time as scheduled. We ate the lobster meat on mother's day. It was a hit. Everyone loved it. The lobster meat was juicy and fresh. I'll buy it again.

FL Sunshine Gal (Bradenton, FL)

Ordered the lobster on Monday afternoon. A new customer. They kept track of my order from the time i ordered it until it arrived and then followed uo to see if everything was ok. We had lobster rolls for a Mother's Day treat today. Lobster was perfect and this entire process from idea in my head to lobster on my plate couldn't have been easier or better! We'll be back

Jenifer Wilson (Tacoma, WA)

What a wonderful treat. We made lobster rolls for Mother’s Day and the lobster was so fresh and sweet! Thank you for a great product!