Lobster Meat

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Lobster Meat for Sale online. Fresh knuckle and claw lobster meat shipped straight from the cold Atlantic waters to your table! Our frozen lobster meat is considered the the ultimate white meat with a distinctive flavor, mild and slightly sweet.


Earn up to 18,900 Sand Dollars.


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Wondering where to buy lobster meat online? Our premium lobster meat for sale includes big chunks of claw and knuckle lobster meat.

Ship! Ship! Hurrah! Two lbs. Lobster meat now ships with big pieces of tail meat at no extra charge. For a limited time you will receive tail, knuckle and claw meat (Also known in the trade as TCK Lobster Meat). Hurry limited supply. This is a spring pack made from only hard shell lobsters. Sweet and plump. Simply defrost and enjoy at your own convenience. 1 lb. packages are raw (uncooked)claw & knuckle meat!

Our premium lobster meat is sourced from sustainable fisheries in both Maine and Canada from only the finest, hard-shell North Atlantic lobsters.

As many lobster lovers know, the knuckle meat is the sweetest part of the lobster. (Depending on the time of year, it takes about 4-5 live lobsters to make a pound of lobster meat.)

Nothing adds flavor and elegance to a recipe like sweet, tender chunks of lobster meat. Harvested from the cold, clean waters of the North Atlantic, we cook our lobster fresh from the dock, pick the most succulent meat by hand, then instantly freeze it to lock in the flavor.

With our fresh Maine lobster meat in your fridge you can create your favorite lobster dishes in minutes, like lobster stew, lobster salad, lobster pie, or even an overstuffed lobster rolls.

Looking to buy lobster tail meat? Check our inventory of fresh cooked tail meat.

Ships frozen in 1 lb. Raw Claw & Knuckle Meat (CK) & 2 lbs. Cooked Tail, Knuckle, Claw (TCK) Meat 

Important: 1 lb. packs are available as fresh frozen UHP raw, (uncooked) claw and knuckle meat. Simple steam or butter poach.

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Lobster Meat

six pounds of frozen knuckles,claws and tail (they even took cartllidge out of claws)

shipment arrived on time, defrosted in refrigerator and made lobster rolls for super bowl party. everybody loved them


Awesome lobster!! The best

Lobster in the desert

We received lobster gift certificate for Christmas. Ordered the lobster meat and was it delicious.

Delicious and lots of it!!!

I was surprised to see the number of tails in this package. I have to admit I actually liked the claw and knuckle meat better than the tails, but it was all delicious!