Southwestern Grilled Lobster Recipe

Southwestern Grilled Lobster Recipe with Red Pepper and Lime Butter

This Southwestern grilled lobster recipe will give your Maine lobster dinner a little zest with the subtle roasted red pepper and lime as compared to the traditional boiled lobster dinner. While this recipe calls for grilled, whole live lobsters, frozen lobster tails will work just as well, and in fact will save you a little […]

Best Lobster Tails

Where to Catch the Best Lobster Tails: A Guide to Frozen Lobster Tails

Discover why Maine lobster tails are the best in the world. One of the most popular fresh seafood items on our online lobster market are our premium frozen lobster tails. And we ship a ton of lobster tails all year long to just about every part of the USA.  Lobster lovers the world over will […]

Lobster Dinner Mothers Day

Top 5 Reasons Mom Will Love a Mother’s Day Lobster Dinner

Your mother, mother-in-law, and grandmother has spent a great deal of time in the kitchen crafting masterfully cooked meals throughout their years. A task that requires creativity and skill, these women impart love into every dish they create. If you want to do something special for the seafood lover in your life this Mother’s Day, […]

Birthday Lobster Dinner Dessert

How to Throw an Awesome Lobster Birthday Party

What could be more special for the lobster lover in your life, than a lobster birthday party? It’s a fun, relaxed and deliciously messy way to celebrate getting another year older! Does the birthday girl or boy live far, far away? No problem. Send a gift of fresh lobster to her front door. And imagine if you were […]

Romantic Surf and Turf for Two Idea

Three Steps to an Extra Special Romantic Surf and Turf Dinner for Two

Do you want to make this year’s Valentine’s or anniversary dinner extra special without shelling out for dinner at a fancy restaurant? Avoid the rush for reservations and enjoy a romantic surf and turf dinner for two at home. With our gift packages you can indulge yourselves on the finest Maine lobster for a fraction […]

Romantic Lobster Dinner Ideas

Sex, Love and Lobsters – Romantic Dinner Ideas at Home!

Lobster is a sexy food. It tops the list for romantic dinner ideas at home. But what can we learn from “Lobster virtuoso,” Phoebe Buffay. With ‘Friends’ on Netflix in its entirety for the first time, many of us are delving deep into the deep cuts and rediscovering our old favorites. As a professional lobster lover, […]


12 Spectacular Scallop Facts Every Seafood Lover Should Know

The amazing scallop is one of the sea’s greatest food treasures. This fan-shaped bivalve is an amazing sea creature. Here are some amazing scallop facts that you probably didn’t know. Learn more about scallops with our list of fun scallop facts. Our original list included 12 scallop facts, but we keep adding more! Compared to oysters […]

Lobster Rolls Online

Simple Recipes for Great Lobster Rolls (And 3 Ways to Make a Bad One)

It’s full steam ahead for the lobster rolls craze. Seafood shacks are dropping anchor all across the country, some with waterfront views and others with views of the mall food court. Lobster roll trucks are rolling in cities like Cape May, Maine, Chicago, Illinois, Austin, Texas, and even Park City, Utah. As of this writing, there […]

Broiled Lobster Tails with Jalapeno Butter

Turn the Heat Up: Broiled Lobster Tails wіth Jаlаpеnо Butter

Let’s turn up the heat with broiled lobster tails with jalapeno butter! Uѕіng thе оvеn mеthоd for this broiled lobster tails recірe is nоt оnlу quісk аnd eaѕу, but is а perfeсt wаy tо рair with ѕtеаk tо сrеatе а great tаsting аnd slightlу ѕpicy ѕurf ‘n turf! With а vаrіetу of waуѕ tо cook lobster […]

Tom Brady Lobster Roll

New England Patriot Tom Brady is on a New England Lobster Roll!

Having just led the New England Patriots to an historic Superbowl LI comeback win, MVP Tom Brady is on a roll. Now Brady is literally on a roll—a New England Lobster Roll that is. Thanks to L.A.-based director and artist Jeff McCarthy who painted Brady in watercolors sitting on top of a giant New England lobster Roll. […]