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How to Make Lobster Rangoons
Looking for a lobster rangoon recipe to try at home? Florida based griller Nicole Stover has found the answer! Resulting in the reinvention of a ...
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How to Smoke Lobster Tails Like a Pro
As winter gives way to spring, we all find ourselves wanting to get outside and enjoy the blue skies and sunshine. What better way to celebrate ...
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How to Make Classic Shrimp Cocktail
Shrimp cocktail is everyone’s favorite party starter and is traditionally served as a Thanksgiving and Christmas appetizer. This classic ...
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Maine vs. Connecticut Lobster Rolls: The 4 Big Differences
If you’re confused about the difference between the two main styles of lobster rolls, Maine and Connecticut, we’re here to clear up your ...
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Warm Water Lobster vs Cold Water Lobster: Which is Better for Cooking?
There are two common lobster varieties sold in the United States, cold water lobster and warm water lobster. But which one is better for the home ...
Holidays & Celebrations
The Best Seafood Gifts and Recipes Ideas for Every Holiday
It’s hard to think of a more celebratory meal than a fresh, juicy, and buttery lobster paired with sweet shrimp cocktail and a side of chowder. ...
New England Style
Lobster Tailgate Takeover: How to Host the Best Seafood Tailgating
Tailgate season is officially here, ladies and gentleman. This is the time of year where everybody parties outside the stadium in the parking ...
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Diagnosing Cheap Lobster: Mushy Meat, Discoloration, Fake Lobster, and More
Cheap lobster feel too good to be true? Here’s what to look out for to avoid buying lobster that you’ll soon regret—mushiness, fake lobster, and ...
New England Style
How to Pick the Perfect Beer Pairing for Lobster Rolls
Whenever summer rolls around, we New Englanders start thinking seafood — especially lobster rolls! Fresh Maine lobster tastes great any time of ...
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Rock vs Maine Lobster: What’s The Difference?
There are two main types of lobster found in North America: Rock vs Maine lobster. Discover the key differences (and which one is 1,000% better!) here.
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How to Buy the Best Shrimp: Fresh Shrimp 101
America’s favorite shellfish…wait for it…Lobster? Nope. Try again. It’s shrimp! Shrimp represent more than a quarter of ...
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The 11 Most Popular Types Of Shrimp From Around The World
Let’s skip the industry jargon so you can find the best type of shrimp for your next seafood meal. Compare origins, flavors and textures, sizes, ...