Frozen Lobster Meat

Fresh frozen lobster meat. Sweet taste of Maine without the mess.
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Frozen Lobster Meat

True lobster aficionados claim that half the pleasure of eating a lobster is cracking the shells and then picking the meat, but there are plenty of folks who would  just as soon have somebody else do the work. When you want lobster without the fuss of cooking and cracking the shells, our fresh lobster meat for sale is the best choice. Cooked and shucked locally, our fresh lobster meat is sweet and ready to eat!

Fresh Lobster Meat

Lobster Meat

Our premium lobster meat for sale is shipped direct to you from the bracing waters of the North Atlantic. It’s easy to prepare and offers luxurious flavor. All you need to do is thaw, prepare and serve after you’ve bought your lobster meat online from us and had it delivered to your door.

Delicious cooked lobster meat is available year round and in a selection of claw and knuckle meat and all tail meat. Order fresh lobster meat for dipping in hot butter, making the best lobster rolls or adding to a special dish.

Looking to grill lobster? Be sure to checkout our great assortment of frozen lobster tails famous for their sweet flavor and prized meat!