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Raise your hands if you love free shipping! We partner with carriers to offer free overnight shipping for some of our perishable lobster and seafood products to just about everywhere in the USA, straight from the docks.
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    Lobster Rolls
    From $188.95
  • Free shipping
    Lobster Tails Special
    From $149.95
  • Free shipping
    Lobster Bisque Special
  • Free shipping
    Whale of a Tale
  • Free shipping
    Clam Chowder Special
  • Free shipping
    Captain’s Tails and Turf
    From $179.00
  • Free shipping
    New England Soup Sampler
    On sale at: $88.00
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    Boston Lobster Bake
    From $184.00
  • Free shipping
    Maine Squeeze Lobster Dinner
    From $139.00
  • Seafood Gift Card
    From $25.00
  • Free shipping
    Maine Fresh Catch Dinner
    From $189.00
  • Free shipping
    Back Bay Surf & Turf
    From $189.00
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    Sweetheart Cove Lobster Dinner for Two
    From $164.00
  • Free shipping
    Lazy Man Lobster Dinner
    From $164.00
  • Free shipping
    Kennebunkport Surf & Turf Dinner
    From $249.00
  • Free shipping
    Poseidon’s Catch
    From $188.00
  • Free shipping
    Jumbo Tails & Chowder Special
    On sale at: $289.95
  • Free shipping
    Rockport Romance
  • Free shipping
    XOXO Lobster for Two
  • Free shipping
    Nantucket Lobster Tails and Turf

Free Shipping

Lobster Online w/ Free Shipping vs Supermarket Lobster

One major misconception that seafood lovers have is that lobster at the supermarket is fresher than it is when purchased online. It’s the idea of shipping that turns most people off—putting seafood in a box can’t be good for its flavor and texture… can it?

Unfortunately, supermarket lobster (and most seafood, for that matter) is rarely as fresh as we’d all really prefer. Grocery-grade lobster is rarely shipped in daily like it ought to be. Live lobster tanks are typically overcrowded with aging lobsters, the water often has mold or green algae, and there’s almost always evidence of dead or mutilated lobster, which is a health risk.

Free Shipping Lobster

Buying lobster online—as long as you’re working with a reputable seller who partners with lobstermen daily and directly—is actually a much fresher, higher-quality experience.

  • Caught-daily lobsters shipped, not meat or live lobsters from weeks ago
  • You can read verified reviews from real customers
  • You can check the receipts on sustainability to see if it’s all lip service

In the lobster industry, we strongly recommend going to supermarkets only as a last resort. Your best option for getting the most out of your money is to get your lobster from a respected seller who gets you as close to the sea with as few steps in between as possible.

The Magic Behind Our Lobster, Shipped for Free!

At LobsterAnywhere, we like to think of ourselves as your slightly elitist foodie friends who you know would never, ever be caught serving you sub-par seafood. Exceptional seafood is what we live and breathe up here in Maine, and we want to extend that opportunity to anywhere in the country. Here’s how:

  • Wildly Caught and Sustainably Sourced — Our lobstermen are committed to using environmentally-friendly traps in the wild so we can protect our oceans for our lobster friends and ourselves.
  • Exclusively Top-Tier Maine Lobster — We’re fanatics about Maine Lobster (also known as Canadian, Northern, and Atlantic Lobster). These are the quintessential, big-clawed beasts that are full of juicy, buttery flavor—the apex of the lobster culinary experience.
  • Lightning-Fast, Overnight, FREE Shipping — All our seafood, fresh, frozen, or live, is shipped overnight in specially-designed packaging that preserves the lobster’s freshness and flavor from the day it was caught—and much of it ships for FREE, thanks to shipping partnerships.

Simply put, we’re a value-driven company, not a drop shipper or giant catalog. Our mission is to source and share the world’s best lobster.

Do We Offer Live Maine Lobster with Free Shipping?

We source some of the world’s most flavorful live lobsters from lobstermen and ship them out daily. When we say these guys are fresh, we mean really really fresh! Grocery-grade live lobsters (called “b-liners” in the industry) typically haven’t seen the sea for weeks—not good.

While we do not offer free shipping on live lobster, we do take extra care to make sure they arrive in perfect, hyper-fresh condition. Here’s how:

  • Packed comfortably in seawater-soaked newspaper or rock seaweed
  • Sealed in a reusable styrofoam cooler with ice gel packs
  • Overnight shipping—they arrive basically still fresh out of the sea

You can see our big-clawed live Maine lobster here.