Monster Lobster Tails

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The biggest and most impressive lobster tail you’ll find online— 20-24 oz. each. Holy Mackerel! LIMITED SUPPLY. Also see our Whale of a Tails.

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These beauties are equivalent to a 7-8 pound hard-shell lobster! Our monster lobster tails are NOT warm water or Caribbean tails. They are direct from the deep, cold-waters of the North Atlantic. LIMITED SUPPLY

Monster Lobster Tails

Monster Lobster Tails are shipped frozen, raw in the shell–so they cook up fresh! Order now and stick in your freezer.

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A perfect feast no matter how it’s prepared – broiled, baked or grilled. Fresh frozen tails are uniquely processed to be extra tender. Limited Supply!

Customer Reviews

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Sheila Adams (Raleigh, NC)

The shrimp was delicious . I ordered the lobster also but haven’t cook them. They are huge though !

Nancy Perez (Chicago, IL)
We are rookies

The lobster tails are the biggest I have ever seen. I didn’t know lobster tails came that big. We followed the instructions, but had to keep it in longer. I think it’s us learning how to cook lobster. We may have done something wrong, but we have three more to try out and maybe will cook it a different way, but when it was finally done, the lobster meat was sweet and succulent. Unbelievable. I haven’t had a great lobster tail in a long time.

Michelle Morin (Williams Bay, WI)
Great purchase

The tails were huge! My husband a good lobster monster, thoroughly enjoyed them. He was even full afterwards. Thanks for a happy husband

steven harvey (Modesto, CA)


Anonymous (Round Lake, IL)

I am an old geezer and the lobsters are the best..../.period. Beyond fresh. I am done taking a crapshoot buying lobsters anywhere else .Service is top notch..
Never....ever..will I go anywhere else!!