Jumbo Lobster Tails (8-10 oz.)


Order Jumbo Maine lobster tails online. These big tails are cold-water Atlantic tails and are packed full of sweet, meat. Sold per piece. Each lobster tail is 8-10 ounces each. Quantity discounts.

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Order by 2 PM EST for delivery tomorrow - 7 AM EST for live lobsters - or schedule delivery at a later date.


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Jumbo Lobster Tails

Buy Jumbo lobster tails 8-10 oz. each! These frozen jumbo lobster tails are about the size of a tail from a 2 + lb. live lobster.  These are the real deal — cold-water Atlantic lobster tails. Don’t settle for those dry-out warm water tails! Tails ship frozen, raw in the shell.

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Great Find

Just discovered this place. Was blown away by the lobster both size and quality. Shipping service was perfect. I’ve already ordered twice. Pricey but worth it. You won’t do better anywhere else

Best tails we have purchased

Our delivery was prompt, the instructions were clear and our tails turned out perfectly- tender and delicious! We decided to bake them with a parmesan garlic sauce and they turned out perfectly in 15 minutes. We will order again.

Anniversary Dinner

The lobsters tails were great and the quality customer care evwn better. I received a call two days before delivery and the man on the phone told me he was concerened about the the lobster tails in XL that he received so he was sending two rather than the single one I ordered! Now that shows real concern, making sure that what the customer receives meets expectations. Thank you LobsterAnywhere. Virginia


Very happy with my order will order again

Perfect delivery and product

I have ordered lobster tails of different sizes and on multiple occasions and have never been disappointed with quality, delivery or service. I love that you can pick the date of your dinner and it's always at my door right on time. Also best tasting lobster I've ever had. Thank you!!!