Live Lobster – 2 Pound

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Buy 2 pound live lobsters direct from the source. These Select 2 pound lobsters are tough to come by due to their popular size and hard shell goodness.

Earn up to 4,800 Sand Dollars.


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Order 2 lb Live Lobsters

Order 2 lb live lobsters online today and have them shipped directly to you as early as tomorrow.Our 2 lb. select live lobsters are packed with sweet lobster meat from claw to tail. 2 pound live lobsters are also known in the trade as Deuces.

Each live lobster is 2 pounds or more each. You might find this size at an upscale steakhouse, but they will not be as a fresh as our 2 pounders. A great size lobster to impress any lobster lover. Deuces are also known as Selects and are often the most in demand size range.



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Weight2.5 lbs

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