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Buy 2 pound live lobsters direct from the source. These Select 2 pound lobsters are tough to come by due to their popular size and hard shell goodness.

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    Order 2 lb. Live Lobsters

    Order 2 lb live lobsters online today and have them shipped directly to you as early as tomorrow. Order 2 lb. select live lobsters are packed with sweet lobster meat from claw to tail. 2 pound live lobsters are also known in the trade as Deuces.

    Each live lobster is 2 pounds or more each. You might find this size at an upscale steakhouse, but they will not be as a fresh as our 2 pounders. A great size lobster to impress any lobster lover. Deuces are also known as Selects and are often the most in demand size range.

    Customer Reviews

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    Robert Murphy (Savannah, GA)
    Short Changed

    My gift was for $200 and I ordered 3 1.5lb lobsters along with 2 clam chowders and 1 lobster bisque. When I received a confirmation of the order I stated 3 1.5 lb lobsters which came close to the am't of $200.I received only the 2. ?


    On time packed super 3 lbs X 2. Not at all tough bec they were cooked right: boiled tender and deeelicious

    Donsld Schaus (Schuylerville, NY)

    Live Lobster - 1.5 Pounds

    Gary Mulkigian (Brooklyn, NY)
    Lobsters went across the country on time!

    My clients received them on time and had an amazing experience!
    Thank you.

    Carol Mullican (Saint Joseph, MO)
    Beautiful lobsters!

    We had a hard time preparing them, not your fault. We are going order more to try again.We partially steamed them the day before we opened them, did not steam long enough so meat was hard to extract use in another dish. Great taste though!
    Great service!