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Buy 2 pound live lobsters direct from the source. These Select 2 pound lobsters are tough to come by due to their popular size and hard shell goodness.

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    Order 2 lb. Live Lobsters

    Order 2 lb live lobsters online today and have them shipped directly to you as early as tomorrow. Order 2 lb. select live lobsters are packed with sweet lobster meat from claw to tail. 2 pound live lobsters are also known in the trade as Deuces.

    Each live lobster is 2 pounds or more each. You might find this size at an upscale steakhouse, but they will not be as a fresh as our 2 pounders. A great size lobster to impress any lobster lover. Deuces are also known as Selects and are often the most in demand size range.

    Customer Reviews

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    ak boyer (Las Vegas, NV)
    Mom LOVED her b-day gift!

    We are lobster snobs. We used to live in Maine where my mother's favorite bugs come from. I periodically send them to her as gifts. Last time I used another company. Mom said it was ok. But this one (3 lb.) from Lobster Anywhere she said was excellent! She has not tried the chowders yet. Still too hot in Del Mar. I prefer lobster rolls and plan to order them for Christmas gifts and me. :-)

    Judy Gutry (Derry, NH)

    Awesome company. I would highly recommend them

    Brody (Durham, NC)
    Most Excellent

    We wanted to have a quick seafood celebration, and as west coast oysters arenโ€™t quite in season we went with the lobster. Second time and I am happy to report neither time disappointed.

    We picked up lobsters, scallops, and jumbo shrimp. The shrimp are not Nagoya ebi but they are quite thick and large โ€” they were also very fresh and tasty. Three dishes later and we are thinking of a reorder. The scallops were also excellent and were used in four different dishes, (scrambled eggs, egg drop soup, bacon wrapped kamado scallops).

    The lobsters were HUGE, and we realized our conduction stovetop does not support our largest pot. Still, we got the job done. These boys were so big I need a new set of tools to deal with them. Bigger shears and bigger crackers to start off with. Taste was sublime and we will definitely be ordering again. Lobster bisque, lobster poor boys, lobster sliced for dipping, lobster Alfredo.

    Make sure you get some great butter and garlic for your endeavors, it will compliment them excellently.

    Joey Pereira (San Mateo, CA)

    Very professional, loved all the communication.
    From sent time to when arrived...text gave me great confidence that my brother got the lobsters when they said he got them.. extremely satisfied!!!!!!

    Phyllis Kelleher (Woodbury, CT)

    Lobsters arrived on time and very fresh