Live Lobster – 1.5 Pounds


Order 1.5 pound live lobster direct from the source. Also know as ‘halves” in the trade and weighs 1 1/2 lbs each.

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Ocean Fresh live lobster 1 1/2lb

You can buy live lobster 1 1/2 lb online from a reputable source like Maine’s Premiere Lobster Supplier direct from our boats and shipping to just about anywhere in the USA.

Buy 1 1/2 lb Live Maine Lobster

A 1 1/2-pound live lobster is a good medium to large size lobster per person and will yield about 6 to 8 ounces of meat.

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HEARTily Recommend!

You helped make our Valentine's weekend a delight. The lobsters were perfect and delicious. You delivered everything promised, as promised. The lobster bisque was what I dreamed of! We'll order again! Thank you for a great product and service.


Great Product


I thought the service was great but disappointed in the lobsters. We found the meat to be chewy. It was cooked as directed, not over cooked. They were steamed. I have cooked many lobsters and I know they were properly cooked.


Ordered live lobsters in February and they arrived as planned, well packaged, and fresh as what we get in Maine in the summer. We’ve done the mail order thing a few times from other companies and had varied experiences - nothing terrible but sometimes the lobsters seem a little less happy for having been shipped overnight. These lobsters were amazing. Came out of the box kicking, trying to crawl off the counter while we boiled the water, just like we’d get in Maine (but harder shell because winter). Made a wonderful meal. Very satisfied and we’ll order again. Also, on the front end, great, simple, and intuitive website. Thanks!

Browny Points!

The wife was really surprised when I brought the lobsters into the room. They were the center piece of our Valentines dinner. I got browny points. Will buy again for New Years.