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Order 1.5 pound live lobster direct from the source. Also know as ‘halves” in the trade and weighs 1 1/2 lbs each.

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    Ocean Fresh live lobster 1 1/2lb

    You can buy live lobster 1 1/2 lb online from a reputable source like Maine’s Premiere Lobster Supplier direct from our boats and shipping to just about anywhere in the USA.

    Buy 1 1/2 lb Live Maine Lobster

    A 1 1/2-pound live lobster is a good medium to large size lobster per person and will yield about 6 to 8 ounces of meat.

    Customer Reviews

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    Stephen Wright (Meadow Valley, CA)

    Lobsters were excellent. The claw meat was rich and tasteful. I wanna get the 15lbs - 20lbs next time.

    Latoya H (Phoenix, AZ)
    Amazing Product

    Fast delivery and boy did they deliver. The live lobster was beautiful and taste delicious!

    Julie Hollinghurst (Corona, CA)
    Great lobster

    We ordered from Lobster Anywhere for New Years Eve. The lobsters arrived in the mid afternoon as promised. We ordered 6 -1.25lb lobsters and there was plenty of meat. We served it with steak and the lobster was delicious! Thank you Lobsters Anywhere for making our New Years Eve perfect! Will definitely order again!

    Carl Roberts (Peyton, CO)

    Arrived perfect, tasted great

    Patrick Worth (Portland, OR)
    An excellent experience

    Having grown up in New England, now living in Portland, OR, the seafood I miss the most in the Pacific Northwest is lobster. We have a yearly tradition of having a lobster meal in the new year and LobsterAnywhere has been a phenomenal, high quality, and professional-grade resource. Will definitely be using again and maybe will be getting lobster a few more times a year out here. Thanks!