Live Lobster – 1.25 Pounds


1 ¼ lb.  live lobsters also known in the trade as ‘quarters’. This means they weigh about 1.25 pounds each.  You will find this size lobster in many of Boston’s famous seafood restaurants.

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Buy 1.25 lb. lobsters online

Order 1¼ lb. lobsters online direct from the source. Buying 1¼ lb. pound lobster is a good choice if you ordering a bunch of lobsters for a clambake or lobster bake. 1¼ lb. lobsters are an average dinner size. Many of our customers enjoy 2 each at a sitting or save the leftovers for another day.

Quantity Discounts: Lobster prices go down when you order more! Order now and choose the exact day you want your order to arrive.

1 1/4 lb. lobsters Shipped – Home Delivery

It’s a good size to serve 1 adult if your also serving sides. Country club size for catering and parties. Order 1 or 500 quarter pound lobsters for your next bash! Mainers think this size lobster is the sweetest. You don’t have to go to Maine. You can buy 1¼ lb. lobster online from Shore to Door from

Customer Reviews

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Not bad

My first order. 1 clearly dead with a broken claw upon arrival. Refrigerated 7 others for 8 hours prior to boiling. Long way to go and barely moving before boiling but delicious. Had to use a hammer on one lobster’s claws. Guests a little shocked. Maybe find some way to rapidly tell if shells are too thick for lobster crackers and make lobster meat out of them instead of shipping whole lobster. Overall went great. Thank you.

Parents Loved Them!

We are from MA originally, but my parents now live in CA. Every year for their birthday I send them lobster from you guys and they love it! Thanks!!

On time and so fresh

Lobsters were for sent as a gift- arrived on time and were such a fabulous treat!! Thank you


Live Lobster - 1.25 Pounds

ME Redcoats arrive in Dearborn MI

Twelve healthy 1&1/2 lb lobsters arrived safe and sound and right on time Saturday morning. They were excellent! Wish I could attach a picture or two.