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Buy Maine lobster in its most animated form- LIVE. Order fresh online from 1 1/4 lb. to  6 pound monsters too big to fit in the pot.  Quantity Discounts – Buy more and Save. PICK your delivery day at checkout. 

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Buy fresh live lobsters caught in traps pulled from the icy waters off the rockbound coast of Maine. Local lobster fishermen catch premium live Maine lobsters daily for next day shipping to you, coast to coast. 

Aouwa Lobsterahs ah the Best Anyweah.

Translation: Our lobsters are the best anywhere. In Maine the “R” is optional in the alphabet! If you’ve ever had the pleasure of dining on lobster along the coast of Maine, then you already know fresh Maine lobster is the best in the world.

Live Lobsters for Sale

Live Maine lobster has become known around the world for its abundance of sweet, white meat. Served steamed with drawn butter, its unique, rich flavor is not soon forgotten. LobsterAnywhere delivers this experience to you overnight!

Live Lobster:  Homarus americanus

Ensure that you get the best Maine lobster by buying from a company that is well established in the lobster industry, and is committed to fresh, sustainable seafood. You will want to buy from a lobster company that grades each lobster for good hard-shell quality and fly out a ton a day. Unlike a grocery store or even a seafood market, which purchases seafood on speculation, your lobsters are hand selected every day. Of the thousands of Maine lobsters pulled out of the water each day, only a select few will be judged good enough for and our customers. Cold-water, hard-shell, wild-caught Maine Lobsters are simply the best in the world—and they are the only kind we sell.

Features of our Live Maine Lobsters:
  • Sustainably sourced, wild-caught
  • Hard-shelled and full of meat
  • Guaranteed nationwide delivery
  • True Weight Lobster—a 2 lb. lobster weighs in at 2 lbs. minimum.
Order live lobster online
Only hard-shell lobsters are for sale

Buy Live Lobster Online

When Maine lobster is purchased from a fish market or a supermarket, it has gone through many hands. Grocery stores have now installed tanks to market lobsters at seemingly attractive prices. High-volume supermarket chains negotiate tough prices from suppliers, who in turn provide inferior product known in the trade as “B-liners.” These lobsters have not seen the sea for weeks. Our Maine lobster supply is constantly coming in and going out.

Fresh Makes All the Difference

The main thing to know about lobsters is – the fresher the better! Only the very finest-quality live hard-shell Maine lobsters make the cut. Buy live lobsters that are leaps and bounds above cheaper soft-shell varieties. Remember these are fresh hard-shell Maine lobsters. Soft Shell lobsters are always less expensive. Our lobster may not be the lowest price, but they will be of superior quality. Simple put, these are the BEST live lobster available.

Fresh Lobster Packing
Live lobsters packed to order

Live lobsters are packed in seawater soaked newspaper or rock seaweed (when available) in our reusable Styrofoam cooler with ice cold gel packs before being shipped.

How To Order Live Lobster Online

Order online today for delivery as early as tomorrow. Our hand-selected live Maine lobsters are available in sizes and weights from 1.25 – 5-6 lbs. Our fresh lobsters are caught every morning and shipped overnight to your door. So you can always get a taste of Maine — even if you live in Kansas.

LIVE SUCCULENT-LOBSTERS from the icy North Atlantic to you. Order before noon — get ’em the next day!

  • Pick your size and quantity. Choose from 1 ¼ pound lobsters to 5-6 pound colossal lobsters. You can mix and match sizes.
  • Get a shipping quote without making a purchase. Just add items to your shopping cart or trap to receive shipping costs and delivery options.
  • Schedule a delivery day when you check out.
Live Lobster Shipping Day

At online checkout you can pick the exact day you want your live lobsters shipped to you with our handy dandy shipping and delivery calendar! Order now and choose the exact day you want your order to arrive.

Fresh Lobster Are Subject to Market Pricing

Because Maine lobster is a wild product, prices fluctuate with supply and demand of the marketplace.

⚠️ LOBSTERS will arrive ALIVE and FEISTY

Lobster Cooking Tips

Never cooked a fresh lobster? It’s easy. Each live lobster order includes expert tips with details on how to cook live lobster.

A Thank You from our Team at Lobsteranywhere

All of us at, together with the independent lobster men and women who harvest the lobsters we ship, want you to know we appreciate your business. It is important to our livelihood. We are proud to ship the freshest Maine lobsters at fair prices.

Live Lobster For Sale

Quantity Discounts: Lobster prices go down when you order more! 

Qty 1/4 lbs 1/2 lbs 2 lbs 3 lbs 5-6 lbs
0-1 $25 $32 $44 $59 $129
2-6 $23 $30 $43 $58 $119
7-15 $21 $28 $42 $57 $114
16-+ $19 $24 $41 $56 $109

Prices are not “Priced per Pound” but per lobster within the specific weight range. Lobsters will be shipped as close to the highest fraction of weight possible, pending availability during that particular day of shipment. All lobsters are guaranteed to be within the weight range requested, or heavier!

Customer Reviews

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Absolutely awesome

The lobsters showed up earlier than we expected and they were fresh, live and awesome.

A perfect monster!

Mama was thrilled with her mothers day 6 pounder from all the kids and proclaimed it the best lobstah ever...she got three full meals out of it and says no one ever has to ask her what she wants for her birthday or Xmas either!
Thanks for the quality and service.

Great last minute large order.

The company I usually use was not responding in an order for 26 lobster. I found Lobster Anywhere on a Tuesday, and they were delivered Thursday. Only improvement would be to add some seaweed instead of wet newspaper.

BEST in the business!

5 star all the way guys!

Lobster love

Fresh and sweet. So impressed even our guests who aren't big on lobster enjoyed. Will be buying from here again