Clam Chowder Special


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Boston’s best clam chowder chef prepared for 2 or 50 of your closest friends.

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Our chowder special includes (4) pouches of the Best New England clam chowder.

This sublime, chef-made New England clam chowder is chock full of the sweetest surf clams, clam broth, tender diced potatoes and onions, combined with a delicate blend of spices and finished with a splash of heavy cream and melted butter. Guaranteed to generate begging for second helpings, this creamy concoction is a prized starter for any meal. Don’t forget to add your live lobsters.

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Ships frozen, ready to heat and eat chowder. Store in your freezer and enjoy at your convenience.

* You receive (4) 16 oz. pouches of chowder. 
* Each pouch serves 2 cups of chowder.

Customer Reviews

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Rory Cothard (Rockford, IL)
Lobster delivery

Well it was Mother’s Day I was told flowers are a waste of money but lobster is never a waste of money in to get lobster right where it comes from Coldwater warm water lobster you don’t want I put it on the smoker cooked up to tails I bought the 2 1/2 pound tail meat put that on the smoker my wife was a happy camper for a whole week you cannot go wrong with these people everything is delivered within a day fresh/frozen if you don’t know what you’re doing with lobster they will help you the soup I haven’t had a chance to try yet and I am dying to go Boston love you guys I will definitely be back

Viola Smith (Virginia Beach, VA)
Clam chowder special


Charles Bille (Medina, OH)

Clam Chowder Special

Diane Marciano (Chandler, AZ)
The clam chowder was wonderful. The frozen lobster was ok. I felt it didn't have like it had been...

The clam chowder was wonderful bu the frozen lobster didn't have the lobster taste I was looking for. I usually get fresh but the delivery date wouldn't have worked for me.

Don Jacobs (Scottsdale, AZ)
Yummy clam chowder.

Delicious clam chowder. Lots of clams. Love it.