Whether our customers received live lobsters, lobsters rolls, or a special lobster dinner we thank you for your continued support!

We are always inspired by the passion our customers share for fresh seafood delivered to both coasts as well as land locked cities and towns. Your many stories testimonials keep us focused on delivering you exceptional fresh seafood.

Please contact us  and give us your feedback!


  • Delivered Last Minute for Christmas

    Thank you again for helping me with this last minute order. It arrived intact on time and I can’t wait to enjoy it on Christmas eve! The New England Clam Chowder will be given to a native Bostonian who has been craving some good ‘Chowda’ so I know he will enjoy too.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  • Shipping Lobsters to Alaska

    Just a short note to thank you for shipping the lobsters and chowder to North Pole, Alaska.  The lobsters arrived in fine condition and the chowder was froze hard.  We took the lobsters to our cabin onHarding Lake, which is about 40 miles southeast ofNorth Pole.  We had a wonderful feast with our family. It is hard to imagine having fresh, live lobstershere in Alaska, more than 5,000 miles from their home but with your service and FedEx it happened. Thanks to Lobster Anywhere, we look forward to more lobster cookouts.  Again, thank you for your great service and attention to detail.

  • The Lobster was to Die For

    Just wanted to let you know that we enjoyed our wonderful seafood feast on Saturday evening.  Everything was delicious and we enjoyed the stuffed clams.  The chowder was delicious and seasoned perfectly!  The lobster was to die for and we were stuffed to the gills! (Pardon the pun!) Thanks for a wonderful dinner.
  • Impressive Business Gift

    You guys are great! I ordered two quarters and some chowder to be sent to a business contact. I just got an e-mail from him saying that the lobster, the chowder, THE BISQUE, and THE CHOCOLATE were great! I had no idea these extras were in the package. My business contact is in heaven and I can only say THANK YOU VERY MUCH. The next time I want to impress someone, rest assured I’ll use your services.


  • Special Mother's Day Lobster Dinner

    I’m a life-long New Englander recently transplanted from Massachusetts to Maine, and I know a good lobster when I see one. I recently sent your jumbo lobster tail to a friend in Sedona, Arizona in thanks for helping my daughter out there. It was delivered promptly and safely overnight. My daughter said the lobster tail was huge!!! They had it for dinner last night. My daughter said it was absolutely delicious – and her friend who had never had a “real” Maine lobster, was equally as impressed.”

    This wasn’t the first time I’ve ordered from Lobster Anywhere. As usual, the deliveries were on time, and packed well. Best yet, the Lobsters were succulent and out of this world!! There is absolutely no comparison to the market lobsters. I can’t thank you enough for helping me make Mother’s Day dinner so delightful, and unforgettable. The food is very easy to prepare thanks to your handy cooking guide!! My mom was impressed! What a special Mother’s Day gift

  • Quality Lobsters

    Wow. The quality of the lobsters and the complete preparations made this an easy and wonderful dinning experience your delivery exceeded my expectation and that I do intend to make use of your service in the future. Thank you so much for your follow-up and attention to this order and making it such a success.

  • Your Lobster Company Delivers!

    I wanted to send a quick note of thanks. Your product, service and amazing employees are …well, amazing! Even after several prompts online to confirm my shipping date, I still managed to bungle my order. Your service team, not only fixed my error, but did it quickly and courteously. My in-laws raved about how delicious their lobsters were and said they were the highlight of their 45th anniversary.

  • Sweet Lobsters

    We had to write to let you know how much we enjoyed our live Maine lobster.  My wife, originally from Rhode Island and a former Bostonian, loves lobster and  she can’t stop talking about it. Our package included a 5-lb. live Maine
    lobster, New England clam chowder, lobster bisque, and a 4-piece box of  chocolate truffles. The lobster was incredible – huge beyond belief. Its meat was succulent, tender and sweet. We had always heard that lobsters over 2 lbs. were tough, but that’s just not true.


  • Valentine Lobsters

    My Bride and I live in the sticks of Iowa and greatly enjoy seafood, not a great combination. I order two 3 lb. lobsters to be delivered on Valentines Day for a Valentine surprise, I was not very optimistic because of our location. They shipped @ 2:31 pm Tuesday and was setting on my doorstep before noon the next day. Unbelievable…!
    The lobsters were live an kicking and HUGE. We cooked them per the cooking instruction and it was INCREDIBLE!
    Thanks for helping me look like a Valentine hero!

    This was our first time ordering with Lobster Anywhere BUT will not be our last!

  • Lobsterfest in Saint Louis

    Just ate our lobsters last night. God they were great….Cold Lobster. A great Veggie Salad. Fresh Home grown corn a wonderful potato salad it was my best friends 47th birthday, and we took our last bite a 1:00 in the morning… we did not want the lobsterfest to end.


  • Fresh and Fat Lobsters

    To All,
    I ordered from your website for the holiday season this year as a fun treat for my family who is unable to get together much but every several years or so… My 86 year old father spent all his summers growing up in Maine as did my brother in his footsteps.

    They have fond memory’s of being Maniac’s. Their fondest memory is of fresh Lobster. We had it for special occasions often when I lived on the east coast a long long time ago.As time goes on my family is dispersed across the country. For the first time in a long time we were all getting together in Sacramento Calif this year for holiday season…I had the big idea of ordering lobsters to be delivered from your web site.

    The day the little critters supposed arrival I was a nervous wreck not knowing what to expect, if they’d show, if they’d be alive. Knowing that expectations were very high for a fun lobster dinner, I even went so far as to plan B with something else. My eight lobsters arrived alive and kicking accompanied by the most amazing clam chowder. As food snobs we were delighted with the freshness and fatness of our lobsters. The clam chowder was awesome. WE spent hours cracking and picking the luscious pieces of Maine lobster with big buttery grins on our faces. So much more fun to make a mess with lobster at home than in a restaurant!!! Thank you for letting me give my family a gift they will long remember of lobster and great memories of their youth!!

  • Live and Kicking Lobsters

    I just wanted to let you all know that my lobster arrived at the convenient time of 3 pm. It arrived alive and kicking and made my second anniversary a special one. My husband loved the thought and we enjoyed the  spectacular clam chowder with all the extras sent in the gift package. Thanks for making my anniversary special!


  • Anniversary Lobster Dinner

    This was my first order with your company and I am VERY pleased with your products (so far – haven’t tasted them yet),your delivery and customer service.

    Your presentation of all your products in “The Great Catch” is great.  I love how you put the whipped butter containers and lemon in the netting.  The shrimp look luscious and thescallops look sweet and tender.  The soup container is appealing, too.  The one napkin set is nice and getting a lobster cracker and pick along with itand a lobster bib is perfect.  Who could ask for more!!  I can’t wait until my husband comes home tonight and sees his anniversary present (it is our 29th anniversary Sunday).  He will be shocked and elated.  He loves whole lobsters.  We live at the Jersey Shore, right on the water, but can’t beat your prices and package combinations. Thank you, again, for your great customer service and wonderful products.  I will definitely be doing business with you again and I will refer to everyone I talk to.


  • Lobster Saved our Christmas

    This lobster is a lobster! You saved our Christmas dinner! You guys are awesome! Thank you! Earned my business! Fed ex got stuck in the snow in our driveway but it was worth the shoveling to have the lobster dinner!

  • Lobster Shipped to Aspen

    Thank you! Everything arrived perfectly and on time in fabulous shape and we had a blast. I had guests from the Czech Republic who not only had never seen a lobster also spoke no English so instructions and diagrams and bibs were the best! I hypnotized the lobsters before the big boil and they were delicious! I use to summer in Maine and we would eat lobsters like other people eat big Macs (ugh). Anyway thank you for your excellent service and attention!!!


  • Great Product and Packaging

    Great product and packaging design, love the 2 lobster tails to a package, makes sense.
    Your website is also impressive. Also, the instructions, etc. included in the shipment are really helpful. 

  • Lobster Shipped to Desert

    I’ve been ordering from for about 10 years now and every time you come through.. For my folks who have been living in Arizona for 23 years,your lobsters, fresh clams, mussels and shrimp are all special treats for landlocked desert dwellers like them.

  • Close a Deal with Lobster!

    I have entertained clients at fine restaurants and sporting events, but your service has really made a difference in my business relationships. Professional, elegant, delicious. What a way to close a deal! Give lobster for a business gift.


  • Boston Chowder the Best

    We first had your fabulous clam chowda when we visited Boston 9 years ago.  After sampling chowders throughout Boston for lunches and dinners during the week we were there, yours was decidedly the best.   So long to our old family recipe, yours was decidedly better than ours.  We’ve been ordering for Christmas dinner since and your eagerly awaited fabulous chowda arrives on time, in perfect condition, and is greatly appreciated.

  • Awesome Maine Lobsters

    Thank You. Thank You.  Thank You!!  What a wonderful job you did both in the beautiful lobster you sent as well as tracking of the order.  My husband was very surprised and our guests LOVED everything.  They were all very impressed with the the size and flavor of the lobster.  You were correct, the big one was just as tender and flavorful as the 2 pound lobsters.  They were very sweet and simply put….AWESOME!!  As you are aware, we have ordered from you several times and will definitely continue to do so.  I am certain you will have new customers from our dinner/birthday celebration as well.  We were all very impressed with your customer service and concern for doing everything you could to make certain they would arrive in time for our celebration… in spite of the obstacles Mother Nature was throwing our way.


  • Good morning, we got our lobsters yesterday and had them for a birthday dinner for a great friend last night. We ate on the porch on an old wooden table and gorged ourselves! The lobsters we over the top! Absolutely delicious! Everything was perfect! We will order again and a Huge Thank You to you and your team.

  • Birthday Lobster for Mom

    I just wanted to thank you for your mindblowingly fabulous lobster. I didn’t eat it: my mom did. She had had a lousy birthday, due to family reasons, and I wanted to cheer her up. Trouble is, I live in Greece and she lives in California. Not so easy to buy her a lobster dinner is it? Wait up! IT IS EASY. Because there you are. On the Internet. Making it possible for me to send my dear mother two massive (she said the two weighed 5 lbs together) beautiful Maine lobsters, so live that they ran off when she tried to photograph them, all from the comfort of my living room, half a world away. Totally brilliant. I love the modern world. Keep up the great work!

  • Lobster Christmas Gifts

    We have received two whole live Lobsters, Fresh clams etc. the whole dinner as Christmas gifts from one of our Son’s.  What a fabulous meal for anyone, anytime.  I’d recommend this to Queen Elizabeth they really needsome  outstanding food in England. Good luck.


  • Lobster Tails to Big Island of Hawaii

    My mom is a true lobster lover and unfortunately we couldn’t fly to see her on her 50th birthday. We sent her and the rest of our family Whale of a Tail-4 pack to the Big Island of Hawaii. The tails (which were massive in size) go to Hawaii from Maine within 36 hours and arrived still frozen. Best lobster mom has ever had and she’s still talking about it over a week later.

    As we say in the islands, MUCH MAHALO! We’ll definitely be bringing more Maine Lobster tails across the Pacific.


  • Quality Seafood and Timeliness

    Thanks Guys!!Another job well done. It sure feels good to have someone to depend on for quality seafood and timeliness.


  • Super Fresh Seafood

    The package was incredible and Nancy and I enjoyed every bite. The shipping was perfect and product was very fresh!!! I look forward to using you in the near future with some of my Mars Inc. clients. Feel free to use us in any testimonial you need!!! Scottsdale residents could use your concept and I will pass it along!!!


  • Love the Lobsters

    Loved the Lobster — It Was Excellent. Everything that was suggested turned out to be spectacular.

  • 5 Star Lobster Dinner

    I received lobster dinner for two as a Christmas Gift from a dear friend. Two gynormous lobster, utensils, bibs, cloth napkins, a lemon, reusable chest for summertime camping/picnics and two incredibly smooth COHIBA cigars. I am a chef. I am accustomed to giving 5 Star Service, rarely have I ever been surprised with it. This is top quality and I will remember this as the best gift I’ve ever received.

  • Best Shrimp in Austin, TX

    As a first-time shopper, I was a bit apprehensive about ordering seafood off the internet.  However, I had not been able to find good shrimp locally since I moved to a suburb of Austin three years ago, and my shopping capabilities are limited as my husband is disabled.  We were celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary, wanted to avoid navigating a restaurant, but wanted a special dinner to commemorate this milestone.

    Our LobsterAnywhere delivery was a delightful surprise!  Your advertising was dead-on accurate – huge, plump, succulent shrimp for the best shrimp cocktail we’ve had outside of Morton’s, and tasty lobster – flavorful, not mealy!  You can be SURE that I will visit you again and again. Again, we truly enjoyed the seafood; and we WILL order again! So glad we found you!


  • Dear Lobster Anywhere,
    The 4 lobster tails, I ordered, arrived @ 10:19 PST – on time and in frozen condition! They are perfect and we are delighted with the size and the quality of the tails. Thank you so much.

    –The Taylors

  • Candlelight Lobster Dinner




  • Great Time Grilling our Lobster Tails

    Hey just wanted to drop a note to tell you we had a GREAT time grilling our lobster tails. Did it just as you instructed and they turned out perfect. Our friends were impressed. Will order more tails again. Was so much fun. Maybe we will try live lobsters next time!


  • Loved the Steamers

    Thank you so much for your quick response.  Our party was a terrific success and everyone loved the steamers.  Delmar was absolutely beautiful (as always).  I would recommend you and you will have my business again

  • Live Lobsters Shipped to Wisconsin

    I moved to Wisconsin 10 plus years ago. I took up deer hunting in the North Woods when I moved here and this was my tenth year going to the same camp. I’ve been talking about having lobster shipped out and of course every year the guys remind me that I mentioned that a while back. This year LobsterAnywhere took care of me. The lobsters, clam chowder and whoopi pies were a huge hit. The owner of the camp said “Printzy, this is the best meal this camp has ever seen! Thank you LobsterAnywhere and crew!


  • Steamers Beyond Expectations

    We’ve ordered twice already from you guys, and both times, the steamers have been beyond expectations.  My family is coming into town again and that means more steamers.


  • Great Customer Service!

    Great customer service! My lobster order was followed up by a phone call since I did not specify the delivery date.


  • Lobsters Were a Huge Hit

    I just got back from my vacation and wanted to let you know the lobsters were a HUGE HIT !!. EVERYTHING came on time, and they were DELICIOUS!!. We had about 40 people down there, and OVER HALF had never had lobsters like that, so it was fun to do. I can not thank you enough for the time you put in to helping me. Just wanted to let you know, and several of the people took the business cards that were in there. I am certain you will be getting some orders from it !!



  • Superior Hard Shell Lobsters

    Excellent Job!!!  My order was perfect.  The Lobster and Steamers arrive alive and well.  The Lobster were superior quality.  ALL just about 3 lbs.  Nice hard shell Lobster, all males with lots of fight.  The 6 lbs. of steamers had little, or no breakage.  The lobster and steamers “steamed” to tender, sweet perfection.  I can still smell the wonderful aroma.  NO LEFT OVER’S.

  • Live Lobster Shipped to Minnesota

    The only thing better than the taste, was the experience of a live lobster showing up on my doorstep. The last time I had lobster this fresh was on the Maine coast. It is amazing that I can get the northeast freshness in my landlocked state of Minnesota. Thanks for a wonderful and eventful evening. There will be more in our near future.

  • Best Lobster Tails Online

    I had shipped 8 extra jumbo lobster tails and 2 lbs of the extra jumbo shrimp (fresh). I had your fresh seafood to arrive on 3/25 for his birthday dinner with family. I must tell you that the lobster tails were the absolutely BEST we have ever eaten. We cooked them exactly as the directions stated.

    The lobster meat was sweet, texture was superb!!!!!!!! Would order from you folks definitely again in the future. I did a search for Maine lobster and you folks came up and decided to try you. Everything was absolutely SUPERB!!! Just NEEDED to let you know.

  • Lobsters Arrived Perfectly

    Thank you, the lobsters arrived perfectly.  Thanks for the prompt  friendly service. I flew for Northeast Airlines for years and then Delta when we merged for many a year and now will use and recommend your online lobster service to all my retired flight attendants and pilots.


  • Rocky Mountain Lobster Feast

    Just wanted to let you know that the 24 Lobsters arrived at noon on Friday and 22 of our neighbors enjoyed a Rocky Mountain Lobster Feast on Friday night. Everyone raved that they had never tasted sweet tender Lobster like we served. (Of course there was only one New Englander in the group, and that was me.) We did it outside with plenty of beer and a Bronco sunset (Blue and Orange). Great service and great Lobster we will be back next year.


  • Wonderful Maine Lobsters

    Yesterday, we received a wonderful gift package from you!  The two Maine lobsters were tender & juicy, just wonderful, & most enjoyed by former New Englandites!


  • Awesome Lobster Rolls

    Tonight we will have enjoy our overstuffed lobster rolls. I just finished mixing up the meat with mayo and putting it back in the fridge to mellow. What awesome meat it is!! Full claws and knuckles….just beautiful. We are going to have them with a few fries and some coleslaw as you recommended. Tomorrow will be our chowder and salad for lunch. We can’t wait. Thank you again so much for such quality product.


  • Just wanted you to know that our daughter in St. Petersburg, Fla is absolutely delighted with her birthday lobster tail dinner which she received this morning. She has been a lobster eater since she was 2 years old and now she is in her late 50s and her favorite food is still lobster. She is a true New Englander at heart!

    Thanks again for your excellent service and products!


  • Super Pies for the Super Bowl

    Received my order. In extraordinary perfect condition. Cant wait for Sunday to enjoy super bowl and my lobster pies

  • Steaks and Lobster Outstanding!!!

    Just wanted to let you know the order below was consumed this past weekend and it was wonderful – both the strip steaks and enormous lobster tails were delicious!!!


  • Great Condition

    I received clams in great condition. I was very pleased with quality and the packing. I will recommend your firm to many of my friends here in the south. I am from New England, and I have never had better steamers. I will be contacting you again

  • Seafood Birthday Gift

    I am the lady you called last week regarding substituting the shrimp cocktail and crab stuffed shrimp for the crab cakes.  First of all I want to tell you how much I appreciated you taking the time to actually call and then for being so patient while I tried to decide what to do.  THAT IS REAL CUSTOMER SERVICE!!  So rare these days.  It was so refreshing.  THANK YOU!

    But the best thing of all was Sunday evening when I got a phone call from my nephew and he was going on and on about how delicious everything was and how he couldn’t believe the size of the shrimp cocktail, bacon wrapped scallops, or the stuffed shrimp.  And the clam chowder and lobster bisque he said were outstanding.  All of it made for a wonderful birthday meal.  So again I want to thank you for helping me make his birthday a memorable one.


  • Lobster Gift for Dad

    You all are awesome!! My dad received his lobster gift and was overwhelmed!  We had to cancel our Maine summer vacation this year. This was my way of bringing a little bit of Maine to him! Thanks so much for providing such a wonderful opportunity!

  • Lobster to Die For

    Your product is incredible. The presentation is magnificent, the clam chowder is the best I’ve ever had, and the lobster was to die for! I can’t tell you how impressive your shipment was. And all the “little extras”…that made it even more special.


  • Wonderful Lobster Dinner

    Our order arrived on Jan 28th as expected. We were so happy as it was a special occasion for us. My son was born on Jan. 29th. We celebrated with that wonderful Lobster Dinner! I wanted to tell you we have been sent different packages from  other Lobsters Sites, but you are our favorites. Keep up the good work. We had a most wonderful celebration last night. It was a most glorious evening for us and I thank you for your efficiency. We will continue using your web site.


  • Thank you for Shipping Lobsters

    When I called about my order being damaged, I wasn’t looking for anything for free. I just wanted to let you know your shipper had a problem.

    The fact that you remembered me and sent these lobsters was stellar! I brought them to my Mom & Dad and it made their day. I can’t afford to order lobsters all the time, but when I do it will be with you!

  • Very Healthy lobsters

    Thank you once again for wonderful service and very healthy lobsters reached their destination. Lucy and Larry Lobster are making 2 folks very happy tonight!!!!!”

  • Best Lobsters I Ever Tasted!

    I just have to tell that the lobsters from may have been the best lobsters I have ever tasted! It’s unbelievable that I can call and have lobsters delivered to my door the next day! Thanks. You have a great company.


  • Beautifully Packaged Seafood Gift

    It was beautifully packaged and the quality was excellent. I sent it as a gift to a client and they were extremely impressed! I found it very easy to order and thought customer service was above average. I highly recommend it and will certainly reorder myself.


  • Impressive Lobster Dinner Package

    I received a lobster dinner gift package from my son last Thursday and wanted you to know what a delicious and welcome gift it was. Everything arrived perfectly and it was thoroughly enjoyed. Not only was the food wonderful but the added extras (napkins, tools, etc.) were great!

  • Labor Day Lobster Order

    This is Vicki that had that Labor Day order in Texas.It was the “BEST”!!!!!!!I can’t thank you enough for talking with me and giving ussuch an AWESOME Product!I will continue to enjoy your seafood for a long time! Thanks again……..What a Hit!!!


  • Impressed with the Lobster Delivery

    I am so impressed with the lobster delivery! This is really well done. I think you thought of absolutely everything. I can’t think of a single thing that wasn’t absolutely superb in the gift package. The steaks grilled up perfect. It was really the best meal I’ve head in years. My husband loved his birthday dinner.


  • Valentine's Lobster Dinner

    Dear Friends,
    On Feb.4th we ordered the Lobster Pie trying for delivery on our Anniversary. It arrived on time & we had a wonderful Valentines dinner. It was delicious.

  • We had the shucked lobster tails last night. I sauteed them lightly and also cooked up some fresh asparagus. Just one thing to say … Yum!!!. Wow! The lobster tails were so incredibly, melt-in-your-mouth, tender and they tasted absolutely delicious! I will be ordering more frozen lobster tails soon and will be passing on my positive experience to all my friends!.
    –Jill, Langhorne, PA

  • Best Lobster Dinner Delivery

    Thank you so much. My lobster dinner was the best.Your products are the best quality.

    Thank you, Thank you
    I will be ordering lobster again and tell family & friends

  • Thanksgiving Lobsters!

    The lobsters were delivered yesterday as required. I am heating up my west coast dungenous crab boiler for the East Coast Lobsters. Life is wonderful! Happy Thanksgiving.

  • Thank You Gifts

    I have had great success using your service to send “Thank you” packages to important clients. The competitive nature of my industry leaves no room for error. Every order I placed arrived on time. The presentation of your product is what really impressed my customers. Thank you for making my job a little bit easier.


  • Special Lobster Dinner Ordered Online

    My wife and I were having some special guests over for dinner and we wanted to make a great impression, so we needed to do something really fantastic.

    I was a little nervous about ordering food online- especially live lobsters! I received an email confirmation with a shipping tracking number, but I didn’t need it, the package arrived right on time! I’m no master chef either, but the instructions made cooking lobster a snap. The lobsters were large, carefully packed and kicking like crazy, the ones from the market don’t even look that alive! There were real cloth napkins, crackers and picks, a large pot, a cookbook, even butter and bibs. I looked like a great cook.


  • Best Lobster Tails

    OH MY GOD. THOSE LOBSTER TAILS. Huge. This had to be the best lobster tail we have ever had. Everything was so wonderful. Thank you until next order. 14-15 min steaming, I added a little wine to the water, was so wonderful. The mussels. Added 2 sticks butter lots of garlic white wine, and let the boys steam. Was wonderful also. The lobster rolls not made yet. I found a great recipe from Bobby Flay. Will try that. U guys have the best seafood around.

    Will buy from again. Just don’t tell my wife. LOL

  • Best Lobster Experience

    Our Shrimp cocktail was delicious. – all shrimp. no shell. almost a meal in itself.  The lobster was so tender and came out of the shell so easily.  Our whole experience with Lobstersanywhere was a wonderful experience. I will probably send a gift to one of our other daughters for a special occasion in the near future.

  • Lobster-fest in California

    Being ex-easterners we know Lobster.  This quality is just not available in California at any price.  And as for real STEAMERS “Fuhgeddaboutit”.  My shipment arrived at 9:30 local time.  Just right for our 3:00 P.M. lobester-fest. My family has already ordered a repeat performance for August.


  • Lobsterfest in Chicago

    When I first started the annual LobsterFest (in a Chicago suburb) in in February, 2005! This year to cut the prep time even more, I served clam chowder and lobsters. Everyone raved about both the chowder and the lobsters. One regular guest said it was the first time he had eaten the entire lobster. (He grew up in Michigan; what does he know? In prior years he’d give half his lobster to the person sitting next to him.)

    This year I announced that, unfortunately, this was the last LobsterFest (I’m over 85 and not getting younger). I served champagne at the close, and we toasted the group and Lobster Anywhere that had served us so well over the years. Lobster Review

  • 3 lb. Lobsters Shipped

    My wife and I just had two 3 lb. lobsters that you shipped last Friday (we ate them Saturday). These were the best lobsters we have ever ordered from you. They were so sweet that we didn’t need any butter on them. Thanks for making Saturday’s meal a memorable one.

  • Birthday Lobster Dinner

    My parents had a belated birthday dinner, but they truly enjoyed every bite!! They were impressed with your complete package and the yummy chocolates were an appreciated, yummy touch. Thank you for going out of your way to make some happy customers. I will definitely visit again.


  • Christmas Delivery

    Thanks again for wonderful Maine Lobster. We had our order for Christmas and was wonderful. I made corn, taters, and slaw. Wonderful. You’re where I go when I want the best. Fresh, on time, and so nice.


  • Lobster Delivered to Remote Montana Town

    Fabulous! We’re 40+miles outside Billings, MT. Questioned whether “overnight” w.b. Overnight. The 2# Lobsters were gorgeous…Clam chowder + Steamers tonight! Worth EVERY nickle for Hubby from MASS. Your info pamphlets were also very helpful & clear. We’re new members, for sure!


  • Lobster Claws are Delicious

    Lobster claws arrived yesterday afternoon. They were in great shape.  Cooked some last night…delicious!…..

  • Great Service. Great Lobster Tails

    Received the lobsters this morning…..ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!!! Thank you so much for the great service and beautiful lobster tails. I’m thrilled.
  • Fresh Lobsters

    The lobsters were fabulous and all your arrangements were perfectly orchestrated. Thanks for your help and if I ever do this again, will call you or pass on your name to those looking for fresh Maine lobsters

    Lobster for Company Party

  • Lobster Tails Received in Great Shape

    Thank you very much for the second shipment of lobster tails.  They were received in very good shape, with the packets still frozen. My Grandmother is very excited.  Thanks again for the GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE.  Sometimes you think it doesn’t exist anymore, not true.

  • Incredible Fresh Seafood Eats

    We received the stuffed lobster tails, lobster mac n cheese, key lime pie, clam chowder & lobster bisque as a gift. As a Californian originally from Boston I was delighted to have some fresh New England fare dropped at our doorstep!

    The bisque and chowder are both rich and delicious with their own special flavors. The stuffed lobsters were moist and bursting with lobster meat! The mac n cheese is the best we’ve ever had.

    The amazing part was how easy it was to prepare everything!
    Just heat and enjoy… we love it!!


  • Just have to say this lobsters are fantastic. The scallops are so sweet. Always a good experience to buy seafood from you. A 5 star seller.

  • Lobster Delivered as Promised!

    We were a little leery about ordering lobster online, but LobsterAnywhere definitely delivered as promised! The lobsters were delivered on time and were tender, sweet, and delicious!