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For over twenty years LobsterAnywhere has operated a lobster mail order business! That’s a long, long time. We’ve seen and heard it all. You will not only find the top reviews for Lobsteranywhere, but all of the real lobster reviews gathered from a third party app. Reviews are verified with the list of orders from our ecommerce platform. A special badge marks reviews from customers with an order history from our online seafood market. You’ll even find a few unhappy customers. Sometimes we do make mistakes, other times it is out of our control, like weather delays. In the end, excuses don’t solve problems. Our team will always do our best to make things right. 

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We are always inspired by the passion our customers share for fresh seafood delivered to both coasts as well as land locked cities and towns. Your many stories and testimonials keep us focused on delivering you exceptional fresh seafood every single time.

If your experience with LobsterAnywhere was amazing please let us know. And if was not so stellar, please shoot us an email and we will work with you to fix it. Thank you for always pushing us to be our best.

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Thank you

Thank you for such a wonderful experiece. Our valentines day was one of the best days we have had in a long time!!

Fantastic Lobster Tails!

I have never had such meaty,tender and sweet lobster before! Was absolutely delicious!! Shipping was quick and arrived in a nice re-usable cooler! I will be ordering more of their seafood in the near future! You must try Lobster will NOT be disappointed! Customer service was fantastic!

Great lobster & Great Service

Once again we ordered from and weren't disappointed. Received our lobster tails before Valentines Day & thawed in the fridge. Cooked them up for our Valentines dinner. SO GOOD! Couldn't be happier with the quality of the product and the service provided! LOVE them!

Very nice

Full Flavor

Captains Tails and Surf

The Surf and Turf package was exceptional! Instructions were included and the meal turned out wonderful. I will be using this company for all my lobster and filet mignon wants! It was yummy.

Lobster ravioli and steak

Absolutely delicious

Browny Points!

The wife was really surprised when I brought the lobsters into the room. They were the center piece of our Valentines dinner. I got browny points. Will buy again for New Years.

They were fantastic!!!

We had a family Valentines dinner with tenderloin and lobster. They were delicious and fresh. Thank you!!!!

Great dinner for two!

Great tasting lobster

Colossal shrimp

Delivered on time, frozen, peeled and deveined. Big and delicious!

Terrific gift dinner

Sent this dinner to my parents for a Valentine’s Day treat. Delicious. Cooking directions are clear and perfect. Lobsters were perfectly cooked, tender and sweet. Delicious!


Great! Better than expected. Im still full!

Valentine’s Gift


Great Experience

Lobsters were HUGE, very alive when delivered, and delicious! Will definitely order again!

Lobster Roll Kit

I ordered this to try before giving to a friend (who is from Massachusetts, we now live in AZ) as a gift for her surprise 70th birthday party! It did not disappoint! The lobster meat was delicious, 3-4 lobster tails, claws, knuckles, it was truly terrific. I fed 4 people one night and 2 the next night and still have enough to have one more roll! I will be ordering another for her birthday. I think I may try the 1 lb claw/knuckles for myself! The package arrived on time and frozen. Delivered on Thursday, put in the frig and still frozen Friday, I had to defrost by putting it in cold water, worked fine. Looking forward to ordering in the future, cannot get this kind of lobster in AZ!



Bummed this year

We were bummed this year, as we order every year for our Valentine’s Day treat, and one lobster’s meat was quite mushy and not firm. The other lobster was perfect and sweet. hopefully next year it’ll be better.

Live Lobster - 2 Pound


The filet minion is second to none and SO easy to prepare! Delicious! No steak sauce needed.

They Loved It !

Bought this as a late Christmas present, everything was great. They we're amazed at the size and taste. Thanks LobsterAnywhere

Monster Lobster Tails

SmokeDoctorBBQ Approved

Order recieved within 2 days...Product was in perfect condition upon arrival. Couldn't be happier with the quality! Will be ordering again.

Valentine Lobster

OMG! Dave thoroughly enjoyed his Valentines feast! “ Sir Crustacean “ was lively and a bit of a jerk...showing off his huge claws...but alive & kicking, that is until he went into the pot! 😁. Awesome!! Packed well, arrived at a good time. Thank you again!

Haven't had them yet but they look awesome and great size. We look forward to enjoying them. Thanks!

Great Lobster

The customer service was frat and some of the best lobster!

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