Whether our customers received live lobsters, lobsters rolls, or a special lobster dinner we thank you for your continued support and taking the time to review our products and service.

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For over twenty years LobsterAnywhere has operated a lobster mail order business! That’s a long, long time. We’ve seen and heard it all. You will not only find the top reviews for Lobsteranywhere, but all of the real lobster reviews gathered from a third party app. Reviews are verified with the list of orders from our ecommerce platform. A special badge marks reviews from customers with an order history from our online seafood market. You’ll even find a few unhappy customers. Sometimes we do make mistakes, other times it is out of our control, like weather delays. In the end, excuses don’t solve problems. Our team will always do our best to make things right. 

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We are always inspired by the passion our customers share for fresh seafood delivered to both coasts as well as land locked cities and towns. Your many stories and testimonials keep us focused on delivering you exceptional fresh seafood every single time.

If your experience with LobsterAnywhere was amazing please let us know. And if was not so stellar, please shoot us an email and we will work with you to fix it. Thank you for always pushing us to be our best.

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Engaging Lobsters!
Great product
Gift Well Received
Great product, even greater customer service
Fabulous Lobsters!
Unbelievable Service - THANK YOU!
Top Quality!!
Soooooooooooo Goooooooooood
All is well
Hot dog rolls
Just ordered 1st time - great experience
It was good!
Anniversary dinner
A small mixup but fixed
Missing lobster rolls
Always great
The best are back!
Key Lime Pie

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