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How to Enjoy Fresh Seafood and Lobster

You have found the lobster and seafood how-to section from You’ll learn step-by-step instructions on the best ways to enjoy all kinds of Maine seafood, including the king of crustaceans, lobster. Plus, learn about the history and stories about the seafood you grew up to love. For our detailed guide for how to cook live lobsters see our guide.

Best Lobster Tails

Where to Catch the Best Lobster Tails: A Guide to Frozen Lobster Tails

Discover why Maine lobster tails are the best in the world. One of the most popular fresh seafood items on our online lobster market are our premium frozen lobster tails. And we ship a ton of lobster tails all year long to just about every part of the USA.  Lobster lovers the world over will […]

Romantic Lobster Dinner Ideas

Sex, Love and Lobsters – Romantic Dinner Ideas at Home!

Lobster is a sexy food. It tops the list for romantic dinner ideas at home. But what can we learn from “Lobster virtuoso,” Phoebe Buffay. With ‘Friends’ on Netflix in its entirety for the first time, many of us are delving deep into the deep cuts and rediscovering our old favorites. As a professional lobster lover, […]


12 Spectacular Scallop Facts Every Seafood Lover Should Know

The amazing scallop is one of the sea’s greatest food treasures. This fan-shaped bivalve is an amazing sea creature. Here are some amazing scallop facts that you probably didn’t know. Learn more about scallops with our list of fun scallop facts. Our original list included 12 scallop facts, but we keep adding more! Compared to oysters […]

Lobster Rolls Online

Simple Recipes for Great Lobster Rolls (And 3 Ways to Make a Bad One)

It’s full steam ahead for the lobster rolls craze. Seafood shacks are dropping anchor all across the country, some with waterfront views and others with views of the mall food court. Lobster roll trucks are rolling in cities like Cape May, Maine, Chicago, Illinois, Austin, Texas, and even Park City, Utah. As of this writing, there […]

How to Buy Sea Scallops

Scallop 101: How to Buy Fresh Scallops on Dry Land or Online

Is there any other seafood with the buttery sweetness, unique characteristics and history of the beloved scallop? At LobsterAnywhere, we’re hard-pressed to find one. Find out how to buy fresh scallops on scallops on dry land, at sea or online! A (Brief) History of Scallops Photo by Catholic CuisineIn the Middle Ages, the scallop shell was a […]

How to Grill Lobsters at Home

Grilling Frozen Lobster Tails at Home

Memorial Day is fast approaching and we are readying our grills for the summer season. One of the best things to kick off the summer season is to learn how to grill  lobsters at home.  Lobster tails benefit from the quick cooking and smoky flavor of the grill. Grilled lobster is quick and easy. Take the […]

Different Kinds of Lobster Chowder

Do You Know the Different Kinds of Chowder from New England?

Do you know the different kinds of chowder? The story of clam chowder is very interesting. A group of French soldiers became shipwrecked off the coast of Maine.  As they trudged ashore carrying what meager provisions they could grab before the ship sank, they made camp on the shore.  They gathered some clams and threw them […]

Host a Clambake Party

How to Host a Clambake Party at Home or on the Beach

Learn how to host a clambake party at home or on the beach! A classic Maine lobster bake prepared the old-fashioned way is steamed in seaweed and ocean water. Food writer, Craig Clairborne called the lobster bake “…the most colorful, joyous and festive of American feasts.” Lobster bakes are fun, memorable, and informal. It’s also a […]

How to Buy Mussels

How to Buy Mussels Like a Real Harvester

Long a well kept secret of New England fisherman, the black mussel continues to gain popularity. Here are some tips on how to buy mussels, check here for how a classic recipe for fresh steamed mussels. Mussels today are usually cultivated–they are much cleaner than wild mussels, and their “beards”  are much smaller. Farm-raised mussels do not […]

How to Broil Live Lobsters

Broil Live Lobster Allow one good size lobster, 1 1/2 large live lobster per person. Learn more about what size lobsters to get. Directions: Put the lobster on its back and make a deep, sharp cut through the entire length of the body and tail with a heavy sharp-pointed knife or lobster shears. Spread open and […]