The King of Land and Sea

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It’s the KING of the grill: Monster Lobster Tails are paired with USDA Prime New York strips. The ultimate surf and turf dinner!

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Our limited edition surf and turf fit for a King and Queen.

We’ve paired our MONSTER Atlantic lobster Tails with center-cut prime sirloin steaks. Get the biggest and best of land and sea shipped to your door.

Our NY strip steaks are graded USDA Prime. (About 3% of all US cattle is deemed worthy enough to be graded prime.) With it’s tender robust flavor, it’s a natural for the grill. Our cold-water lobster tails are massive–coming in at about 20-24 ounces each! That’s about the size of your forearm!

Free Lobster Shipping

Also, included is a container of small batch sea salt butter made in Maine. The butter is a natural for the lobster tail, but also a nice touch for a perfectly seasoned and seared steak! FREE express shipping.

Dinner for Two:

  • (2) Monster Lobster Tails (20-24 oz. each)
  • (2) New York Prime Center Cut Sirloin Steaks (12 oz. each)
  • (1) 6 oz. Maine Sea Salt Butter

Dinner for Four:

  • (4) Monster Lobster Tails (20-24 oz. each)
  • (4) New York Prime Center Cut Sirloin Steaks (12 oz. each)
  • (1) Maine Sea Salt Butter

Ships Frozen (Dry Ice) and can be stored in your freezer. It’s a good idea to order a couple of days before you need them.

Customer Reviews

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First time

I ordered as a gift and they were VERY happy giant tails and shrimp made for a great gift.

Surf & Turf Supreme

I have been buying lobsters from LobsterAnywhere for several years now. This order was no different in that it was perfection. The monster lobster tails packed with big, tender steaks was perfect. If I had to buy the same thing in a restraint, I would have paid three times more! I can, and do, highly recommend this pairing very highly!!!