Lobster for Dear Old Dad! Father’s Day Seafood Delivery

Find the Best Father’s Day Seafood Gifts Delivered to Dad’s Doorstep

Father’s Day will be here before you know it. Do you have plans for how you’ll spend the occasion? Are you going to treat Dad to dinner or buy him an expensive gift? What about your father-in-law and grandfather? How do you plan on honoring all the fantastic men in your life this June 17th? There are many different options to choose from when coming up with gift ideas for Dad. How about something unexpected, like seafood delivery? Recharge his batteries this Father’s Day with Maine’s best, most comforting food—Maine lobster.

Seafood is the Perfect Accompaniment to the Grill You Bought for Dad

He’s got the grill. He’s got the apron. Pretty sure he has enough #1 Dad mugs. And now, he’s got to have the LOBSTER! Send Dad a few of our fresh live Maine lobsters or a few of our our juicy, cold water lobster tails that are perfect for grilling. Either way, you’re going to make his Father’s Day in a way no new tie ever will.

Seafood Delivery Father's Day
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Nothing says Father’s Day like Grilled Lobster Tails

One of the most coveted items on many men’s wish list is a serious barbecue grill with plenty of BTUs!  Dad loves his grill.  Give Dad the chance to show off his skills with our tails and steaks from LobsterAnywhere.com. Fire up your grill because  But not just any lobster tails will do, your Dad deserves the biggest and the best. You can even make it easy on Dad with our ready-to-grill tails. Tails are prepped, butterflied and ready to hit the heat! Don’t forget to pick-up plenty of butter!

Today’s grills have multiple grilling areas set aside for vegetables, proteins, and even buns. If he plans on making a delicious lobster roll, he’ll have no problem getting the bun toasted perfectly. Best of all, he’ll get to sit down and enjoy everything he’s cooked, too!

Grilling lobster is just as easy as boiling or steaming live lobsters! Need tips and recipes for grilling lobster? See our grilling guide.

With Fourth of July fast approaching and many summer birthdays, anniversaries, and other events planned, it’s no wonder why Dad loves to grill so badly for Father’s Day. It gives him a chance to show off his cooking skills as he marinates the different forms of protein he cooks.

Pops Loves Seafood for Father’s Day

Nothing says, “I love you,” more than delicious fresh seafood. Dad can have the nation’s best surf delivered to his turf this Father’s Day.  Dad will agree that a good lobster tail or skewer of shrimp is beyond description. When grilled to perfection, you’ll hear nothing but praise over how juicy and succulent the seafood is. The only way to be in agreement with your father, father-in-law or grandfather is to sink your teeth into whatever is being cooked. That’s why buying seafood from Lobster Anywhere for your Father’s Day feast is ideal.

You get to choose what’s on the menu because you’re preparing a meal for Dad. You can opt to do a surf and turf-style meal complete with all the fixings, full lobsters or lobster tails, shrimp, scallops or mussels. The choice is up to you because you know your father better than most people do. Give him the experience of a lifetime by making June 17th all about him and the things he’s done so selflessly for you.

Customer favorites for Dads, Husbands, Granddads and Fathers-to-be include BBQ Lobster Tails, Lobster Rolls, and jumbo lobsters! Get Cracking! Father’s Day is less than a week away!

The Perfect Size, Color, and Fit for Father’s Day

Give Dad the gift he really wants this Father’s Day. A gift certificate for Lobster Anywhere allows him to choose which seafood items he’d like to purchase and cook on his new grill. Available as three different options, Lobster Dinner Certificates, Dollar Amount Gift Certificates, and E-Certificates, you have options that will fit his fancy. Celebrate your father, father-in-law or grandfather in a way that honors who he is and what he enjoys most by giving him a gift he’ll get good use out of. This Father’s Day order a lobster dinner for your “Maine” man—DAD!

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