Putting Together The Perfect Lobster Dinner for Two

If you’ve seen our main site, then you know that Santa Claws is coming to town. Well, here’s your free preview: the big guy’s giving two free lobster tails away for Christmas.

The Perfect Lobster Dinner

Now, this is Santa…so these are no ordinary grocery-store-fish tank lobsters. We’re talking massive tails from two of the biggest lobsters we could find. They say it took half a dozen elves just to get ’em in the boat!

How do you get on the Nice list for these beauties? Simple: just leave a comment on this post telling Santa what you’ve done to get on the nice list this year. We’ll forward the list to Ol’ Saint Nick, he’ll check it once or twice, and we’ll let the winner know on Christmas Eve!

So come on, convince the big guy that you deserve these tails.’,
‘Win Free Lobster For Christmas!’,

‘Let’s say you’re lucky enough to win this month’s giveaway, and you have that special someone all picked out. Here’s an idea for a great romantic dinner for two.

1. Location, Location, Location
The setting should be something special…but that doesn’t mean it has to be fancy. Some of the most romantic dinner tales come from newlyweds having a candlelight dinner on cardboard boxes in their new home. What those special locations tend to have in common are the following; privacy, mood lighting (candles are the perfect tool), something that connects the two of you, good music and, most importantly, lots of alcohol. Kidding, sorry. Most importantly, the two of you should at least FEEL like you’re the only two people in the world.

2. Ambiance
We’ve discussed the mood lighting already. Ideally, the light will illuminate the two of you, the table and little else. That way you can focus on each other. No matter what kind of table (or box, or suitcase…whatever) you’re eating on, a nice white tablecloth can bring it all together. Find something nice to garnish the table. Not a bif centerpiece that will get in the way…but simply sprinkle it with rose petals…bunch some silky fabric around the base of the candle holders…something that makes it look like more than just your table.

The music should be soft and simple.

3. The Food
Prepare and plate the food for that special someone. And go ahead and remove the tails from the shell. I know, I know, it’s part of the experience. But it’s hard to stay in that romantic state of mind while you’re breaking through a carapace with a mallet and a pair of pliers.

Trust me.

4. The other person
Don’t forget to tell them (hey, you never know…I felt in needed saying). Of course, you don’t have to tell them everything. Or anything but a date and time for that matter. There’s nothing better than a surprise…walking them into a romantically lit place with an intimate table all set up and waiting.

5. Drink
If you’re not into alcohol, no problem. It’s not a deal breaker. But nothing compliments a nice lobster better than a little chardonnay or some champagne.

Sparkling cider can work in a pinch, too. I only mention it because (since we mentioned ambiance), the candlelight playing off of a champagne flute, highlighting the tiny bubbles is a nice touch.

Mix to Taste
And the rest is all you. Don’t try hard to be fancy…the work you’ve done will carry you a long way in that department. Relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Of course, even if Santa doesn’t pick you, the same rules still apply. We’d be happy to fill your order for your New Years’ feast for two. We even have some packages that can help you put the whole meal together in a snap.

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