Three Steps to an Extra Special Romantic Surf and Turf Dinner for Two

Romantic Surf and Turf Dinner
Our 3 Course Surf and Turf Dinner for Two.

Do you want to make this year’s Valentine’s or anniversary dinner extra special without shelling out for dinner at a fancy restaurant?

Avoid the rush for reservations and enjoy a romantic surf and turf dinner for two at home. With our gift packages you can indulge yourselves on the finest Maine lobster for a fraction of the price of eating out at a crowded restaurant. Plus, follow our top tips to make it an extra special evening which will leave her desperate to get her claws into you!

Step One: Order yourself some lobster

We’ve taken the stress out of dinner this year. Just choose from our range of packages and order online. Your entire Valentine’s meal will be winging its way to your door in no time. All you have to do is serve it up on the day (and pretend it was all your handiwork!). Click here to find out more about our gift packages.

For a romantic surf and turf dinner for two, you can’t go wrong with our Back Bay Surf and Turf option. To get the juices flowing and satisfy your hunger, this luxury lobster and steak dinner features jumbo lobster tails (8-10 oz. each) paired with two center-cut filet mignon. With a starter of thick and creamy New England clam chowder.

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Step Two: Set the table and the mood

Make sure you get home early so you can give her a surprise when she returns. We’ve done the hard work for you with the delicious lobster so you can focus on setting the mood. Here are the key components to a Valentine’s surf and turf dinner for two at home:

The Music

Set the mood with the right music. There are tons of Spotify playlists full of romantic tunes, or better still, make it more personal by choosing songs that mean something to both of you. The other option is to go full heavy-metal and reject the schmaltz. But only if she’s also a fan!

The Candles

You won’t get that low, flickering mood light effect without real candles. If you have an old wine bottle, jam a candle in the top and light it early to start the waxy flow down the bottle. Hopefully this will get other things flowing later on too! Place candles around the room to set the mood, but watch out for the curtains! Be sure to use unscented candles so you can smell the delicious mild flavor of your surf and turf dinner.

The Flowers

Roses are traditional and provide that deep red to get her in the mood for love but other bright colored blossoms like tulips, orchids or daffodils are also a good bet. If you don’t already know, try to find out her favorites. Ask her friends or look at her Pinterest wall, whatever you have to do. Personalized gifts are always the best.

The Wine

Nothing but the finest Champagne will do. If you’re worried about the cost, just think of how much it would be at the local brasserie. You’re saving money! Dig out your fanciest glassware and polish it up beforehand. Trust us, she will notice. See for more pairing suggestions see the best wines for lobster.

The Table

The table is the epicenter of the dinner. It must do the beautiful lobster justice. Bring your finest tablecloth out early and iron out any creases. For an extra special touch order some red and white gingham napkins from our online store. Fold them carefully then polish up your silverware and you’re all set.

Step Three: Recipe for Success

It’s important to be clear in your mind about how you will serve each part of your dinner. This saves any hiccups on the day. The hard work is done, but the details of execution are still important.

Get a saucepan ready to heat up the clam chowder, slice some lemon wedges and chop some herbs to freshen things up just before serving. Have some melted butter ready at room temperature too.

Steam your lobster tails over a pot of boiling water for 8-10 minutes. They will turn a deep, romantic red. Then get messy with your partner cracking into the shells and removing the meat. Season with sea salt and drizzle over some hot butter to finish et voila!

The best way to cook your steaks is in a screaming hot pan:

Oil up your fillet mignon and season generously with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. Once the pan is smoking hot, get your steaks in and sear for a few minutes on each side.

How do you know when your steak is done? Do it like a pro. You’ve probably seen chefs poking hunks of meat and confidently declaring that they’re perfectly cooked. How the heck do they do that? The truth is they’ve probably cooked 1000 steaks so they just know. But there’s a fail safe method you can use at home that will have your lady swooning like you’re Gordon Ramsay.

To know how the steak should feel when it’s cooked to your liking, first touch your index finger lightly against your thumb to make a circle on one hand. With the other hand, feel the ball of your palm at the base of the thumb.

When the steak is cooked rare, it will feel firm but with some give. Compare it to how your palm feels when your thumb is lightly touching your index finger. If it is softer, cook it for another minute and try again. Once the steak feels the same as your palm, it’s done!

For medium-rare, the meat should feel a little firmer, the same as when your thumb is touching your middle finger. For medium, firmer still like thumb to ring finger, and well done: well, don’t bother!

The next part is often overlooked but it’s one of the most important steps when cooking a steak: do nothing! Let your steak rest under some aluminium foil in a warm place. This lets the meat’s fibres relax and stops so much of the juice running out of the steak. You’ll find a more even pinkness to the interior when your steak is properly rested and it will be far more juicy. Once the steaks have rested for a good five minutes, you can serve them up with the lobster and enjoy your romantic surf and turf dinner for two.

Let us know if these tips were helpful in the comments and don’t forget to leave a review!

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