How to Throw an Awesome Lobster Birthday Party

What could be more special for the lobster lover in your life, than a lobster birthday party? It’s a fun, relaxed and deliciously messy way to celebrate getting another year older!

Does the birthday girl or boy live far, far away? No problem. Send a gift of fresh lobster to her front door.

Maine Lobster Birthday Gift
Pictured above is the Maine Lobster Birthday Gift Package: Includes a pair of Maine Lobster tails, creamy New England clam chowder, and for the cake: two vanilla whoopie pies with with rainbow sprinkles!

And imagine if you were lobster, you could celebrate your birthday ad infinitum. While lobsters are not immortal, they show no signs of ageing, get more fertile as they get older, and keep growing and growing. Click here for more fascinating lobster facts.

Here are a few ideas to help you organize a lobster-filled birthday feast.

Send a Fun Invitation or Birthday Card

Send out invites. Plan an event online and add people to the group invite or send out old-fashioned invites via mail. Select the invites or a fun lobster-themed birthday card. Joann and Harry of What a Card Cards will help crack a birthday smile with their handcrafted, illustrated cards. Be prudent with your guest list. We’re talking lobster here—not burgers and dogs! Stumped for the perfect birthday gift message? Give these birthday wishes a try.

Lobster Birthday Card
Birthday card for your Lobster birthday bash from
  • You’re My Lobster!
  • It’s a Claws for a Celebration!
  • Happy Birthday! Live Long and Lobster!
  • Happy Birthday to My Lobster
  • Keep Calm and Draw the Butter
  • May You Age as Gracefully as a Lobster
  • The World is Your Lobster
  • Your 1 in 2 Million: Like a Blue Lobster! (See what color lobsters are in the wild. Learn more.)
  • Birthdays Come Just Once a Year. So, it’s OK to be a Little Shellfish.
  • Happy Birthday—You’re a Rock Lob-Star!
  • It’s Time to Shell-Abrate!
  • Wishing You a Snappy Birthday!
  • We’re Boiling over with Excitement. It’s Your Birthday!
  • Happy Lobster-versary

At Home or on the Beach Clambake Party

Clambake is a traditional way of cooking seafood that goes back centuries. Lobster, mussels, crabs and soft-shell clams are cooked by steaming over layers of seaweed over a fire pit. Like most methods of steaming, cover is needed to allow the trapped heat and steam to thoroughly cook the food.

If you have a nearby beach (or wherever you can make a pit and fire), you can dig a big hole, line it with flat rocks and light a fire on top. Let it burn out and then shovel off ashes. Next layer seaweed, then lobster, corn, clams, mussels and potatoes on top of the hot rocks. Top with more seaweed and cover with sand and cook until everything is done.

Alternatively, you could make life easier and follow our recipe for Summer Lobster Bake at Home and enjoy our clambake in the comfort of your own backyard.

Host a Lobster Birthday Party

First order your live lobsters, pulled fresh from the icy waters off the rockbound coast of Maine. Then let your guests choose their own lobster. What size lobsters to to buy depends on your budget and your menu.  1 ¼-Pound Lobster is a great size to feed a crowd. For the special birthday girl or boy you can serve up a super jumbo lobster!

YouTube video

All you need to cook your lobsters is salt water or a broth. Fill your pot 3/4 with water or broth and add two tablespoons of salt for every quart of liquid. You can use store-bought vegetable stock or homemade – or a combination of the two. Simply add herbs, garlic or wine to enhance the flavor of the stock. For more tips for how to cook live lobster click here.

You’ll also need plenty of butter for dipping and a selection of salads and sides and lemon wedges.

This Could Get Messy

Forget the fancy linen tablecloths and napkins; a lobster party should be informal.

Fresh lobster can get messy, so make sure you have plenty of paper napkins and wet wipes. It’s also fun to give your guests plastic lobster bibs to wear like you get in restaurants. That way, they won’t spoil their party clothes with spray when they crack open the shells.

At the end of a great lobster party, you’ll have a table covered in empty lobster shells, butter stains and other food debris. Disposable tablecloths, kraft paper or just newspaper are the easiest way to clean up as you can just scoop everything up and throw it in a garbage bag.

Claw-some Lobster Gifts

Your favorite uncle Vito turns the big 50 this Friday. He lives in Palm Springs and LOVES fresh seafood. He sure as heck does not want a ice cream cake or a fruit basket for his birthday. Why not send him a pair of humongous LOBSTERS and New England chowder right his front door?  He’ll love it!

Honor the birthday boy or girl with our selection of sensational, mouth-watering birthday specials. To send a live lobster gift, check out our Maine lobsters, delivered with steel crackers, forks wrapped in red and white-checkered cotton napkins, and, of course, lobster bibs.

And we offer FREE delivery on all our seafood gift baskets, including surf and turf dinners and our bestselling Boston Lobster Bake.  Need a baby gift? How about a giant lobster to celebrate a baby’s birth. Lobsteranywhere offers dozens of lobster dinner gifts perfect for a special birthday. Order today and choose your delivery date at checkout so your birthday gift arrives on the big day!

You’ve Got to Have Cake or Pie

It’s a birthday party, so you’ve got to have cake. But as you may be feeling pretty full after all that lobster, how about serving individual cupcakes instead of a huge birthday cake. Better yet-make it an an authentic lobster dinner with whoopie pies for dessert!

Cupcakes and whoopie pies are great for parties as you can decorate them yourself to fit in with the theme of your party. Just buy or make some plainly iced cupcakes and place little marzipan crabs and lobsters on top.

For an extra special flourish take a martini glass or stemware and fill with your favorite ice cream then add a whoopie pie! A New England blueberry crumb cake or pie is another sweet option to a traditional birthday cake.

Birthday Toasts & Adult Beverages

Drinks are a must for a birthday celebration. Beer and wine are popular choices. With the the craft beer movement in full swing, you’re sure to find a great variety of local beers. Pick up an assortment and stack them in ice filled tin buckets or plastic beach pales. White wine is a natural fit for lobster, but do not overlook a chilled prosecco or sparkling rosé. For super festive cocktails serve up some strawberry mojitos or a pitcher of sangria!

And remember, it’s totally okay to throw yourself a lobster party! Why not? Your friends will love you.


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