Bar Harbor Lobster Dinner

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A Lobster Dinner with Maine lobster tails, award-winning chowder, and the best damn blueberry pie in New England.

Earn up to 17,900 Sand Dollars.

Order by 3 PM EST for delivery tomorrow - 8 AM EST for live lobsters - or schedule delivery at a later date.


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A 3-course Maine Lobster for only $99 Shipped.

Start with our champion chowder, Maine lobster tails and for a sweet treat enjoy a mini wild blueberry pie! Oh-My! Our quintessential New England chowder is made as it should be—a blend of tender sweet surf clams, clam broth, fresh cream, and Grade A potatoes.

The tails are  5-6 ounces  each ready to steam, boil  or the grill. And you gotta have a slice of this wild blueberry pie.  Bursting with juicy blueberries, kissed with lemon, and nestled inside a tender, flaky crust. Available as a dinner for two or four.

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Per Person: 3 inch blueberry pie (shared for two), 5-6 oz. cold-water lobster tails,  8 oz. of New England clam chowder

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Bar Harbor

I live far from my family and I send this as a gift every now and then. They absolutely rave about how much they love it!

Good But Small

The food was very good and delivery was on schedule, however what was supposed to be meal for two was really enough for one. Lobster tails were smaller than pictured.


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