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You won’t be crabby with these extra large claws. Jonah Crab claws are caught by offshore lobster boats.

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New Catch just in! Our cocktail Crab Claws offer sweet, flaky meat that any seafood lover is sure to enjoy! The Northeast cousins of the Florida Stone Crabs, Jonah Crabs are caught year-round by inshore and offshore lobster boats.

Set out a platter of these irresistible cocktail claws at your next party…well don’t expect left overs. The shells are partially removed making it a cinch to extract the sweet, tender meat. Cocktail Claws are elegant and easier to enjoy than any scored Crab Claw.

Enjoy chilled or simply warm and serve? They are perfectly complimented with melted butter or cocktail sauce.Place desired quantity of Jonah Crab claws into a container and thaw in refrigerator for 8 hours. For Quicker thawing, rinse under cold water for 5-7 minutes. Serve Cold, Cocktail Style- arrange on a platter or serving bowl with ice, lettuce, lemons and cocktail sauce.

Each pound contains approximately 10-12 individual claws. Our delectable Crab Claws arrive cooked and flash frozen. Order ahead and stick in your freezer.

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These are fresh claws. They smell so sweet. I don't think we ordered enough!


New Year's Eve just would not be the same without our lobster claws. I've been ordering these claws for a few years now and I just ordered a four more pounds to help us celebrate the sale of our home.

I usually thaw the claws, pick the meat out and warm them in butter in a small crock pot or saucepan. Butter might be bad for you but, hey, they're sooooo good doing the backstroke in it!!!

I would highly recommend to anyone to give them a try; you won't be disappointed!


Ordered fresh crab claws as a gift. They were fabulous! My friends loved them.


Shipped these beautiful crab claws a birthday gift for my son in Oregon, these were a hit! They were large, and there were plenty to feed their family of four as a great starter to a birthday meal. I will be purchasing these again - maybe for my husband and I next time! Robin, Foutain Valley, CA