Lobster Ravioli

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Our lobster raviolis are made locally with sweet chunks of Maine lobster meat blended with fresh ricotta and mozzarella cheese. 8 oz. special heart-shaped lobster ravioli now available. 

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We’ve hand selected our lobster ravioli from a local pasta maker where pasta is made from scratch. Lobster ravioli is made using locally caught whole lobster meat.  You’ll see and taste sweet, fresh lobster meat in every bite.

Gourmet Lobster Ravioli

Raviolis are made with chunks of mouth watering lobster meat, 100% durum semolina flour, high quality ricotta cheese and a simple blend of chives and seasonings. Perfect for any special occasion–just add a garlic butter sauce or your favorite cream sauce.

How Many Lobster Ravioli Per Pound? 

Ravioli ship frozen in one pound packages. You receive about 10-12 large ravioli per pound. Serves two for a main course. 

Heart Shaped Lobster Ravioli

Limited edition large heart-shaped ravioli to make your lobster dinner even more romantic! Our heart shaped lobster ravioli are marbleized in white (egg dough) and red (tomato dough).

Made with fresh Maine Lobster meat, coarsely chopped and mixed with fresh herbs, shallots, butter & spices.

Sold in 8 oz. bags (about 8 ravioli).  Looking for a special romantic lobster ravioli dinner? See our red heart shaped lobster ravioli dinner paired with filet mignon. 

Cooking Lobster Ravioli

When cooking, lobster ravioli must stay frozen until water is at a rolling boil. When ready, add a pinch of salt & a dash of oil to the water along with the frozen ravioli. Stir for the first 3 -4 min. to prevent sticking to the bottom. Total cooking time is 8- 12 min. Drain, transfer to bowl, toss with sauce then serve.

What Sauce to Use?

Toss lobster ravioli in extra virgin olive oil and a little butter and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese. Also try with our sea salt butter and a little brown sugar!

Customer Reviews

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Harvi Fisher (Seattle, WA)
Best Lobster Ravioli!

The lobster ravioli is by far the best I've ever had. It was packed with lots of succulent lobster and the dough was perfect. I highly recommend this product to everyone!

Arlena S (Dunkirk, NY)
My family liked the ravioli.

My family’s favorite are the lobster rolls but I added these to our order this time and were impressed. More lobster than in our local grocery store, a commercial brand. These you could see the meat and taste it. Wonderful.

GAH : MSN : WI (Middleton, WI)
Easy to cook and very tasty

Go get some! Solid packaging and very timely delivery. Made with some lemon garlic butter sauce and mmmm, good!

Richard Cardone (Allison Park, PA)

The soup was delicious, and full of lobster meat. The ravioli were also full of lobster meat and delicious. My guests raved about those courses.

kit white (Los Angeles, CA)
The good stuff

The raviolis were awesome. We ate them as appetizers quick fried them served them
with a lobster sauce.
The colossal Prawns I was also amazing. Serve them all with a halibut, ceviche and crackers really good stuff in my previous order. I purchased a client knuckle me. Everything was on time and excellent good service.