Salt Water Taffy


Assorted flavors of old-fashioned New England salt water taffy. This candy maker still uses a copper kettle over an open flame and cuts and wraps the taffy with a Model K taffy machine.

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Salt water taffy supposedly originated by accident in Atlantic City, New Jersey. We have sampled taffy from Cape Cod, Nantucket, Delaware, the Jersey Shore and even Maryland .Our New England salt water taffy is made right in Massachusetts.  Our taffy is soft, chewy and bursting with over a variety of  fun flavors. Taffy is made by hand since 1946 by the Hill Top Candy Company.  It is not mass produced.

Taffy is cooked in a copper kettle over an open flame and then cooled on tables before being rolled to make the special colors and stripes. Next the salt water taffy is stretched on an antique puller machine. Finally it is placed on the cooling table again before being placed in a Model K taffy machine to cut and wrap the taffy. There is no salt water added to the taffy!

Bag is approximately 4 inches wide by 6 inches high. 6 ounces. Approximately 20 pieces per bag. Store your taffy in a cool dry place and it will keep for several months. Taffy is not made with egg, milk, or tree nuts by choice. You will not find peanut butter in your assortment.

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