Labor Day Lobster Delivery for Summer’s Last Parties

Summer isn’t over quite yet. Labor Day is the last excuse for a summer party. Say no to the ho hum hot dogs and freezer burned burgers. Make it memorable with a labor day lobster delivery. Could not make it to the Maine coast this summer? No problem. You can throw a late summer lobster party no matter your locale! We deliver lobster to just about any town in the United States.  It does not take hard work to love lobster! For a sublime Labor Day cook-out or dinner party we suggest …

Labor Day Lobsters Shipping

Labor Day Lobster Tails

labor day lobster

Don’t let the summer end without grilling lobster tails! If you crave juicy, sweet Maine lobster, but don’t want to go through handling live crustaceans, we recommend our cold-water Atlantic lobster shells prepared with fresh frozen lobster meat in the shell ready for cooking. We’ve got lobster tails hailing from the clean, cold waters of the North Atlantic. Not those cheapo, dried out tails they sell on the cruise ships.  You can get tails ranging from 6-7 oz. each all the way up to super-sized Monster Tails— bigger than your forearm (20-24 oz.) each. Wow!

Labor-Less Lobster Tails!

Plus, we’ve got our no fuss, ready to grill barbecue tails made for a special backyard cook-out.

The lobsters are ready to throw on the grill without the need to be prepped, too. We’ve taken the time to butterfly, clean, and prepare them for cooking. If you don’t want to mess with the shells, we offer tails with no kitchen shears required. Enjoy more of the festivities by doing less work.We offer lobster without the labor for your Labor Day celebration!

Really feeling the lazy days of summer? We also offer fresh tails shucked out of the shell–so no crackers or kitchen sheers required!

Lobster Roll Kits Feed the Hungry Masses

Make Labor Day Lobster Lobsters

Barbecue food is so passé. Make this Labor Day weekend one that everyone remembers with authentic lobster rolls. Our Lobster Roll Kit consists of two pounds of jumbo claw and knuckle meat, along with 8 authentic split-top rolls, and a box of Maine saltwater taffy. Preparing this feast is a breeze because we’ve included directions on how to serve it to your family and friends. You’ll wind up with 6 to 8 overstuffed Lobster Rolls to devour.

If you want to dine on authentic Lobster Rolls, order a kit and have the experience of making them yourself for the first time. Then, call up your family and friends and invite them over for the feast of a lifetime. We’ve even included something sweet for the adults and kids to eat after the meal is finished. It’s another Maine classic, ooey-gooey, stretchy salt water taffy.

Working for the Live Lobsters on Labor Day

Nothing beats a live lobster. You can get live lobsters in just about any size and even mix up sizes. hey can be prepared any way you like. Bake ’em, Boil ’em, and even grill ’em. Yes, a good hard-shell lobsters is great on the grill.

Learn how much lobster to to order per person?

Throw a Labor Day lobster bash with our complete lobster bakes for 4, 6, and 12 lobster lovers. Our Boston Lobster Party Packages includes live lobster, clam chowder and accessory packs(cracker, fork, bib, wet-nap, how-to-eat lobster placemat) : everything you need for a family reunion, or to invite good friends or neighbors to a casual outdoor lobster party. Starting at $189 for party for four with free delivery!

Host Your Labor Day Lobster Party


Keep the party decorations simple for a lobster feast by using some seaside shells and candles in small buckets on the table, red and white checked tablecloths and napkins (with shell crackers, forks and bibs inside) from, and place small groups of red balloons around the area. For entertainment, hold a How to Eat Lobster demonstration for whole lobster, and serve drawn butter warm for dunking. Put together a casual Chardonnay wine tasting with small cups, or favorite craft beer tasting, and some lemonade. Don’t forget to snap some photos!

Side suggestions for a lobster meal include: macaroni and cheese, potato salad, corn on the cob, mixed green salad, roasted red bliss potatoes, coleslaw, corn bread and steamer clams, and everyone’s favorite: New England Clam Chowder!

2018 Labor Day Shipping Schedule: There will be no deliveries on Monday, September 3th or Tuesday, September 4th due to Labor Day. All normal deliveries remain in effect for the rest of the week and Saturday deliveries continue to be available in most areas. If you getting tails, rolls, or any other frozen products–get ’em early and stick in your freezer! No need to pay extra for a Sat. delivery.

Let Lobsteranywhere do the leg work this Labor Day! We are ready for Labor Day Lobster Bake and can take your orders online.


  1. I went to a Labor Day lobster party two years ago and it was great. The host put them in big turkey fryer pots and either boiled or steamed the red guys! So tasty!

  2. I have never had lobster on Labor Day, but I’m sure that if I win this contest, it will be me and my friends favorite Labor Day Lobster that we will talk about for years 🙂

  3. Lobster anytime is a wonderful meal to enjoy. Charcoal Broiled lobster with seasoned buttered is my favorite but a good Lobster Roll is one of the world’s best meals for friends to eat and enjoy!

  4. We’re having lobster withdrawal having just returned to the northwest from Maine. You can take the New Englander out of New England, but don’t deprive her of lobster!

  5. I grew up in a place called Norwalk, CA and my godmother Aunty would fly back live Maine lobster’s from Gardner, Mass right around Labor Day weekend….It was the greatest!!! She put them in a big pot and cooked them and put them out on newspaper and we all went to town…The late 1960’s to the late 70’s every year. It was the best times. The lobsters’ were so big and were always so delicious..!!! There is nothing better then a Maine Lobster….

  6. I was out of the area for five years, living in Bloomington Illinois. My friends had never had Maine Lobster, so I treated a labor day party and catered it with 10 2 lb lobsters from Lobster Anywhere.

    They are still talking about that Labor day feast and it was almost 5 years ago that I did it.
    The whole time I lived out there, when I felt like lobster, I ordered from LobsterAnywhere. They are the best ever. Have also sent to friends as gifts

  7. Best Labor Day Lobster was on my porch in Maine. Fresh steamed lobster, steamers, corn on the cob, cold beers with family and friends. It doesn’t get any better than that!


  9. My best lobster Labor Day was on board the cruise ships of Royal Viking Line cruising up to the Canada New England ports and eating lobster in Maine on a shore excursion. Muscles, clams, corn and lobster all New England style. The best!!

  10. My birthday is during Labor Day weekend. Growing up on the eastern shore of Maryland we would always have lobster and clams on my birthday. Boating in the bay, and then coming home to great broiled lobster tails and steamed clams. Brings back such great memories!!!

  11. My wife’s parents recently sold their Cape Cod summer hours where we had a Labor Day Lobster and clam bake for the past 25 years-Thank goodness for we can continue the Labor Day tradition back home in New Jersey!!!

  12. this is my 2nd year in my new home in Southern Illinois! would love to have my family over for lobster!! we keep your colassal tails on hand for us but would love to be able to share!!!!

  13. My favorite Labor Day Lobster bake. We dug a big pit in the beach (Sands Point, LI) lined the hole with rocks we go from Long Island sound. Filled the hole with wood, charcoal lit and let it burn down to red ambers. While that was burning we went out and got bucket of is slip clams (steamahs) and scraped muscles off into a bucket, cleaned the corn of silk and put husks back and got two bags of small red potatoes ready in a big pot with sea water.

    By now the fire was ready. We put a large piece of corrugated sheet metal supported in a metal frame over the fire hole place seaweed on the metal. Placed the six 2 poundahs on the seaweed and covered them with some seaweed. Put the steamahs and muscles in onion cloths and put them on the seaweed. Then covered them with some more seaweed.

    We put butter and sugar on the corn and closed the husks then wrapped them in aluminum foil placing them on top of the pile of seaweed and food. We then covered the whole Lobstah/clam/muscle bake tray with aluminum foil. We then slit the top a few times to let stem out and would periodically pout seawater on top…. The smell was amazing. The potatoes were in a pot that was put into a side hole next to the fire. The fire pit had a side access for air and to stoke the fire during the day.

    We had such a great meal … Wine and a 1/4 keg … This lasted well into the night. Clean up the next day was simple and when we were done, you couldn’t tell we were even there…. That was the best Labor Day Lobstah bake I have ever had…. Thanks for listening!

  14. Years ago my oldest brother was working as a lifeguard at Rockaway Beach, NY, and would put in extra long hours on Labor Day weekend. My mother had just come home from yet another long hospital stay and he wanted to treat her to something special. He told me he would bring home dinner, and that he did! He walked in with four big lobsters straight from their hiding place on a ledge along the jetty.

    After his shift ended, he went diving around the jetty in search of lobsters hoping to bag a few for dinner. Talk about fresh caught!! He even brought home some fresh seaweed, and together we steamed them up with some crisp corn on the cob and plenty of garlicky melted butter. Sheer delight watching my mother enjoying it all, from sea to table! He and my mother are both gone now, but the memory of that meal and his story brings back the smiles and giggles we shared over that meal.

  15. I haven’t had lobster for Labor Day, but the best lobster I ever ate was the frozen lobster meat you sent to me for Lobster Rolls! Can’t wait to get the shipment I ordered, because THIS year we WILL have lobster for Labor Day! You’re the best!

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