Top Five End of Summer Lobster Recipes

Top Five End of Summer Lobster Recipes Tired of under-cooked sausages and burnt burgers from the barbecue? Bored of those same old pasta salads, that everyone and their aunt brings to every summer get-together – ever? Or just hankering for something that full of flavor, delicious and oh-so-summery?

Then take a look at these five mouth-wateringly good lobster recipes. However you cook it, lobster is certainly one of the most delicious treats to grace your table – these recipes perfectly capture the taste of summer! Drum roll please…our top five end of summer lobster recipes.

1. The Perfect Lobster Roll

Our all-time lobster love? It has to be the quintessential lobster roll.

There’s much debate on what makes the perfect roll – the perfect balance of succulent lobster meat, whether you choose to have it naked or drizzled with butter, mayo or lemon, and of course, the bread – do you go for a hot dog bun, hamburger bun, or something more exotic entirely? Should it cold, steamed or toasted until crisp and golden?

Well, we’re pretty certain that we’ve nailed the perfect formula for the best Lobster roll recipe of your culinary dreams. Ours are made with 2 generous pounds of claw and knuckle lobster meat for a truly satisfying serving. But other than that – if you fancy getting creative with your roll, then here are some suggestions for keeping it delicious:

  • Make sure to grill and butter the classic split top buns – a cold bun leads to a soggy sandwich. Toast the buns until they are golden brown and properly crisp
  • Don’t overload the dressings. Whether you go with mayo, lemon or keep it simple with butter, they key to making sure you enjoy the full lobster flavor is balance.
  • For a touch of contrast, you might want to add a little fresh lettuce, giving some great crispiness to balance the soft meat and roll.

For more useful pointers on the perfect lobster roll, check out our article on this favorite summer classic!

2. Maine Shore Lobster Dip

This deliciously creamy dip is the perfect hors d’oeuvre to start your cookout with. We love this classic recipe – which is always a favorite with the rich taste of cheddar and cream cheese are offset with the sharp, tangy hints of lemon, Tabasco and ketchup. Pair it with saltine crackers for the ideal savoury compliment, or for a more substantial starter, serve it with warm, toasted chunks of bread for a really satisfying taste.

Summer Lobster Recipe

3. Grilled Lobster Tails

Love the taste of lobster, but prefer something without all of the mess and hassle involved?

Lobster tails are a delicious option for the menu –and simpler and easier to enjoy, without the difficulty of dealing with an entire lobster. Its sweet and succulent flesh is an ideal compliment to a variety of sides, and you’ll need to add very little to improve lobster’s naturally delicious flavor.

Try this recipe for a simple and delicious way to prepare your lobster tails – you can broil them or grill them for fantastic results. Pair them with a fresh salad and some satisfyingly starchy sides – fluffy baked potatoes drizzled liberally with butter, pasta in any form, or polenta make great partners.

4. Whole Grilled Lobster

Boiled and steamed lobsters are great, but with summer fleeting, don’t cover up your grill just yet. Nothing compares to the sweet, smokey flavors of grilled lobster enjoyed alfresco with friends and family.

Go with a good hard-shell lobsters about 1-1/2 each so they can hold up to the heat of the grill. Split your whole lobster through the head to the tail. This gives your lobster that special grilled flavor that boiling can not produce. Try a marinade with our Maine hand churned lemon chive butter.

Grill up some New York Strips steaks and corn on the cob to complete your surf and turf dinner. Serve with a garden salad and your favorite ice cold micro beer.

5. Lobster Thermidor

 A classic French dish, Lobster Thermidor is definitely not a health-conscious recipe, but one for those who love a dish where every mouthful is brimming with rich, indulgent flavor.

Combining cooked lobster meat with butter, generous quantities of cheese and wine, this rich dish needs very little to complete it, apart from a light green salad to add freshness and contrast.

Check out our mouthwatering recipe if you’re tempted to give this a try for a special dinner!

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