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Simply the best frozen lobster tails direct from the North Atlantic and shipped direct to you. Order frozen tails online. Select a quantity: Lobster tails are sold individually by the piece. Mix and match tail sizes. Quantity discounts.


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Buy frozen lobster tails online direct from the icy cold waters of the North Atlantic, where the lobsters are always hard-shell and the cold waters produce sweet, buttery lobster meat

Pre-order today and store lobster tails in your freezer.

If you crave juicy, sweet Maine lobster, but don’t want to go through handling live crustaceans, buy frozen lobster tails from LobsterAnwhere. Our frozen tails are 100% natural – no additives – just pure lobster meat, which can be stored as fresh as the day it was caught – up to six months.

Cold Water Frozen Lobster Tails

  • Cold Water Lobster tails – Sea Sweet Flavor
  • Hard Shell Only – Harvested for Maximum Meat Yield
  • 100% All Natural – No Chemicals
  • From the Icy Waters of the North Atlantic

Order lobster tails from a trusted source. Be careful where you buy lobster tails online since there are wide ranging degrees of quality.  Our lobster tails are much different than the ones you find in the big catalog companies or the big club stores.  Do not settle for those imitation warm water or Caribbean lobster tails. A sub par lobster tail will dry out and/or shrink to nothing during the cooking process. So be careful when you find that great deal on lobster tails.

Our fresh lobster tails are great for for grilling, on the broiler or great baked and stuffed.  

Simply thaw the tails and follow our lobster tail cooking instructions for a delicious feast.

Lobster Tail Sizes

Medium lobster tails (6-7 oz) – About the size of a 1.5 lb. Lobster

Jumbo lobster tails (8-10 oz) – About the size of a 2.0+ lb. Lobster

Colossal lobster tails (16-20 oz) – About the size of a 5-6 lb. Lobster

Frozen Lobster Tails Prices

Click on each individual size to see the lobster tail price discounts as you buy more. 

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