The Best Spot for Maine Lobster in New York City

These days, minor indulgences that don’t break the bank are important.  It doesn’t get any better than a fresh, live lobsters off the boat – but finding the best lobster in New York City can be tricky.  The Big Apple is chock full of outstanding restaurants and fish markets, but where can a seafood lover find the best lobster at the most reasonable price?  We investigated, and what we learned is that not all lobster joints are created equal.  Here’s a summary of what we learned.

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Where to find the best lobster in New York City?

City Lobster and Steak Co. in Midtown West (121 W. 49th) is reasonably priced, considering its upscale Rockefeller Center location.  At around $40 per plate, they serve a great salad and tasty calamari.  The lobster, however, was less than tender.  If you prefer a quieter ambiance, avoid City at mealtime; tourists regularly pack the place.

Nick’s Lobster Fish Market (2777 Flatbush Ave.) is a Brooklyn restaurant and fish market.  In the past, Nick’s has enjoyed a loyal following.  Staff has changed, however, and the differences are evident.  The calamari was on the greasy side, and the restaurant’s lobster is filled with a “homemade” stuffing that may not suit your taste.  There’s a great 300+ gallon tank in the back from which to get lobster, but the prices are premium-level.

Urban Lobster (240 E. Houston Ave.) provides lobster delivery to the Lower East Side/Alphabet City areas.  The staff is friendly and the side orders are mostly low-carb – a bonus for the diet-conscious.  However, the quality is, well, delivery quality.  Sometimes the containers are leaky, sometimes the food is bland.  If you’re hoping to enjoy a delicious lobster dinner at home, you might keep looking.

Wild Edibles is an interesting concept.  Their trifecta of locations includes an oyster bar (535 Third Ave.), their seafood market (Lexington Avenue at 43rd), and a wholesale store (2151 Borden Ave., Long Island).  Wild Edibles, like Urban Lobster, offers delivery, but at much higher prices.  The delivered lobster took over an hour, the lobster and sides weren’t prepared as ordered, and the employees were surly.  The dine-in service is similar:  We waited 40 minutes for inattentive service.  If you like paying top dollar to be ignored during your dining experience, this is the place for you.

The East Village boasts Luke’s Lobster (93 E. 7th).  Prices are moderate and reasonable, with entrees ranging between $10 and $20 each.  Luke’s friendly, attentive staff serves a solidly good lobster roll, as well as several other interesting dishes.  However, this establishment is tiny.  Eight to ten seats occupy the dining area.  Unless you’re interested in picking up your food to go (ensuring it won’t be hot by the time you get home), you’ll probably have to wait quite a while to get a seat here.

Ed’s Lobster Bar (222 Lafayette St., Manhattan) serves fresh lobster and lobster roll that taste fine, but at a price that would make even the most jaded Soho consumer blush.  The word “Bar” in the name is descriptive of the seating arrangement:  stools are lined up at a bar for customers, such that all diners are facing a brick wall.  If you’re dining alone and are interested in spending large amounts, Ed’s maybe be the place for you.  If you have friends, family, a spouse or date, skip Ed’s.  It’s neither conversation- or wallet-friendly.

The best deal we found was, which offers live Maine lobster delivered fresh to your door – or anywhere in the USA –  the next morning!  Located in Maine (where all good lobster comes from), gets their seafood directly from the Atlantic Ocean via trusted suppliers and ships it so it arrives at its peak freshness.  In addition to whole lobster, this company offers lobster tails (in four different sizes), lobster meat and lobster rolls.  Other shellfish, shrimp, chowder and starters are available for the full seafood experience.  The prices are completely reasonable, and the result is a high-quality meal delivered to your door, fresh, the next morning.  Try it!

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