Cooking Alaskan King Crab

Preparing & Handling

  • Our Alaskan King Crab legs are all fully cooked and then flash frozen.
  • Properly wrapped Alaska King Crab can be stored in the home freezer at 0 degrees F or lower up to 4 months.
  • For optimum quality, thawed crab or crab meat can be stored in the refrigerator 1 to 2 days.

Serve King Crab Chilled

Place frozen crab legs in a shallow pan or on a tray. Cover with plastic wrap or foil and thaw, refrigerated, 8 to 10 hours or overnight. Simply cut up and eat chilled with fresh lemon and lime wedges.

Cooking King Crab

Be careful not to overcook your king crab as it will reduce the king crab’s prized texture and taste.

Steam King Crab:

  1. Place steam basket in large pot; fill pot with boiling water to depth of ¾ inch.
  2. Place Alaska King crab legs in basket; reduce heat and steam, covered, about 5 minutes or until crab is thoroughly heated. Serve with plenty of melted butter and lemon.

Broil King Crab:

  1. Place Alaska King crab split legs in broiler pan, shell-side down; brush with butter or favorite sauce.
  2. Place pan about 4 inches from heat; broil 3 to 4 minutes. Brush occasionally with butter or sauce while broiling.

Microwave King Crab:

You can thaw and heat Alaskan King Crab legs in the microwave in one step. Wrap legs in a damp paper towel and microwave for about four minutes (time will vary depending on the number of legs you have.

Barbecue King Crab:

  1. Place Alaska King crab legs, shell-side down if legs are split, on rack about 5 inches above hot coals.
  2. Barbecue about 5 minutes or until thoroughly heated; brush occasionally with butter or sauce

Pro Tip: A crab/lobster shell cracker or just a good ol’ nutcracker will come in handy. All you have to do is crack it, pull away the shell and eat it. You can also use a good pair of good scissors if you like to get the meat out in big pieces. Hold the crab in one hand and cut lengthwise on one or both sides of the leg.

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