Host an Oscar Worthy Seafood Party

Having some friends over for an Oscar party? What are you serving for eats? Next to the nominees, the food should be the star of the party. While chips, pretzels and dips are great for your Netflix viewing get-togethers, you need some star power for Hollywood’s biggest night. You need to hold an award winning seafood party.

Oscar <span id=Seafood Party” width=”735″ height=”379″ />Give your Oscar party guests the red carpet treatment with some A-List seafood. Butter up rolls, not popcorn. Oscar-viewing, cocktail parties and dinner parties just got a lot more fun and delicious! What’s great about a seafood themed dinner party is you can be dressed down in t-shirt and jeans or dressed up with a vintage Valentino dress (a lobster bib is a must!)  But whether you serve your guests on white linen or red and white gingham, they are guaranteed to have fun. Plus, a little taste of summer makes people happy in February.

Seafood Party Award Winners

Like the Academy, it’s tough for us to choose from the best of the best, but here are a few suggestions.

Best Leading Rolls: Roll out the best lobster rolls in Maine, not the red carpet. Our Lobster Roll Kit includes 2 lbs. of premium lobster meat. That’s enough for up to 8 crustacean-packed sandwiches!

Lobster Tails Party Best Tails in Tinseltown: No need to bring out the lobster crackers. These sweet shucked beauties are cracked, cooked and ready to enjoy.

Best Mac and Cheese in a Leading Role: Yes you got it– it’s the dish with huge chunks of lobster as the ‘Maine’ event! Serve our over-the-top-lobster mac and cheese as a side dish or a hearty first course.

Best Supporting Seafood Appetizer: We cut no corners with our take on this classic appetizer. Made with all-natural jumbo sea scallops wrapped in premium bacon.

The Best Bisque in a Supporting Role: Chef prepared bisque—rich, hearty and oh-so-lobster-delicious.

The Final Cut: Save room for dessert with some wicked good whoopie pies. Not those super market whoopies made with hydrogenated mystery cream filler, but real gourmet pies made with vanilla cream filling and gourmet chocolate to put them together.

But remember lobsters aren’t just for giant Hollywood studio execs and celebrities, you can get cracking no matter how many twitter followers you have with

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