Maine Lobster vs Canadian Lobster: Price & Taste Compared

Lobster is a delicacy savored by many, that comes in all shapes and sizes from various regions. Among the best are Maine and Canadian lobsters which stand out for their popularity and distinct characteristics. In this article, we’ll discuss Maine lobster vs. Canadian lobster, comparing their taste, price, and overall culinary experience.

What Is Maine Lobster?


Maine lobster is a sought-after crustacean native to the Atlantic coast of North America. Known for its sweet and tender meat, it thrives in the cold waters off the coast of Maine, where the slightly warmer temperatures contribute to its renowned flavor.

What Is Canadian Lobster?  


Canadian lobster belongs to the same species as Maine lobster, both scientifically known as “Homarus Americanus.” Found along the Atlantic coast of Canada, it shares similar traits with its Maine counterpart due to the cold waters in its habitat.  

Is Canadian Lobster the Same as Maine Lobster?


When comparing Maine vs. Canadian lobster, both belong to the same species, “Homarus Americanus.” However, despite this shared classification, there are nuanced differences that set them apart.

The Similarities of Canadian and Maine Lobster

Both lobster types are cold-water crustaceans, thriving in the frigid temperatures of the North Atlantic. They have similar anatomy, including large pincers, distinctive body segments, and mottled shell colors.  

The Differences Between Maine and Canadian Lobster

While Canadian vs. Maine lobsters share many commonalities, they also have distinct differences:

The colder waters of Canada lead to potentially thicker shells in Canadian lobsters. Maine lobsters, thanks to slightly warmer temperatures, typically have thinner shells during their peak season.

Due to differences in water temperatures, Maine lobster meat is often considered softer and more succulent compared to its Canadian counterpart. The milder climate in Maine results in a more delicate texture and a sweeter taste.

Is Maine Lobster More Expensive Than Canadian Lobster?

Yes, generally, Maine lobsters are more expensive compared to Canadian lobsters. This cost differential is caused by a variety of factors, including demand, taste, and cultural significance.

Why Are Canadian Lobsters Cheaper Than Maine Lobsters?

Canadian lobsters are usually cheaper due to factors such as supply and demand dynamics.

While both lobsters offer a similar taste and appearance, Maine lobsters have gained cultural significance and global recognition. This has contributed to their premium price point.

Which Lobster Has the Most Meat? 

Canadian and Maine lobsters both offer generous amounts of meat, but Maine lobsters are often preferred for their slightly softer shells. This makes them easier to extract meat from, letting you eat with ease.

Which Lobster Tastes Better?

The flavor preference between Maine and Canadian lobsters is a matter of personal taste. Maine lobsters are favored by many for their tender, sweet meat. Meanwhile, Canadian lobsters provide a slightly denser texture and flavor.

Conclusion: How Maine Lobster Compares to Canadian Lobster

In the debate of Maine lobster vs. Canadian lobster, each type has its unique features. While Canadian lobsters provide an affordable option with a distinct flavor profile, Maine lobsters stand out for their cultural significance and taste.

Whether you’re drawn to the rich history of Maine lobsters or the affordability of Canadian lobsters, both offer a delectable seafood experience that is bound to satisfy your palate.
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