Lobster Croissant Sandwiches


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No, it’s not a lobster roll. It’s a lobster croissant sandwich and it’s Shell-icious! Kit arrives complete with sweet lobster meat, mini croissant rolls and made in Maine sea salt butter.

Out of stock

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    Unconventional? Maybe. Buttery lobster love—you betcha! BIG chunks of sweet lobster between two light and buttery halves of a croissant to make this AWESOME sandwich, taking the iconic Maine lobster roll to the next level. It’s Shell-icious! We’ve taken care of every detail – just mix, plate and serve. 

    Free Lobster Shipping

    Our Lobster Croissant Sandwich, including FREE Express Shipping, features:

    • Two lbs. cooked tail, knuckle, and claw meat (TCK)
    • 8 locally baked mini croissant rolls
    • 5.5 oz. of Casco Bay sea salt butter
    • Old fashion salt water taffy
    • Ice cold craft beer (not included)

    See our wicked good recipe for making croissant lobster rolls at home.

    Limited release. Only a small batch of croissant rolls were baked, so please take delivery BEFORE Thanksgiving. Ships frozen.

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