25 Reasons to Buy Lobster Online

Why Buy Lobster Online from LobsterAnywhere?

We know you’ve got plenty of choices when it comes to online lobster companies. In no particular order, we’ve got twenty-five reasons why to buy lobster online for us.

1. Safe and Secure Online Ordering

Credit Card Fraud Protection: LobsterAnywhere employs various credit card fraud prevention services, provided by our online merchant processor to make your experience the best, and also the safest way to buy lobster online.

2. Better Than a Gift Basket

Can you believe the prices of fruit baskets? Really. It’s fruit, not Maine lobster. For about the same price why not send a pair of select grade live lobsters? Or how about a lobster gift package?  Each live lobster gift package comes with steel shell crackers and seafood forks wrapped in red and white checkered cotton napkins, fresh lemon, wet-naps, bibs, step-by-step cooking instructions, “How-to-eat-a-lobster” placemats, and a personalized gift card.  Any of the gift packages can be customized with your personalized message, company logo, and literature.

3. Lobster Cooking and Handling Guide

Not sure how to cook and prepare seafood? Are you intimated by live lobster? No worries. Each and every order includes a free cooking manual with step-by-step instructions for handling, storing and cooking fresh seafood. Plus you’ll find a recipes, like how to make the perfect lobster roll.

4. Ship Shape Seafood!

Orders are packed and processed in a USDA/FDA inspected and HACCP-compliant food manufacturing facility, not out of someone’s garage! All Maine lobsters are delivered fresh overnight to your door.

5. Lobster Gifts Ship Free

That’s right, express shipping is included in all our gift packages. LobsterAnywhere offers dozens of seafood gift packages all with free shipping to just about anywhere in the USA. One package even comes with a 19-quart black-speckled lobster pot that can hold up to six lobsters. What’s more, you can send a lobster dinner gift in the form of a gift certificate.

6. No Sales Tax

Your ordering fresh seafood there is no sales tax. Yippee! You save even more money when you shop with us and you don’t have to travel to Maine to enjoy some great lobsters. This is great news for business looking for unique and tasteful corporate gifts. Our custom built packages use only the finest, select Maine Lobster and seafood that will impact your clientele and motivate your employees.

7. Not Just Lobster

Yes we’ve got lots and lots of  lobster, but we also have exceptional fresh seafood like shrimp, scallops, crab cakes, plus great steaks, ribs, and chowders. Local, fresh seafood availability is varied, and our offerings are constantly changing.

8. Bigger is Better

When you order lobster online, why settle for chicken lobsters (in the trade lobsters weighing less than 1 1/4 lb. each) when you get order giant deep-water, hard-shell lobsters!  We’ve got big one’s–from 3 pound super jumbo lobsters all the way up to six pound monsters. Watch your fingers! Have a special request for a 10 pound colossal lobster? Let us know!

9. Buy Lobster Direct

We are not a drop shipper or one of those foodie sites that takes orders from local vendors and marks up the price. We buy lobsters every afternoon directly from local lobstermen. That means that the lobsters you get from us are just as alive and fresh as if you caught them yourself.  One thing remains certain; when you order from LobsterAnywhere.com you will taste the difference and have the confidence of knowing that your lobster and fresh seafood is only the best of quality. Don’t take our word for read what are customers have to say. See Testimonials

10. Privacy & Free Lobster Tales News

We respect your privacy. We do not sell our customer information to any other company. We do not send out junk mails or email spam to our customers. Looking for a special deal on Lobsters? Sign up for our Lobster Tails Newsletter right on our home page. Lobster Tales is a monthly newsletter chalk full of regional recipes, cooking tips, New England travel, and more.

11. Delivered faster than you can say Penobscot Bay!

Gift emergency! Get the most unique lobster gift package on the web. Last minute gifts are our specialty. Get fresh live Maine lobsters and shipped directly to your home within 24 hours. You get your seafood order lickety split. Our delivery options include express service (2-day), overnight (by the end of the day), priority overnight (by 10:30 am).

12. Service You Can Count On

Our customer service department answers emails the same day.  And yes, we have a phone number if you feel more comfortable calling.  Our goal is to answer all customer emails within the same business day. If you have any questions or comments, please send them to [email protected] Be sure to checkout our handy dandy FAQ section.

13. Sand Dollars Reward Points

We value your continued business. Registered customers receive reward points for every online lobster order. You get $2 off your first order for just signing up. The more points you earn, the more you save! And it’s easy to accumulate points at Lobster Anywhere.com. Earn points for each dollar spent and save money on your purchase of Maine lobster and fresh seafood. Earning points is easy! Register, shop, refer friends – all of these earn points! Reward Program Details

14. Guaranteed Lobster Delivery

We guarantee that your seafood will be delivered at the day your request. You select an EXACT delivery day, not just a date range.  Plus we insure your package against any damage in transit. We can deliver Maine lobster and our seafood gift packages to almost anywhere in the continental USA. We use FedEx or airfreight to ship live lobsters and fresh seafood right to your front door or office overnight. Read our Happy Cracking Guarantee

15. Sustainable Seafood

LobsterAnywhere.com is dedicated to lobster resource conservation and preservation. In the Northeast the lobster fishery is considered to be healthy. Fishermen and scientists continue to work together to develop management measures, which will help insure adequate sustainable egg production.

Conservation is currently practiced through the safeguarding of trapping very young lobsters, egg-bearing females are also protected and if caught, must be placed back in the sea. lobster traps must have escape vents to allow sub-legal size lobsters to exit the trap while it is still on the bottom (they can come in, eat, and leave). Lobster traps must also have biodegradable escape panels, which will create a large opening and neutralize the fishing potential of a lost trap. with the escape panel open a lost “trap” or “pot” actually becomes a habitat providing shelter without entrapment. Lear more about Sustainable Seafood.

16. For Lobster Lovers Only!

We have thousands of customers who have been tremendously satisfied by both our customer service and the quality of our products. Whether it is corporate lobster bake or family reunion, birthday, holiday, or any special occasion fresh live Maine lobster makes an event special. Repeat customers…. Read testimonials

17. High Quality Lobster Shipping Boxes

Since lobster is not cheap, neither should the boxes they travel in. Lobsters are packed and shipped in insulated boxes, gel ice packs, and seaweed when needed. Many lobster companies use thinned walled shipping containers trying to save a couple bucks. At LobsterAnywhere we use extra thick boxes meant for two day travel or more. In the unlikely event there are flight delays, super cold weather or extra hot weather we are confident your lobsters will arrive in perfect condition.

18. Catching Live Lobsters on the Net Since 1999

We have been online for close to 20 years! That’s way too long. We survived the dot com bust thanks to our loyal customers who stuck with us. Much of our business today remains repeat customers, many are land-locked New Englanders and many making it a birthday or Christmas tradition.

19. True Weight Lobsters

Lobsters are carefully graded and sourced. Your lobster will weigh what it is supposed to and in most cases a little more. Why? Because you always get what you pay for.

20. You Can’t Eat Flowers

For less than a dozen roses, you send a romantic Maine lobster dinner for two shipped overnight. You pick up the champagne. LobsterAnwhere offers only the finest, hand selected Maine Lobster and seafood and specialty gift packages to remember-for any special occasion (like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Anniversaries, hint, hint) or simply to enjoy in the comforts of your own home.

21. Reservations are not required!

Order Maine lobster anytime, anywhere. No waiting, no long lines. Plus we’re always open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Point click and crack anytime at lobsteranywhere.com or call at 978.225.8828. Delivery is available Tuesday through Friday, and Saturday in most locations. Lobsteranywhere even made a delivery of Maine lobsters and New England clam chowder to North Pole, Alaska. Santa Claus was jealous!

22. Maine Lobster Gift Certificates

Send an old New England gift certificate. LobsterAnywhere.com gift certificates are available for any gift package or dollar amount. They can easily be redeemed to arrive at home, work, or your favorite vacation spot so your recipient can choose the perfect day and place to enjoy their Maine lobster dinner. Give someone the unique gift idea of a gift certificate and have them choose from our lobster gift packages and fresh seafood delivered overnight. You will receive two thank yous from the recipient, once when they receive the Gift Certificate and again they receive their Maine lobster package!

23. Lobster University

You do not need need a degree in marine biology to learn all about lobster and New England’s famed seafood catch. Our Lobster resource section includes everything you need to know about the king of the sea, including Cooking, Handling, Lobster Lingo, Seafood Glossary, How to Eat Lobster and more.

24. Ask a Lobster and Seafood Expert

Our in house lobster expert, Lobster Louie is always available to answer your seafood questions not matter how silly they may be. For instance, did you know lobsters have hairs on their claws and other body parts that detect water current and vibration.

25. The Finest Live Maine lobsters Anywhere!

We ship the finest Maine lobsters anywhere. We will only source hard shell lobsters that have a higher yield of meat and a firmer shell to enhance the experience for our customers. When lobster is purchased from a fish market or a supermarket, it has gone through many hands. Grocery stores have now installed tanks to market lobsters at seemingly attractive prices. High-volume supermarket chains negotiate tough prices from suppliers, who in turn provide inferior product known in the trade as “B-liners.” These lobsters have not seen the sea for weeks. Our lobster supply is constantly coming in and going out.