30 of the Best Desserts that Go with Lobster and Fresh Seafood

Few things can surpass the decadence of a lobster dinner. Lobster is so rich in itself. Add that drawn butter, and you’ve truly died and gone to heaven. But you only live once and if you’re going to indulge in lobster, you should continue the indulgences after the table is cleared to make way for dessert.

Whether you’re hosting special guests, celebrating a milestone occasion, or simply want to enjoy a sublime lobster dinner with your love, you can’t forget about all the other things that make having a fresh lobster dinner at home absolute perfection. There’s the side dishes of course. After that though, a sweet finish is just what you need. So what’s the best deserts that go with lobster?

Dessert After Lobster Strawberry-Shortcake
Strawberry Shortcake! A classic dessert to serve with lobster. Local strawberries and made from scratch cake is topped with homemade whipped cream! ? Credit William Horst from Hooked on BBQ.

Some will say that since lobster is so rich, dessert should be light. Others say to go big or go home. Who’s right? Who cares! It’s what you think is best to treat your palate. Finish with something light or delve further into the decadence with these best desserts to serve with your lobster dinner feast.

Light Desserts that go with a Lobster Dinner

For those of you that feel there might be little room left to enjoy dessert after such a robust main event meal like lobster with all the side dishes, choosing a lighter dessert might make you happiest. Here are some lighter suggestions that will make for a delightful way to finish without feeling heavy.


The cooling and sweet flavors of sorbet are sure to cleanse the palate and hit the spot after a full lobster meal. It’s creamy yet lightweight for optimum enjoyment, plus it comes in so many fruity flavors. You can even choose a variety of them to serve, or layer them in individual mason jars for a classy way to serve it up.

Shaved ice

Doing your lobster outside on a summer night, perhaps overlooking the ocean? Nothing could be more fun than serving cups of shaved ice. Allowing your dinner companions to choose the flavored syrups they like best and add fruit on top makes the experience even more fun and whimsical, and the perfect end to a New England-style night.

Fresh fruit

While it sounds simple, fresh organic fruits are a sublime choice for ending your lobster meal. Nutritious and delicious, they have all the brilliant flavors straight from nature. Slices of fresh watermelon are wonderful in summer. You can also create a cornucopia of sliced fruits spilling from a scooped out melon for a stunning presentation.

Fruit tarts

Want something a little more indulgent than fruit but without venturing into heavier dessert territory? Then you should serve fruit tarts. Sweet creamy custard in a pastry shell topped with fresh fruit slices looks lovely and tastes divine. Plus, that crisp texture paired with the softness of custard and fruits is quite complementary to lobster.

Poached fruits

Perhaps you like the idea of serving something lighter for dessert like fruit but you feel that’s just not exciting enough. A simple compromise on adding an exotic twist to ordinary fruit is to poach it. Apples and pears are fantastic candidates for this. Just a little bit of cinnamon with them and it elevates the natural flavors into something spectacularly elegant.

Frozen fruit kebabs

If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Well, get in there long enough to cut up fruit into fun shapes with your cookie cutters, spear them onto bamboo skewers and freeze them for a guilt-free frozen treat. You can use pineapples, mangos, melons and more to make these grab-and-go desserts for a crowd.

Bananas foster

Bananas are naturally sweet without being cloying. Add brown sugar and banana liqueur though and you’re in for a fancier treat that’s still light enough to enjoy after a big lobster meal. It goes beautifully on top of fresh vanilla ice cream.

Gelatin desserts

On a summer night, a cool and refreshing gelatin molded dessert is a fun way to wiggle in more food. It’s fruity, flavorful, and fun. If your fellow lobster feasters include children, this is certainly a winning choice. Make it more exciting by choosing a fun molded shape (you can even look for a lobster shape!), add bits of fresh fruits into it and serve it with fresh whipped cream on top.

Panna cotta

If gelatin desserts seem a bit too pedestrian for you, try panna cotta. It’s easy to make despite its fancy Italian name. It’s made with sweetened cream that is thickened with gelatin, then molded. You can add in your own flavors like coffee, vanilla, or chocolate, to name a few. Panna cotta is perfection with fresh berries on top. It adds a pop of bright color and tart flavor to contrast with the sweet, creamy texture. It’s light and rich simultaneously making it a nice dessert to serve with lobster.

Tequila-Lime-Coconut Macaroon

Lobster has a distinct taste and usually has rich butter and side dishes to go along with it. Citrus can cut the richness of the butter and can help cleanse the palette. Add in the light, sweet taste of coconut and you have one amazing dessert to serve up.

Puddings and mousses

Both puddings and mousses can be light follow-ups to a dinner of lobster. While pudding is creamier, mousse is airier. Pudding feels more kid-friendly, while mousse seems more extravagant. Chocolate-flavored mousse often can be intensely rich, but if you create a white chocolate mousse or even a fruit-flavored mousse (such as raspberry), it provides a refreshingly delicious experience for your dessert course.


A lovely dessert from France, parfaits can be made in so many different ways your head will spin. It’s hard to ruin so if you’re not the best with desserts, you may find this one simple yet beautiful to present. It consists of layers of ice cream, yogurt, or ricotta with berries, fruit and syrup. Make sure you use the right glasses to serve it in so the layers can be viewed!

Angel food cake

Want to serve cake but want one that’s got a lighter feel? Angel food cake is for you then. It’s light and spongy in texture and there’s no frosting to weigh it down. Serve with fresh fruit options for topping along with whipped cream.

Lemon-Blackberry Soufflé

Another delicious citrus treat perfect for a sunny, summer day. This light dessert is the perfect ending to your lobster feast. This dessert is best served fresh from the oven.Also as a bonus, this dessert has very little added fat. The bright, citrus, taste mixed with the tart taste of the blackberries make this dessert a must try for the summer!

Ice cream and frozen dessert treats

Because ice cream is cooling, it soothes all the way down to the stomach. It’s no wonder why it’s one of the top dessert choices after any big meal simply because it doesn’t feel too filling while still providing plenty of deep flavor. From vanilla to chocolate and strawberry to chocolate chip cookie dough, you simply can’t go wrong serving ice cream after lobster. But the rules also apply to ice cream-filled treats too. Ice cream sandwiches or even ice cream-stuffed cookies are another surefire way to make everyone happy. Below you’ll find a decadent dessert combo for a fancy lobste dinner party: whoopie pies and your favorite ice cream or gelato served in a martini glass.

Rich Desserts to Serve with Lobster

For those of you that truly want to live it up, serving a rich and intense dessert after a lobster meal is definitely the way to go. Loads of lobster lovers adore having something obscenely decadent to cap off a lobster dinner. Wondering which ones make for the most pleasurable gustatory delights? Any of these sumptuous offerings will do the trick for those that dare to take the lobster dinner experience to the top.

Dessert to Serve with Lobster Chocolate Cream Pie
Dessert to Serve with Lobster: Chocolate Cream Pie.

Blueberry pie

Did you know Maine produces 15% of the world’s blueberry crop! It’s no wonder why blueberry pie is often served with Maine lobster. In the summer, berries like blueberries are plentiful and wonderfully sweet. For the lighter palate, blueberries and fresh cream will satisfy, but for someone who wants it all, nothing could be better than a homemade blueberry pie. A buttery crust and tart and tangy blueberries are the stuff dreams are made of. Take it to the next level by serving it warmed with a scoop of fresh-churned vanilla ice cream!

Strawberry shortcake

Another summery dessert staple is strawberry shortcake, a sweet treat to follow your big lobster dinner. Layers of angel-food-like cake, whipped cream and fresh strawberries are a delightful way to go decadent after lobster without going too heavy. It achieves a nice middle ground with the sweet freshness of strawberries, the cool whipped cream and the layers of cake in between.

Chocolate chip cookies

As rich as lobster is, it doesn’t always need to be a black tie affair. Sometimes, it’s those casual moments in life when you’re watching the waves roll onto the beach from your back porch while the kids run along the sand with the orange sun sinking into the sea that are the richest of all. If you’ve just had a big lobster boil in your backyard with all the family near and far gathered around, chocolate chip cookies will never disappoint. Plus, they’re portable which means the kids can grab them and go while the grown-ups can grab them and head for glasses of brandy, port, or scotch.


Portable chocolate at its finest, brownies are probably one of the most sinfully rich desserts on the planet. The dense texture and deep chocolaty flavor are a winner every time, even after a full lobster dinner. Like chocolate chip cookies, they’re quite portable too, so you can give the dishes a break and enjoy them in hand.

Dessert to serve with lobster Key Lime Pie
Dessert to serve with lobster: Key Lime Pie.

Key lime pie

Florida’s state pie is what the natives there (and those that have migrated south to call it home) all choose after big seafood dinners, especially lobster dinners. It’s creamy, tart, tangy and full of lime flavor. The graham cracker crust is a buttery vessel that transports the creamy concoction to your lips. Key lime pie is one of the best matches for dessert to go with a lobster meal. Get the real deal and you won’t be disappointed.

Chocolate lava cake

For some, nothing will do quite like the absurd richness of a chocolate cake that oozes with warm chocolate sauce from the center. A chocolate lava cake is by and large one of the most incredible choices for dessert on any occasion, especially one where lobster was served.

Chocolate cream pie

So, you want something divine and chocolaty, yet you don’t want to go quite as bold as chocolate lava cake? Chocolate cream pie is the answer. The creaminess is still luscious yet keeps the chocolate from overpowering your palate. It’s cooling too, ideal for a warm summer night.

Bread pudding

Just as Floridians love their key lime pie, New Englanders love bread pudding at the end of a good lobster bake. Plus, there are so many great variations on the creamy pudding portion of this dessert. Giving it a citrusy twist is a superb way to serve it.


One dessert that exceeds opulence in every way is cheesecake. The astounding variety of flavors you can find it in these days will have your head spinning. From regular to chocolate with twists of s’mores, berries, and other combinations, it’s no wonder people go for cheesecake after having lobster. Want to really send it over the top? Take plain cheesecake and serve it with warm hot fudge sauce.

Chocolate fondue

How about an interactive dessert that everyone will love after their lobster? Chocolate fondue is a fun and delicious way to make dessert time come alive. It’s also seductive enough for a romantic dessert for two, too. You can use milk chocolate, white chocolate, or even dark chocolate. Perhaps serving more than one type of chocolate will be the winner of your heart. Serve it with fresh slices of strawberries and bananas, and don’t forget cubes of angel food cake or even brownies to dip into the oozing pots of chocolaty bliss.


Italy’s most sinfully spectacular dessert, tiramisu, is the ideal way to finish a lobster dinner. The coffee-soaked lady fingers and the layers of delectable cream can do no wrong. Ideally, if you can serve it with cappuccino or espresso, you will have a match made in heaven.


Everyone is fascinated with cupcakes right now. These small cakes make serving easy, plus with so many bespoke cupcake shops all around, you can find flavors that shatter your preconceived notions of what cupcakes should be. Some even go as far as to top them higher and mightier than ever before. You’ll find your usual suspects like chocolate and vanilla, but what’s more, you’ll find them in molten lava, key lime pie, salted caramel and beyond. You can make them yourself or go buy them if you’d rather not put forth the effort.

Red velvet cake

In the south, one cake is revered above all others. The red velvet cake has a velvety texture and the taste of chocolate, topped with a sweet cream cheese frosting. It’s soul-soothing and utterly captivating after eating anything, though lobster lovers swear by this dessert for the finish.

Lemon bars

Tart and bright, lemon bars bring more to the table when you’ve cleaned out the claws of your lobster meal. The brilliant yellow hue and sour flavor of lemons are refreshing, though the deepness of the texture makes it a heavier following for dessert. It strikes a good balance though without being too intense.

Carrot cake

Kids might shy away from it unless you don’t tell them what it is until after they taste it. Carrot cake is indeed a deceptive dessert. It sounds healthy however it’s anything but! The cake itself is a mixture of both sweet and spiced flavors with bits of carrots (hence the name) and nuts chopped in for good measure. The pièce de résistance is the cream cheese frosting on top that pulls the whole thing together.

Salted caramel chocolate tart

To feel like you’ve truly died and gone to dessert heaven, nothing beats a chocolate tart. Unless you turn it into a salted caramel chocolate tart. One of the most blissful combinations on the planet is that of caramel and chocolate. The slight saltiness creates that umami that propels this dessert into award-winning territory.

Pineapple upside down cake

It’s sweet. It’s moist. It’s tropical. It’s a winner! Pineapple upside down cake is hard to resist, especially after lobster. With an inviting aroma of pineapples and a buttery tasting cake enveloping it, there are few indulgences that can carry you away faster than a bite of this cake.

Boston cream pie

Spongy layers of cake with thick custard are lovingly decked out with gorgeous chocolate ganache. It is one of the most iconic cakes in all of America, and serving it with your lobster dinner is a remarkably scandalous choice, one that your guests will ooh and ahh over long after the last crumb is served.

Baked Alaska

Go back in time with this dessert that takes the cake. It takes the ice cream too, and houses them both together under a shelter of meringue which is then browned ever-so-slightly for a more whimsical appeal.

Crazy shakes

Sometimes, the best thing you can do to follow a lobster dinner is to go so far over the top that you have to create a new level. That’s what crazy shakes are. By far, one of the best trendy desserts to emerge in recent years, these aren’t your ordinary milkshakes. Not that there’s anything wrong with a regular milkshake. But when you top that milkshake with a slice of pie or cake, a brownie or cookie (or both), and mounds and mounds of whipped cream and sprinkles for days, you’ve got a crazy shake. It has a little bit of everything piled high onto a frosty-cold milkshake and there’s really no saying “no” to that, is there?

Crème brûlée

Then again, there’s really nothing like a classic dessert is there? Crème brûlée is certainly a refined and elegant option. It’s easier to make than most people presume, though the prep work involved can be time-consuming. This rich custard base must first set in the fridge until it’s just the right consistency. Then a layer of sugar is added and caramelized to give it that burnt-crisp shell of a topping that is out of this world. You can experiment with other flavors for the custard base too like chocolate, coconut, lemon, and plenty more.

Dessert Lobster Whoopie Pies
Dessert Lobster Whoopie Pies.

Whoopie pies

And finally, before you think we’d cap things off with those preservative-filled processed Whoopie pies, think again! Our supplier of Whoopie pies only uses fresh ingredients you can pronounce to make these scrumptious bite-sized versions of the processed classic. One taste and you’ll be hooked! For a cool treat with your summer lobster bake serve up frozen whoopie pies.

Can’t decide on a dessert to serve after lobster? If you’re having a big lobster feast for your family and friends, you might just want to choose several different dessert options to make everyone happy. There’s nothing wrong with having a few options from across the broad spectrum from light to rich included in your dessert spread. The key to serving the best dessert with  lobster is finding what is most enjoyable for you. Eating lobster isn’t something you get to do every day so be sure to savor every last bite from start to finish! Be sure to check out our sweet, local desserts that we ship with our lobster offerings.

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