It’s National Lobster Day: Please Pass the Butter!

Celebrate National Lobster Day with a feast of measurable proportions! From delicious live lobster to lobster tails full of the sweetest, most succulent meat, you have options. Every butter-drenched forkful will satisfy your hunger and put you closer to the ocean where lobster is a staple at mealtime. We tip our caps to the hard-working men and women who bring us the bounty of the sea, and the freshest, finest lobsters off the coast of Maine.

What Day Is National Lobster Day
There are two National Lobster Days: June 15th and September 25th

When Is National Lobster Day?

There is a holiday for any and all foods, from National Cheese Day to National Shrimp Scampi Day. Whatever your favorite food, there is undoubtedly a day dedicated to encouraging you to devour it with abandon. For all of us lobster lovers the National Lobster Days are coming up in deuces. We have two official days to celebrate all things clawed crustaceans, June 15 and September 25.

What does this mean for lobster lovers? Two dedicated days to celebrate! With Lobster Anywhere, you can enjoy your favorite lobster dishes delivered to your home in time to gather with family and friends.

Why Are There Two National Lobster Days?

Here at LobsterAnywhere we love facts and trivia. June 15 was the original day dedicated to celebrating this feisty clawed crustacean and feast on all things lobster. However, on September 25, 2015, U.S. Senators Angus King and Susan Collins of Maine declared a new official National Lobster Day.

This second National Lobster Day happens to coincide with the height of the season’s harvest. The Maine Lobster Dealers’ Association was the reason behind the move to September 25 — members approached the Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative and asked for the change because no one has a hard time selling lobster in June as people are gearing up for summer. But after Labor Day, when kids are back in school and families are no longer in vacation mode, sales drop off. September’s NLD was to remind Americans that lobster is a great meal anytime, anywhere.

While the origin of the original date to fête these sweet and succulent treats of the sea isn’t exactly known, we feel like every day is a great day to celebrate lobster.

How to Celebrate National Lobster Day Like a Pro

Whether you’re looking for ideas on throwing a party or craving the ultimate lobster roll, the possibilities for celebrating all things lobster are endless. Invite friends and family over, get out your red and white checkered napkins, melt that butter, and let’s crack into honoring the Maine event of any seafood feast.

Celebrating National Lobster Day instantly inspires thoughts of dapper red decorations, steamed lobsters strewn across newspaper with summer sweet corn, and of course, all of that melted butter. While we take two days a year to celebrate National Lobster Day, lobster unto itself is a reason to throw a celebration and a readymade party. Whether you’re keeping it simple and grilling lobster tails to go with your grilled steak, or going all out and having a lobster boil, lobster is a food that that brings people together.

This article will discuss ways of how to celebrate National Lobster Day as well as how to shop for lobster. It will also educate you about the incredible men and women trapping your lobsters and making the LobsterAnywhere dock to door experience what it is.

Throw a Lobster Party!

Preparing for either National Lobster Day is easy. There are plenty of creative ways to make the occasion memorable and enjoyable. Pinterest is one site that can help you choose decorations, games, music, and entertainment to celebrate. You can also host your very own lobster party any time of year. Know someone special with a birthday coming? Make it a lobster party!

Make sure you place your order in time for the event. You’ll then be able to coordinate item delivery, so you can immediately refrigerate them. When you order our live lobsters, you can schedule your delivery date. For items such as our lobster tails and lobster roll kits, you can order them ahead of time and keep them frozen until the big day.

How to Shop for Lobster

Ordering the right amount of lobster and seafood is essential to the success of your event. That’s why it’s important to get a headcount ahead of time, so you have plenty of succulent food for the occasion.

  • What’s the best tasting size? See our guide for how much live lobster to order.
  • What is the difference between soft-shell and hard-shell lobster, and why we only sell hardshell Maine Grade A lobster? Learn More
  • How can you tell you got a good, healthy lobster? Learn More

Also keep in mind what type of lobster you will be serving. We recommend live lobsters are cooked within 24 hours of shipping. However, our frozen lobster tails and meat can be ordered ahead of time and stored in the freezer. They require 24 hours to defrost slowly in the refrigerator.

What Supplies Do I Need to Celebrate National Lobster Day?

Regardless of what the occasion is, every successful celebration starts with being prepared. Besides the sweet, succulent star of the show you will need the right accents to complete your National Lobster Day celebration.

You’ll need tools like crackers, if you’re hosting a lobster boil a large pot, the fun yet obligatory bibs, tongs, napkins, and more. See our complete list of lobster supplies.

Depending on how you prepare your lobster, make sure you have plenty of napkins or paper towels for your guests. The fun and community of lobster demands you get a little messy with that cracking and dipping!

What Should I Serve at My National Lobster Day Celebration?

One of the most standout things about our website is the variety of available choices. Our shore-to-door live Maine lobster is our shining star. You’ll find a variety of preparations to meet your needs and satisfy your appetite. Select live Maine lobsters, or make it even easier with our DIY lobster roll kits. And don’t miss lobster tails for your backyard grill.

You can round out your lobster feast with a total seafood fest by ordering scallops or shrimp. We also offer prime New York strip steak and filet mignon, so you can serve turf with your succulent surf.

Don’t forget dessert, the perfect finish to the perfect meal. You’ll find chocolate truffles, fresh blueberry pies, key lime pie, lobster gummy candies, saltwater taffy, and classic whoopie pies incredibly satisfying to bite into.

You don’t need to hire a bartender for your lobster bash. Whether you’re stocking up on icy cold cervezas or mixing up a seabreeze, it’s easy to pair drinks and cocktails with lobster. See our extensive drink menus for fun cocktails and perfect wine pairings to round out your event.

Cooking on the Day of Your Event

Maine Lobster for National Lobster Day
Maine Lobster from Lobsteranywhere. Photo from Riptip BBQ, Camus, WA

How you decide to cook your lobster on National Lobster Day, or for any lobster feast always requires a little consideration. What type of lobster are your serving? If you’re serving up lobster tails, these are great to bake, broil, or grill.

When it comes to cooking live lobsters, the possibilities are endless! Boiling is certainly not the only way to cook live lobsters. Steaming is one of our favorite alternative methods, since it’s a gentle cooking process. Lobster can also be butter poached and baked in the oven. It’s also easy to cook whole lobsters on the barbecue!

Our lobster roll kits come with generous pieces of tail, claw, and knuckle meat. The decadent Maine butter that comes in the kit makes the perfect base to butter poach the tender and sweet meat before piling it high into the included brioche rolls.

How to Order Your Lobster for National Lobster Day

Stocking your freezer and fridge for this crustacean celebration has never been easier. If you’re leery about buying frozen seafood from the supermarket, you’ll be glad to know that our products are the freshest they can be before sending them to you. You don’t need to put your shoes on and drive to get them either, because they’re sent to your doorstep where they become the main dish at your lobster-themed celebration.

If you want to get the most bang for your buck, let LobsterAnywhere prepare the perfect feast for you. Then, all you need to do is cook, serve, and enjoy it! Your family and friends will thank you for your generosity and cherish the time that they spent with you.

Ordering from us is as easy as 1-2-3. First, decide the size and how many pounds of lobster. When taking into consideration how much lobster you will need you need to consider both how many guests you will be serving, and also how you will be serving the lobster. If you plan on going for a surf and turf feast you won’t need as much as you will for a lobster boil or steamed lobster extravaganza.

Next, complete the check-out process, and schedule your delivery date. When you order our live lobsters, you can pick your delivery day. For frozen lobster products allow one full day for the lobster to defrost slowly in the refrigerator. After you receive your shipment, check to make sure that the order is correct. The final step is to store your seafood properly until you’re ready to cook and eat it.

How to Host a National Lobster Day Party

With just a few simple steps and tips, you will have your friends and family looking forward to every National Lobster Day.

  1. Pick a Theme

    Whether you decide on a classic red and white color scape or something a little more modern, the details of a theme set the tone for your party.

  2. Make a Guest List

    Once you have decided on a theme, decide how many people you are inviting over. This will make it easy to order your lobsters before the big day arrives.

  3. Finalize a Menu

    Are you going with fun in the sun lobster rolls, a pile or steamed lobsters, or grilled lobster tails? Narrowing down your menu will be your guide to what kind of lobster to order, as well as the quantity.

    Are you looking for recipe inspiration? We have you covered for that too! From lobster macaroni and cheese to lobster tacos and pizza, we have recipes as well as cooking guides to get your lobster party started.

  4. Place Your Order

    Whether you’re ordering live lobsters, lobster tails, or our lobster roll kits, the process is easy and convenient. When you order live lobsters, you can pick your date for deliver. We recommend cooking them within 24 hours of arrival.

    However our frozen lobster tails and meat are perfect anytime. We recommend ordering these earlier as they only require 24 hours to defrost.

  5. The Day Before

    The day before National Lobster Day is the time to prep. Do you need to take lobster out of the freezer to defrost? Do you have all of the supplies and side dishes ready? And you can’t forget the fun and frosty adult beverages!

  6. Yay! It’s National Lobster Day!

    Today is the day to cook and have fun! It’s a day to celebrate any and all things lobster, and this included sharing facts with your guests about the amazing men and women that make up the lobster industry.

Lobster Fishing Questions and Answers

Since National Lobster Day occurs twice a year, why not learn more about lobsters and the amazing creatures that they are, as well as facts about lobster fishing? Impress your family and friends at your lobster party.

How do lobstermen (and women) find their traps?

They identify and locate their traps by unique colored buoys.

How many times do fisherman haul in their traps?

Much depends on the trap locations, weather, and times of year. Fishermen usually empty traps of lobsters and fill them with fresh bait at least once a week, or several times a week during peaks seasons.

What happens if a lobster loses it’s claw?

Lobsters regenerate parts of their body. This means they regrow claws, legs, and antennae. The claws regenerate with bilateral asymmetry, maintaining one ‘crusher’ and one ‘cutter’ claw. Lobster will also amputate their own claw or leg to escape peril; this is known as autotomy.

Was lobster ever cheap?

Lobsters were for “poor men” in Colonial times. An overabundance of lobster meant they fed livestock, and fishmen used them as bait. The crustacean was so cheap that prisoners and servants often ate lobster as their main meal.

How much do lobstermen earn?

In the State of Maine, a lobster catcher earns an average salary of $50,000. Some earn upwards of $200,000 per year. But so much depends on the areas fished, time of year, as well as supply and demand. Prices for their catch are often set by dealers and distributors.

How many lobstermen are in the State of Maine?

Maine’s has about 5,900 licensed lobster harvesters, who haul in close to 80% of the US lobster landings.

What is considered a ‘legal lobster’ in Maine?

Legal lobsters measure over 3.25 inches and under 5 inches from the rear of the eye socket to the rear of the carapace. Therefore, many lobsters caught in the traps are either too small or too large to keep. On average, lobsterman keep only about ten percent of the trap contents.

Learn About Maine Lobsters

Final Thoughts on National Lobster Day

While it’s fun to celebrate and embrace all things lobster on both National Lobster Days, June 15 and September 25, we celebrate the amazing creatures themselves and the incredible men and women working hard to bring them trap to door 365 days a year.

However you decide to celebrate National Lobster Day, always start with the freshest Maine Grade A hard-shell lobster. Our lobsters are harvested year round from independent lobstermen in the Gulf of Maine that adhere to rigorous sustainability regulations. This ensures that generations to come will continue to enjoy and celebrate National Lobster Day. LobsterAnywhere not only is your source for the freshest lobster, but also your guide to how to cook lobster, and fun source for recipe inspirations.

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Learn more about these incredible sea creatures.

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