Sex, Love and Lobsters – Romantic Dinner Ideas at Home!

Lobster is a sexy food. It tops the list for romantic dinner ideas at home. But what can we learn from “Lobster virtuoso,” Phoebe Buffay.

With ‘Friends’ on Netflix in its entirety for the first time, many of us are delving deep into the deep cuts and rediscovering our old favorites.

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As a professional lobster lover, I have always enjoyed the following Phoebeism:

PHOEBE: C’mon you guys. It’s a known fact that lobsters fall in love and mate for life. You know what, you can actually see old lobster couples walkin’ around their tank, ya know, holding claws like…

This has become so iconic, that it is now its own saying: “You’re my Lobster”

This refers to the person of whom another is meant to be with forever. The term originated due to the fact that lobsters mate for life (at least, according to Phoebe.)

(source: The One With The Prom Video, Episode 2.14}

Romantic Lobster Dinner Ideas

Now, just because I love this saying doesn’t mean that it is common knowledge, but it got me thinking – is there truth to this saying? Are lobsters really far more romantic than we give them credit for? Better yet – are they the ultimate aphrodisiac? I decided to delve into the topic, and I am happy to share everything I learned with you, just in time for Valentine’s Day. I hope this gives you inspiration for romantic dinner ideas at home.

How do Lobsters Mate?

The answer to the seemingly innocuous question above is far more complicated – and strange – than you might be thinking. One of my favorite articles on the subject is entitled, “Lobsters Have the Craziest Sex You’ve Never Heard Of, and Yes, It Involves Urine” – spoiler alert. It does.

Female Lobsters Flirt

It turns out that female lobsters are extremely picky, and one they have identified a potential male that they think would make a good father for their offspring, they visit his den more than once. When a female is ready to molt she will wander around the neighborhood searching for a den of the largest, dominant male. They poke their spinnerettes inside and give him a good sniff to see if he smells like he’s up for the job. If she likes what she smells, she squirts some of her urine inside of his shelter.

Female lobsters mate during the soft-shell phase after molting whereas a male can mate immediately before or after molting.

If there are multiple males interested, they will fight each other for her, with the winner taking the female into his cave to protect her from predators, since she is also vulnerable while molting. Once she has shed her exoskeleton, the male will turn her over to pierce her abdomen with his pair of pleodods to deposit sperm packets into her sperm receptacles. These will store up to 15 months before she releases her eggs.

He does not like this at first, and he may even try to attack her. However, over time, her pheromone-laced urine begins to intoxicate him, and he welcomes her advances. He begins to secrete his own urine, blending it with hers so that she can smell the combo and come back to his lair.

Lobster Date Night

On their first date, things do not progress all the way to the mating stage. No, our lady lobster friend needs to see what her match is all about, and they engage in the equivalent of heavy petting on a temporary basis. This gives her a chance to determine if he can fend off any potential interlopers, and assures her she’s made a good choice. Before she is able to reproduce, she must shed her shell, making her extremely vulnerable – he needs to be able to protect her.

Now that they are a good match, they might mate for up to two weeks, enough time for her shell to re-harden and for her to be on her merry way.

When the time is right, she will release the eggs (as many as 5,000-100,000 eggs) that are stored beneath her abdomen with a glue-like substance. She carries the eggs for 9-11 months and fans them with her swimmerets, bringing them oxygen and cleaning off debris sticking to them. Her eggs are released in intervals within two weeks. When it’s time for them to hatch, she lifts her tail into the current and sets them out to the world.

Lobster Reproduction 101

  • Adult lobsters can cover great distances- up to 3 hundred miles to feed and breed! That’s one heck of a date. After a single mating episode, the female saves enough of her mate’s sperm to fertilize 2-3 broods of eggs over the next several years!
  • The number of eggs a female lobster will produce is related to her size, and just one pound can make a huge difference. An 8 pound lobster might carry 8000 eggs, while for a 9 pound lobster the number can be more than 100,000! While she is carrying fertilized eggs, she is known as a ‘berried’ lobster.
  • A female lobster might carry her eggs for as long as 15 months – she needs to find a safe and appropriate place to leave them in order to guarantee their survival.

So, do Lobsters Fall in Love and Mate for Life?

I have heard this supposed fact many times over the years, but I wanted to discover for once and for all if it is indeed the truth. Sadly, after all of my research I am sad to report the less than romantic news – they do not. In fact, male lobsters keep sort of a harem of different females, mating with as many as possible over time! While they may not be the ideal Romeo, they are certainly more like Casanova – a lover in every port!

Lobster as an Aphrodisiac?

Alright, even though the tale of lobster mating might not be as romantic as Phoebe from Friends thought, there is still a connection between this creature and the art of love. It’s true – as far back as Ancient Greece, lobster has been connected to the Aphrodite, the goddess of love. They may not have been dining on fresh Maine lobster way back then, but there is no denying the connection between celebrating romance and eating this decadent shellfish.

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Romantic Lobster Dinners

As a lean protein, lobster is welcome on the tables of health enthusiasts around the globe. In 1968, Dr. George Belham wrote the bible for anyone who wants to eat like a stud – The Virility Diet: A Famous Doctor’s Advice on How to Remain Sexually Active Throughout Your Adult Life. He couldn’t say enough about this delicious crustacean as a part of any healthy diet, and for good reason. Lobsters are packed full of the nutrients necessary for peak sexual health, including zinc and Vitamin B12. Learn more about the potent health benefits of lobster.

The Best Table in Town for Valentine’s Day: Yours!

Alright, after all of this crazy info, are you convinced that lobster is the best possible food to eat on the most romantic day of the year? We certainly are – that’s why we want you to cook up a special feast packed with fresh seafood, shellfish and mouth-watering steaks. We even add some handmade local chocolates to ensure that this is a romantic meal you’ll remember forever.

Nothing is better than a home cooked Valentine’s Day meal, especially when the menu features special ingredients you don’t use every day. What’s more romantic than a lobster dinner cooked for your partner, paired with a good bottle of Prosecco?

Reel in your sweetie with a fine dining experience in the comfort of your own home and start your love story with lobster delivered to your door this Valentine’s Day

Remember, love means never have to say you forgot to reserve a lobster dinner…

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Romantic Dinner Ideas for Valentine’s Day (and beyond)

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