Love and Lobsters – Romantic Dinner Ideas at Home!

Skip the reservations and bring that champagne taste home with lobster dinner ideas for two. Creating a romantic lobster dinner is easy with a few simple tips. When it comes to picking romantic recipes, lobster tops the list. With its sweet flavor of the sea, decadent texture, and luxurious experience, lobster takes center stage for the ultimate date night at home.

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Whether you’re looking for things to do with lobster for your elegant lobster dinner menu, or even anniversary dinner ideas, this guide will help you bring all of the romance. Chill the bubbly, put on your favorite playlist, and let LobsterAnywhere help set the mood for an evening to remember.

Romantic Lobster Dinner Ideas

Classic Lobster Recipes for a Romantic Dinner

If you were to ask someone to describe their dream date night in, a romantic steak and lobster dinner might come to mind. Lobster has long been associated with fine dining. From a surf and turf dinner at your favorite steakhouse to a classic lobster thermidor recipe, lobster is an instant aphrodisiac. Here are a few ideas for classic lobster recipes for lobster ideas for two.

  • Is there anything better than setting the mood with the perfect appetizer? Creamy, rich, and sumptuous lobster bisque will not only warm you up but set the tone for the meal. It’s the perfect starter for a Valentine’s lobster dinner or even a fancy steak and lobster dinner.
  • Fire up the passion and the grill. Grilled lobster tails with garlic butter require minimal prep and cook quickly. You will be on your way to pouring the wine before the coals even cool.
  • It doesn’t get any more classic than steamed lobster with drawn butter. The process of steaming lobster is not only easy, but it celebrates the true flavor of the lobster allowing it to shine. This is guaranteed to instantly make the evening a success.

Innovative Lobster Dishes for Special Occasions

When it comes to lobster dinner ideas for two, sometimes you have to think beyond the usual steak and lobster dinner ideas. If you’re looking for something a little more unique and decadent for a Valentine’s Day lobster dinner or fun lobster dinner party menu for a group of couples, look no further than the over-the-top indulgent lobster mac and cheese.

  • Silky, savory, creamy, and luscious, lobster risotto will have you feeling like your dining on a Venetian canal. This is a fun recipe to make with your partner that will have you both in the kitchen.
  • Turn date night into an instant fiesta with the fresh and vibrant flavors of lobster tacos with mango salsa. You’ll feel transported to the tropics.
  • If you’re looking for healthy lobster recipes, look no further than lobster and avocado salad. This gorgeous explosion of colors, textures, and flavors pairs perfectly with a mojito or margarita.

Sides and Pairings for Your Lobster Dinner

When researching and planning your lobster dinner ideas for two, you can’t forget the sides. This includes not only side dishes that compliment what can you have with lobster, but also picking out complimentary cocktails and mocktails. What to pair with lobster can further enhance the mood.

  • If you’re looking for the perfect dreamy side got lobster tail meal ideas, creamy polenta is a decadent base to nestle those lobster tails into. The accents of butter and Parmigiano-Reggiano naturally compliment the lobster meat.
  • Nothing says fancy lobster dishes like broiled lobster tails and roasted asparagus. You can easily cook these at the same time making a memorable meal that comes together in less than 30 minutes.
  • With the ultimate celebration of love just around the corner, pair your lobster Valentine meal with garlic mashed potatoes. Savory, rich, and comforting they’re like a total hug in a bowl.
  • We can’t forget about the wine and cocktails. White wines like citrusy sauvignon blanc, bright pinot grigio, and buttery chardonnay naturally compliment lobter.
  • Some lobster recipes for Valentine’s day such as lobster pasta like lobster fra diavlo might call for red wine. Pinot noir is a bold choice that will instantly bring an air of drama and romance with its earthy, spicy, and complex notes.

Creating a Romantic Ambiance for Lobster Dinners

Now that you’ve picked out a lobster dinner recipe, it’s time to pull together all the right accents to truly set the mood. You can’t forget about the details when researching lobster dinner ideas for two. Skip those paper plates and pull out the good China and wine glasses. The key to a romantic night at home is all in the little details.

  • Make a playlist of your favorite music as a couple. Create the soundtrack to your love story.
  • Everyone looks better in ambient lighting. Candle light adds warmth and what is sexier than flickering flames?
  • Put thought into setting the table. Avoid busy patterns and pick dinnerware that will allow the bright, bold, crimson of the lobster to pop. White is always a classic choice, but deep jeweled colors like blue are both complimentary while giving a nod to the nautical.
  • Don’t forget the flowers. Trim them so their height is below eye level in their vases so you have uninterrupted eye contact with your love.

Lobster Cooking Techniques for Couples

There is nothing more romantic than getting into the kitchen and cooking together. Especially with a luxury ingredient that is a universal sign of romance sometimes the best lobster dinner starts with making it together. Lobster dinner ideas for two can start with the sensuous act of creating a beautiful lobster dinner together.

  • Are you cooking whole lobsters or lobster tails? Boiling vs. steaming lobster can come down to one part of the lobster you’re cooking, and also what dish you plan to make with it. Boiled whole lobsters will instantly be an interactive experience for both of you. From putting the lobsters into the pot to breaking them down together, this will bring a taste of New England to your home.
  • Don’t toss out those lobster shells! While you are butter poaching the lobster meat for a lobster roll date night, your partner can add the shells to a pot along with aromatics like onions, garlic, celery, and bay leaves. Use the lobster stock for another meal like lobster paella.
  • When the weather is nice get outside together and fire up the grill. Don’t forget to bring along the bottle of wine as you grill lobster tails together. Ideas for lobster dinner can be as simple, primal, and laid back as grilled lobster tails, a baked potato, and your favorite grilled vegetables such as broccolini or zucchini.
  • Think beyond the usual lobster dishes. It doesn’t get more hands on and interactive than homemade pizza. Have fun stretching dough and piling it up with your favorite toppings for lobster pizza. You’ll have as much fun making it together as you’ll enjoy eating it.

Planning a Lobster Dinner Party for Two

Whether it’s a first date or an anniversary celebration, let your creativity and the personal preferences of your partner guide you in creating the ideal fancy lobster dinner experience you’ll both love. From ordering your lobster to deciding on ideas for lobster dinner, here is the full breakdown below.

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Romantic Lobster Dinners

Guide to a Romantic Lobster Dinner

  • Order your lobster. Live lobsters will need to be cooked within 24 hours of delivery so plan accordingly. All other seafood including lobster tails and lobster claw and knuckle meat will arrive frozen. Keep it frozen until the day before and then transfer it to your refrigerator and allow it to gently defrost overnight.
  • Plan your menu and shop for your ingredients.
    • Decide on an appetizer. Shrimp cocktail is a classic choice.
    • Pick your entree. If you are going to grill, broil, or smoke your lobster tails you might want to decide how to prepare them ahead of time. Make sure to research how to piggyback lobster tails as this always makes for an impressive and restaurant worthy appearance.
    • Don’t forget dessert! Whoopie pies are the traditional choice of Maine. Or keep it simple with your favorite chocolate, or chocolate dipped strawberries.
    • Pick sides that compliment the flavor and texture of the lobster. Sometimes the best sides for lobster, especially for a lobster dinner for two, are the most simple. Grilled or roasted vegetables, a simple fresh vegetable, crusty bread for sopping up all of those glorious, buttery lobster drippings.
  • Set the mood with decor. Think outside of the red roses an embrace tropical flowers like orchids, or lean into the nautical theme and pick flowers that give a nod to nautical colors like blue hydrangea.
    • Nautical decor can be both elegant and effortless. Whites and blues will allow the bold color of the lobster to shine. Place candles in hurricane lanterns for another layer of romantic decor.
  • Finalize your playlist. Pick songs that are personal to you as a couple and your story…songs that played on your first date, at your wedding, or a special occasion. Music will always set the mood.
  • Prep as much as you can ahead of time so when it’s time to cook lobster for dinner, it is effortless and stress free.
  • You’ve got this! Enjoy the moment and cheers to creating a new memory with lobster.

Romantic Dinner Ideas for Valentine’s Day (and beyond)

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