Real Good Maine Lobster in Florida

Maine lobster has become famous for its bountiful meat and rich, delicious flavor. Florida has some native lobsters, but they cannot compare in taste or quality to genuine Maine lobsters.

Florida Lobster Versus Maine Lobster

Order LobsterIn Florida the local lobster is called a rock or spiny lobster (Panulirus argus). Unlike Maine lobsters, Florida lobsters do not have claws. It is is a crustacean related to crabs, shrimp, crayfish. Florida lobsters average 1+ pound each,  and one third of its weight is in the tail.

The spiny lobster is caught off the Keys and around the southern tip of the state from waters of the Atlantic Ocean near the Florida Reef Tract. Fishery regulations specify a harvest season from August 6 to March 31. In the Bahamas  the Florida lobster is one of the island nation’s chief exports. These warm water lobsters are primarily sold as frozen tails. You can find these cheaper tails on cruise ship buffets or at your local warehouse club.

People expect the cold-water Maine shellfish when they order lobster in a restaurant, not the clawless warm water species which are very different in texture and flavor.  Luckily, even in Florida, you can still enjoy the amazing taste of Maine lobster.

Where to find Maine Lobster in Florida?

In Orlando, you can stop by the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Hotel and visit either of their restaurants for a variety of tastes. Schula’s Steak House offers Maine lobster prepared traditionally for that classic taste you know and love, as well as a number of amazing steaks. Todd English’s Bluezoo Restaurant adds some spice to their Maine lobster by frying it and adding soy glaze for a Cantonese feel. They also have an impressive wine list to accommodate any palate. These restaurants are in a high price range, but their amazing Maine lobster leaves nothing to be desired.

Another seafood restaurant in Orlando, FL is the Oceanaire Seafood Room, owned by Landry’s Restaurants. The Florida location offers live 1.5 pound North Atlantic lobster served with drawn butter and lemon. The menu is based on market availability, therefore selections change each day. There is another Florida location in Miami.

In Lantana, FLA visit either the Station House Restaurant or Station Grille. The Station Grille focuses more on traditional American food and steak, while the Station House Restaurant is renowned for its seafood offerings. Both offer fresh, authentic Maine lobsters. Their Maine lobster is widely regarded to be some of the best in Florida, even by visitors from Maine! Depending on the season, they may have traditional lobster offerings or special lobster themed dished, each more delicious than the last.

Also in Lantana, try Linda Bean’s Perfect Maine Lobster Roll for a more casual dining experience. Linda Bean makes a delicious lobster roll on white or wheat bread, with a light herb dressing. They only use the highest quality fresh Maine lobster in their rolls, with up to 6 ounces of meat in a roll. These delicious, buttery Maine lobster rolls come at the fraction of the price you pay in fancier sea food restaurants, without sacrificing any of the rich Maine lobster taste!

Aunt Catfish’s on the River in Port Orange, Florida offers a down-home southern feel and a varied seafood menu to accommodate everyone. The highlight of their menu is their delicious Maine lobster and lobster tails. Depending on the season, they also offer a tasty Maine lobster stew that combines the rich taste of Maine lobster with other local flavors. Aunt Catfish’s is a great place to get Maine lobster year round!

For a lobster dinner and great views in  Cocoa Beach, FL  make reservations at the Lobster Shanty. You can order live Maine lobster steamed or baked from 1 , 1 1/2,  or 2 pounds.  They even offer a New England baked haddock with a  Parmesan and bacon crust and topped with a sun dried tomato cream sauce.

For authentic lobster salad go to Handsome Harry’s Third Street Bistro in Old Naples. Chef Tony Biagetti uses fresh shucked lobster meat to make his signature lobster salad. In 2011, the restaurant sold about 2,000 pounds of lobster meat at 4 ounces a serving.

In Sarasota, FL there is a placed call the Lazy Lobster. The menu includes lobster Newberg, lobster bisque, and live Maine lobster.  Be sure to sample their lobster mac and cheese made with fresh steamed lobster meat, macaroni and white cheese baked with toasted crumbs.

There’s a great steak house in Naples built out over the Venetian Bay that serves up fresh seafood and Maine lobster called Cloyd’s Steak & Lobster House. Cloyd’s serves up a Jumbo 16 oz Maine Lobster Tail and 2, 3, and 5 pound live Maine lobsters. Give the lobster bisque a try.

Be sure to check out 264 the Grill in Palm Beach for their signature Maine lobster “264”, a stuffed lobster served with creamy pasta and vegetables. They also offer a butter poached Maine lobster with any of their steaks. 264 the Grill features Maine lobster in many of their dishes, from pasta to salad to a traditional seafood platter, so it’s sure to have something for everyone!

In Boca Raton, Chops  features a chic Lobster Bar with mosaic tile and extensive raw bar.  Chops Lobster Bar serves real Maine lobster from 2 to 5 lbs. steamed and cracked.  They also offer a whole Maine lobster “scampi style” with morals of Maine lobster, Florida shrimp, colossal lump crab and drawn butter.

Authentic Maine Lobster Bakes In Florida

Maine Lobster Florida

That’s right, you can get a real lobster bake hosted in your Florida backyard courtesy of Uncle Jim Brownrigg of Authentic Maine Lobster Bakes. And these are real Maine style clam bakes prepared on beds of seaweed cooked to perfection over a hardwood fire. Authentic Maine Lobster Bakes operates from September through April in Florida, then in New England June through August.

Florida LobsterThey have served as many as 7000 in one event and over 12,000 in one weekend back in 1996. Maine Lobster Bakes put on a clambake for the commissioning of the USS Maine at the Portsmouth Naval Ship Yard, the Governors Ball with President George Bush in attendance; and many other great events, including the PGA. Give em’ a call for a free estimate.

Authentic Maine Lobster Bakes
20012 Lake Vista Circle, No. #1

If you love the taste of Maine lobster but prefer to prepare your own dinner at home, try ordering Maine lobster from Whether you want lobster for a holiday celebration or just a fun night at home with friends, Lobster Anywhere will deliver live lobster or frozen lobster tails to your home overnight! If you are longing for the taste of Maine Lobster, visit today!


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