The Best Sides to Serve for an Epic Lobster Dinner

What Goes Best with Lobster?

I feel I am rather a minimalist when it comes to my lobster – but no lobster is complete without a drawn butter sauce for dipping. Served warm there is no hassle to this recipe, merely melt the butter in a warm pan and pour into a dipping bowl. Alternatively, stir in lemon juice and chopped parsley for a lemon-butter. Or gently sauté chopped garlic in butter for a garlic-butter. You can choose to strain the garlic away for a lighter taste or keep them mixed in – either way is delicious. Serving butter in a pre-heated, ceramic ramekins or butter pot kept heated with a tea light will keep the butter hot.

Lobster side dishes ideas
Grill Master William Horst grills up the best sides to serve with a lobster dinner

Here are some of the best dishes to go with a Lobster dinner:

  • Mac and Cheese
  • Baked Potato
  • Clam chowder
  • Salad
  • Risotto
  • More seafood (like clams or mussels)
  • String beans or other green vegetables

Lemons are a great garnish, and they also help remove the slight seafood odor from your fingers. Make sure that you put extra plates on the table to collect the shells.

Love Butter? Get ideas for butters for your lobster dinner.

Fresh steamed lobster with drawn butter is great served on its own, but what if you want to create a particularly memorable banquet?

What are the best sides to serve with lobster and complement rather than overpower its delicate flavor?

Obviously your choice depends on your personal tastes and what you think is likely to appeal to your guests. We’ll start with some healthy options for those wishing to steer clear of carb overload.

Salads and Lighter Sides

Coleslaw is an old favorite with lobster, but if you’re looking for something different try a green bean salad to balance the richness of the seafood.

Baby glazed carrots with a touch of brown sugar is a yummy root vegetable to serve with lobsters.

Fresh blanched green beans work well with cherry tomatoes drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with salt, pepper and maybe a handful of torn basil leaves.

String beans and broccoli covered in butter and fresh grated Parmesan cheese is delicious, or try mixing green and white beans and covering them with lemon juice and fresh herbs.

Grilled or steamed asparagus is enjoyable with lobster. Lemon and olive oil make a simple dressing, or if you’re feeling more adventurous, a sesame mayonnaise dip or sesame oil dressing makes for a mouth-watering asparagus dish.

A simple tomato and cucumber salad is a summertime favorite to serve with fresh seafood, especially on a warm day.

Penne pasta salad with fresh garden vegetables and light vinaigrette dressing can be served along with a traditional salad or on its own.

A crisp Caesar salad with Romaine lettuce and Parmesan cheese will offer a more filling side, especially when liberally sprinkled with crunchy croutons.

Best Side to Serve Lobster

Now for the Heavy Sides for Lobster

These carb-laden sides may be a little more substantial, but they certainly one of the best sides to serve with lobster and turn your lobster dinner into an impressive feast.

Baked potatoes with a pat of butter and a dollop of sour cream is a go to appetizer or side for a lobster dinner. Boil up some red bliss potatoes, cube them and cover in mayonnaise and chopped chives to make a basic potato salad. Alternatively, just serve baked tiny fingerling potatoes in olive oil alongside your lobster dish.

Macaroni cheese is a family favorite with lobster. Of course, you could always decide to combine the two and have Lobster Macaroni and Cheese.

Risotto can be served with lobster, although rice pilaf makes a lighter option. To make a rice pilaf suitable for accompanying lobster, cook the rice in a seafood broth (a splash of dry white wine is optional) and season with salt and pepper.

Boston baked beans is a New England staple and a perfect compliment to a backyard lobster bake.

Good old crusty bread is a straightforward choice, and perfect for mopping up all those juices, especially for clams or mussels (see below).

A Sumptuous Selection of Seafood Sides

Of course, a clam chowder is traditionally served with lobster and if you’re looking for that authentic taste, try New England Clam Chowder made with native clams, spices and potatoes.

For a lighter broth, you could gently simmer steamer clams in water, dry white wine, bay leaf and your favorite herbs. Or simply serve fresh dug steamer clams on the side as their sweet flavor enhances the delicate taste of the lobster.

Farm raised mussels steamed with white wine, fresh garlic and parsley is a classic seafood dish that is a cinch to prepare (cooks in 5-6 minutes). Serve steamed mussels as a starter or on a large platter with steamed lobsters.

Grilled or baked scallops make another ideal accompaniment to lobster. This recipe for baked scallops is easy to prepare and cayenne pepper and Worcestershire sauce gives the seafood a hint of spiciness.

Sweet Endings

New England has some of the finest desserts to serve with your lobster, from the classic Maine blueberry pie, watermelon slices to a fudgy gooey brownies. We’ve compiled a list of over 30 desserts to serve at the end of your lobster dinner. See our best desserts to pair with lobster.

Don’t Forget the Lobster

Tools for Lobster Dinner
Find the best tools for a Lobster Dinner

As you can see, there are plenty of options when it comes to creating a memorable and varied lobster dinner to suit your tastes and those of your guests.

In fact, some of them sound too good. Just remember, the lobster is your leading lady and she doesn’t like being overshadowed by the supporting cast – so make sure you choose the finest lobster online.

Check out our post on the right tools for your lobster dinner. Looking to get some ideas on what you would like to serve for a special birthday? See our tips for throwing a kick-ass lobster birthday party.


  1. The green beans with cherry tomatoes and olive oil sounds great I am going to fix this along with the lobster Maybe a simple salad & little bitty red potatoes


  2. Here in Massachusetts we always went to our favorite lobster restaurant, and picked out the lobster and the meal was always served with clam chowder, then the baked lobster stuffed with bread stuffing and a dish of melted butter and rolls.

    1. Hi Northern Bird!

      Love the name!

      Could you please, provide me with the entire recipe of both the artichokes and Brie Sauce? They both sound delicious. I have never cooked artichokes. I hear they are difficult to cook.

      Thank-you and be safe.

      1. Once you cook Artichokes at home you’ll be so happy you did! Google instructions for buying, trimming and boiling (or other methods). All pretty easy, but I have not had luck in a pressure cooker.

  3. Shredded iceburg lettuce, with finely chopped cilantro, and fine flakes of crab, and garnished with a sprinkling of shaved almonds… with a dressing of light wine, honey and soy sauce, w a teaspoon of sesame oil and olive oil mixed.

    1. your salad of iceberg lettuce, crab & almonds sounds divine! could you provide the amounts for your dressing recipe, please? i’d love to make it for a dinner party i’m having to accompany lobster risotto!! thanks! ????

      1. That’s a customer’s recipe suggestion for a salad. I would try a Boston bibb lettuce for the large leaves add some fresh lobster. Make an asparagus risotto for the side!

  4. Great supporting cast members for a terrific lobster dinner. I plan to stick to one side dish of asparagus cooked in a frying pan with olive oil and fresh parsley sprinkled over and light spicing, preferably a nice fish choice.

  5. I made a Cauliflower Potato soup to accompany my grilled smoked lobster.

    Cut cauliflower and Yukon potatoes in chunky pieces, (potatoes skin on or off. Your preference. I leave skin on. That’s why I prefer Yellow Yukon).

    Cook in pot on stove with enough water to cover vegetables. . Add dash of butter, salt, parsley chopped fine, dried thyme. And Fennel. Yes sounds crazy but fennel adds a unique flavor that I found comparable to lobster. Let me know what you think.

  6. I like steamed asparagus, drain water off, pour melted butter over it, sprinkle Parmesan cheese, then top with lightly browned sliced almonds on top! Delicious!

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